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Chapter 195 Corpse moth

The sound of the knife breaks the wind and brings out a biting murderous intention.

when he was shocked, he woke up instantly and avoided the blow of he Lingjiang.

he stepped back a few steps and touched his stabbed right arm. Then he put his bloody index finger between his lips and licked it gently, showing a cold smile.

'good skills.' He patted his hand gently. 'I didn't notice it for a while. I almost got stabbed by you. I shouldn't have solved the insect bug for you earlier.'

when he Lingjiang saw that his lips were red with blood, he felt that his smile was very uncomfortable.

I have just missed the chance to hit the target with one shot. Bimo has been a priest for many years and has learned to be a secretary. Now I need to be more careful of his means.

Bimo saw that she was motionless, but felt bored. He crossed his thin blade, made a knife with it, and attacked Heling Jiang.

as early as when he first met Bimo, he Lingjiang saw that his breath was long and his steps were light. He had already guessed that this man also possessed Kung Fu in addition to his skill.

now I can see that his attack posture is not the best, but it has been practiced for decades.

he Ling shrunk in Jiang's eyes and turned quickly to deal with it.

Bimo waved his palm at random to discharge. He Lingjiang dodged and then bent down to stab him in the stomach.

he leaned back, patted he Lingjiang with his left palm, and then came with his right hand.

he Lingjiang mentioned the first gear, and the sharp blades collided, making a harsh sound.

after a few moves, Bimo has obviously fallen behind.

he has studied secret arts for so many years, but his internal power is not very strong. In addition, his body method is not as good as he Ling Jiang Qingling. If he continues to fight like this, he will lose sooner or later.

Bimo quickly stepped back a few steps, distanced himself from her, then made the seal of the witch family on his hand, and pointed towards Heling Jiang. Heling Jiang standing under the Holy tree suddenly lit up around him.

but in a moment, the bright light went dark, leaving fluorescence that lingered for a long time.

the sudden light dazzled people's eyes. He Lingjiang couldn't help lifting his sleeve to block it.

when the light was dark, he saw a place not far away. Bimo continued to turn the knot on his hand. With a wave of his broad robe, in the dark, there was a sudden rustling sound coming from near to far.

at first, it seemed like the sound of the wind blowing the leaves. However, when it got closer, it seemed like a vast and dark land.

he Lingjiang looked intently and saw countless moths coming from all directions and attacking her.

moths fly to the fire. Where she is, it is the brightest place in the night. Naturally, all of them are coming at her.

he Lingjiang moved slightly at his feet, so he had to go aside.

however, Bimo's previous casting of spells was to guard against her move. The fluorescence seemed to attach to her clothes and could not be avoided.

she quickly took out a paper charm from her sleeve and threw it at the black moths.

Bimo's eyes trembled. It was a Xuanshi!

she is not from Nanzhao!

the talisman suddenly exploded among the moths, emitting a hot flame.

the moths in the air are burning with flames, making a stinging sound, and the air is gradually filled with a sickening smell.

he Lingjiang can't help frowning and turning away from the moth carcass.

however, there were so many moths on her head that even if she avoided them carefully, she could not avoid being hit by the burnt moths.

the black moth carcass fell on the plain white robe, leaving one ink dot after another.

and the moth, startled by the burning flame and running around, accidentally bumped into the back of he Lingjiang's hand.

he Ling Jiang Dunjue's hand slipped and seemed to be rubbed by something. She looked down and saw purple lumps on her plain hands.

this is the color of the corpse!

she quickly tied the seal on her right hand, made a few dots on the back of her hand, then took out a short blade and thinly cut off the purple and red skin.

then he drew a sketch on his hand and wrapped the wound in a circle.

thin flesh, with blood, fluttered to the ground.

the group of moths immediately became like a vicious circle smelling blood, and rushed into mass action to surround the skin and meat layer by layer.

he Lingjiang's eyes sank. This moth is not an ordinary moth.

the back of her hand was only touched slightly, and there was a purple corpse. This moth is so bloodthirsty that it is undoubtedly a corpse moth.

according to the records of Nanzhao classics, the corpse moth is a moth born in the dead human body. It has extremely strong vitality and aggression, and is naturally fond of living human flesh and blood.

their wings are stained with corpse powder and contain highly toxic.

the corpse moth pours at the sight of light. Once it touches the skin of living people, it will give birth to corpse fever.

then, the place where the corpse grows will gradually become stiff and unable to move, and the corpse poison will gradually spread, which can kill people.

he Lingjiang has a thin blade on his hand, and cuts a piece of robe to cover his head, covering his head and face tightly.

she has used the body of the seventh wife of the he family for so long and has not suffered any damage.

now a careless person has taken a piece of flesh, which really hurts her.

I don't know how much effort it will take and how many days it will take to grow well.

the broad sleeves are turned up, and all the corpse moths that are going to be close to her are waved away.

he Lingjiang's hands quickly sealed, and his palms were shining.

seeing that the group of corpse moths were going forward again, she suddenly raised it, and the fluorescent light went toward Bimo.

Bimo, who was standing not far away, was immediately the same as she had been before, and was immediately surrounded by fluorescent cages.

the corpse moth that was going to pounce at the light in her hand immediately chased Bimo.

he Lingjiang was a little satisfied this time, so he also gave him a taste of being surrounded by corpse moths he called.

however, after only a moment, her mood suddenly began to deteriorate.

when the corpse moth came to Bimo, it dared not go to him for a long time. It only circled around him.

Bimo looked at he Lingjiang and snorted coldly: 'don't waste your time. Since I have brought them here, I must have a way to restrain myself.'

after that, his hand moved slightly. The corpse moth, who had been afraid of the talisman fire around he Lingjiang, suddenly came toward her in a more deadly way.

he Lingjiang threw out several kindling Charms again and again, and called chikuo out of his busy schedule: 'chikuo, I'll have dinner with you today!'

Chi Kuo Fang appeared in the air. As soon as she saw the corpse moths pouncing on her one after another, a burst of sour water immediately flooded her heart, and she drilled back with a lightning fast momentum.

'it's not necessary, it's not necessary. I've eaten enough these days. I've forgotten the previous insects, and I can barely say it's clean.'

'this thing was raised from the decaying corpse of the dead. I'm afraid it's a blessing.'

'you'd better solve it yourself!'

he Lingjiang is angry at the moment, but it is not useful at the critical moment. It's just like him!

seeing the black body moths coming towards her, he Lingjiang squatted down.

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