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Chapter 198 Wing

In the night, a numbing sound came from the man's body, as if something was lurking in his body, and now he was about to break out.

he Lingjiang looked at it and saw two tiny transparent wings emerging from the back of the man.


it is going to give birth to wings!

while the wings were growing, he Lingjiang cut at it with his sword.

however, the man kept a close watch on these wings. Almost when he Lingjiang moved, he immediately made a move and spread his palm in front of him.

the wings on its back tremble slightly, but in a few breaths, the wings grow in the wind, and immediately grow to half the height of the human body.

that pair of scales, like the wings of a giant moth, has many small scales and wing hairs. There are various lines and stripes on it, which are very bright in the dark.

needless to say, this scaly wing must be stained with acute poison.

the scales and wings flickered and hit he Lingjiang in front of him.

he Lingjiang violently pulled the sword in the palm of the hand and quickly retreated.

He Zheng saw this and immediately cut off the root of its wings.

however, before he Zheng's sword cut in front of him, the scales and wings of the man had already been formed, it had brushed the ground and flew away from the ground.

people are already agile, but now they have scales and wings, which is even more powerful.

it's not so easy for he Lingjiang and he Lingjiang to cut off his feet again.

the homies flew directly into the air and attacked them from different directions.

a man with a large human shape. His two scales and wings are spread out, and they are even wider than a foot. When his wings flutter, a strong wind rises, and his clothes are rolled up to make a sound.

the crown of the sacred tree in the courtyard also shakes in the wind.

except that his lower body is slightly afraid of knives and swords, the rest of his body is very hard, that is, his scaly wings have no characteristics of ordinary insect wings, and they seem to be made of gold scales and silver filaments, which are also very solid.

he Lingjiang and he Zheng went down with their swords. They either fell empty or were blocked by their palms or wings.

at the same time, people are poisonous all over and spit out some worms from time to time, which is really difficult to wrap around.

he Lingjiang's eyes quickly swept around, but he didn't see Bimo's body, so he knew that he must be hiding in the dark, observing and controlling people.

if Bimo can be taken down, everything will be easy.

he Lingjiang winked at He Zheng, indicating that he would drag the man first.

however, the man seemed to have guessed her intention. He Lingjiang was just about to go to the shrine when he flew up one by one and stopped her.

he Lingjiang's toes met the tiny dot in the palm of his hand, and he had to retreat for the time being.

looking at the posture of these two people, I'm afraid they will never let them go unless they take them down.

since the attack effect of the sword is very small, he Lingjiang Wei took two steps back, put the lightsaber in the scabbard, and then put the umbrella behind him.

seeing that she had collected her weapons, the man waved his wings and attacked her tightly and violently.

He Zheng came forward and stopped it with his sword.

on the other side, he Lingjiang's palms touch each other, and his fingers fly together to form a seal and chant a mantra. Then, he takes a light step forward with his right foot.

this step is the beginning of the array.

in an instant, her overall momentum suddenly changed, and the sudden wind rolled up her clothes and flew.

he Lingjiang kept walking at his feet, and his hands also followed the mantra in his mouth to form a seal, outline and talisman.

every time she drinks a little, her hand will be in the void.

in that moment, the air around the person rippled like the water surface, showing a little floating light, and then quickly disappeared into the night.

the man just wanted to catch the pale gold floating light, but as soon as his hand was extended, it disappeared, and the floating light appeared next to him.

after this repetition, the place he Lingjiang steps on has formed a soul binding array invisibly.

the place where I was at was disturbed by the floating light that appeared from time to time.

his wings shook and he Zheng was fanned aside.

then, he opened his mouth and spewed out a large number of worms, flying toward He Lingjiang, as if to tear it up immediately.

he Lingjiang's hand immediately printed again, drawing a half Zhang square seal and pushing it forward.

the black worms hit it and immediately turned into scorched ash.

is a menacing man, who is also overwhelmed by this powerful and intimidating charm, and has to land on the ground for a while.

right now!

he Lingjiang saw the opportunity, flipped his fingertips, and saw the place where the man was standing. There was a flash of gold on the ground. Following the steps of he Lingjiang, they formed a spirit binding array.

the man was immediately shocked and wanted to flap his wings to fly. However, his lower limbs were firmly tied in place, and he could not move anywhere and leave the ground.

it spreads its wings and sweeps the ground in a frenzy. For a while, the sand and stones in front of the temple are so disturbing that people can't open their eyes, let alone get close.

he Ling and Jiang Wei narrowed their eyes. Then, their palms turned, and they moved toward the void a little and grabbed again.

the glimmer of the Chinese side in the void immediately became a golden light, which was linked into a big net, and the head of the bag tightly bound the man.

the person who was manic before could not move at once.

how can a person like this be arrested without a hand? If he opens his mouth, he will spit out worms again.

he Lingjiang stood upright in front of it, neither hiding nor avoiding. His two fingers were close together to draw a fast amulet, and then he pointed towards the middle of the population. A golden amulet rushed straight into the middle of the population with a lightning force.

where the gold charm passed, countless worms immediately turned into scorched ash and landed one after another.

before the man could react, the golden charm rushed into his body.

he only felt a heat in his stomach, and a flame just came in from his mouth, carrying an indestructible potential, and burned all the dormant worms and eggs in his body.

He Zheng watched helplessly. The man was stunned at first, and then there was a great deal of light in his body.

its gorgeous scales and wings immediately turned into ash foam, scattered in the air, and disappeared after a gust of wind.

then its lower limbs, the huge insect body with more than a dozen pairs of touching feet, suddenly twitched a few times, and in the blink of an eye, it was only burnt black.

but in a moment, the half human, half insect, and the winged monster was left with only a hard upper body.

'Putong!' With a sound, its shape could no longer support it, and it fell heavily on the ground.

He Zheng tried to move forward. He saw that the body that had been able to move before was only the next hard shell, which was a pile of worms burnt to ashes.

he took a breath of air conditioning. What kind of monster is this? It's full of insect eggs!

at the same time, Bimo in the temple also suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

his dark hair turned grey in an instant, and wrinkles climbed onto his face in the blink of an eye.

originally young, but in a few breaths, he is as old as an octogenarian.

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