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Chapter 197 Fight

He Lingjiang boasted that he had seen many ghosts and ghosts in the past, and there were not a few of them with horrible images.

however, compared with the half human and half insect monster in front of us, those ugly ghosts are nothing.

the man was a little slow at first, but with Bimo's spell, he adjusted faster and faster, moved his lower limbs and rushed at he Lingjiang.

he Lingjiang hurriedly turned back and went outside the shrine.

at present, she only has a short blade in her hand. Judging from the shape of this person, she is afraid that her whole body will be stained with toxins or deadly insect eggs.

if you touch it carelessly, I'm afraid it's also troublesome.

he Lingjiang jumps back into the open courtyard and tries to keep a distance from it.

seeing that she had gone out of the temple, he rushed out with her, but he was extremely swift in his actions.

seeing that he was getting closer to himself, he Lingjiang jumped back a few steps and shouted, 'take the sword!'

she was afraid that the lithofacies might be nearby and spoke Nanzhao dialect.

however, this sentence is simple. He Zheng, who is hidden in the dark, can still understand it. He immediately turned over and sprang out of the hidden place.

when he sneaked into the vicinity of the Holy tree with the petroglyph, he saw that the seven maidens had already exchanged hands with nabima.

the conversation between the two people was also clearly introduced to He Zheng and Yan Xiang hidden in the dark by the night wind.

as soon as petrology heard that his sister was no longer alive, and she still died at Bimo's hands, his eyes were about to crack, and he wanted to jump out and argue with her.

thanks to He Zheng's quick eyes and quick hands, he stopped him in time, which prevented him from going out and risking his life.

the petroglyph stared at him, his eyes were red and blood was dripping.

He Zheng just shook his head and looked at the situation under the Holy tree.

Qi Niangzi didn't call her out, so he Zheng patiently hid in the dark to observe the situation.

the corpse moths summoned by nabima were difficult to deal with, but they were all exterminated by the seven maidens.

He Zheng can't help letting go of his heart.

seeing that Bimo was about to be captured, he suddenly rushed into the shrine, and seven women immediately followed him with steps.

he Zhenggang wanted to come forward to help, but he turned his head to look at the rock facies that he had set in place, and thought that seven Niangzi had not spoken, so he pressed it for the moment.

he waited for a while, but he was still worried about it. Just as he was about to go out, he saw seven women in plain white jump out of the temple.

then, a figure rushed after her very quickly.

He Zheng thought it was Bimo, but when he looked at it intently, he gasped. It was a monster half human and half insect!

hearing that the seventh lady asked for a sword, he raised his hand from the invisible place, and with a large umbrella containing a lightsaber, he congratulated Jiang and ordered him to fly away.

he Lingjiang leaped forward and put the umbrella in his hand. When he moved his hand, he pulled out his lightsaber.

just at this time, the man grabbed it with his claws, and the black fingers made people feel frightened.

she immediately crossed her sword to block it.

the blade collides with the palm of a person, making the sound of gold and stone scratching the stone.

he ordered Jiang GE's sword to block his palms. At this moment, he Zheng took the sword and chopped at the man.

however, when this sword hit its neck, it was like hitting a stone, and there was not even a scratch left.

the man quickly turned around and rushed to He Zheng.

He Zheng kept his feet light and sidestepped. He chopped several swords at the key points of his body in succession. However, none of them could hurt anyone, but it only stimulated his ferocity.

the attack speed of the enemy is getting faster and fiercer, that is, he Zheng has a feeling that he can't catch him.

he Lingjiang looked at his feet and his eyes narrowed slightly. While he was distracted from He Zheng, he took the sword and cut it off.

when the sword Qi reached the front, the man was sensitive to the danger and immediately swung his lower body to avoid it.

however, he Lingjiang's sword was also very fast. He failed to hit the target with one sword, and he cut several swords in succession. In addition, he Zheng helped him on the side, which forced the man to be embarrassed.

at last, he Lingjiang saw a chance, and used his internal power in his hand to get down with a sword.


the man roared violently, and she cut off one foot.

the touch foot fell to the ground, and then countless insects crawled out of it and came toward He Ling and Jiang.

she hurriedly pulled He Zheng back a few steps, which didn't let those little bugs get on his body.

he Lingjiang threw out a talisman and burned all the insects. Only then did he Zheng and he Zheng cut off the lower limbs of the people.

compared with its upper body, which is as hard as a stone, its lower body is an insect body. Although it is extremely fast, it is not immovable.

he Ling and Jiang Tong and he Zheng cooperated, and saw the right moment and cut off one of the feet on the lower body of the man.

without two touching feet in a row, although people can't feel the pain, their actions are not as swift as before.

He Zheng was trying to keep up his efforts and cut more, only to see the man's mouth suddenly open and spit, and suddenly something dark came to him.

he Lingjiang Li, who was leaning slightly to the side, pulled him away for a few minutes, then threw away his umbrella and blocked them in front of them.

those dark things were blocked by the umbrella surface, some fell to the ground, and some continued to climb along the umbrella toward them.

He Zheng bowed his head, facing the lights in the courtyard, and saw clearly that these dark things were actually worms.

he took a few steps back to avoid being accidentally climbed onto his feet by them.

he Lingjiang holds the handle of the umbrella in his left hand and the handle of the lightsaber in his right hand. His wrist moves slightly, so he draws a talisman on the body of the sword, and then puts a seal on the umbrella.

the umbrella surface was full of light, like a layer of flame, and the worms lying on it were immediately roasted to death, turning into charred corpses and landing on the ground.

in the blink of an eye, the ground is a dark layer.

he Lingjiang spun the handle of the umbrella, and the umbrella surface, which was full of worms, became clean instantly.

as soon as she raised her hand, she held the umbrella up, and the lightsaber in her right hand outlined a talisman. She drew on the ground, and the worms still crawling on the ground immediately turned into scorched earth.

she ripped open the brocade bag around her waist and whispered: 'Chi Kuo, come out and help me.'

chikuo, originally tucked in the brocade bag, was no longer lazy, and immediately changed into a human shape and stood in front of her.

he glanced at the charred corpses of worms on the ground, and his eyes were full of disgust: 'help you, but don't ask me to eat these worms again.'

these worms are all raised from dead people's bodies and are very unclean.

'rest assured.' This person is covered with worms, that is, he is willing to eat, but he is afraid that he can not eat so much.

'just pay attention and don't let that bug touch us.'

naturally, this is no problem. His body is changeable and he can come and go freely. As long as he is not allowed to eat, it is easy to block those worms.

on the other hand, seeing that his feet had been cut off first, and now all the worms released were burnt, he suddenly became angry.

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