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Chapter 2 There is a ghost

It was still dark, and the bustling Linchuan City in the daytime was like a dormant beast, silent in the silent night.

at this moment, the city gate was just opened.

as it was still early, there was no one at the gate of the city. Only a few soldiers were watching, which seemed a bit lonely.

it is winter, and the weather is cold and tight. Even though they were well dressed and stood in front of the city gate, the soldiers guarding the gate could not help shrinking their necks.

'damn! It's cold!' One of them started scolding.

the other short man could not help stamping his feet, 'yes! In this kind of day, it would be comfortable to stay in his own room, bake on fire, and drink a few cups of wine with his brothers!'

'don't mention it...'

'meow!' A shrill cat cry came from somewhere, and then a dark shadow rushed out of the grass.

'the cat barks so harshly. It seems that it's time to get into heat again.'


the short man smiled with an ambiguous smile. 'Brother, let's go out for a few drinks tomorrow.'

after that, he poked the man next to him with his elbow.

seeing this, the man nearby coaxed, 'Lao Liu, it seems that you can't hold back... You'd better marry a woman quickly!'

'I have to marry a woman.'

'wife, children, hot Kang...'

'ha ha! Ha ha!.' A few people laughed, but also dispelled some of the cold winter.

on the open street, the cold wind blew and shook the roadside branches.

not far away, an ox cart squeak! The ground rolled over the flagstone road and drove slowly towards the city gate.

there was a big barrel on the cart. It looked so full that even the old yellow ox had to exert all his strength.

as the ox cart gets closer and closer, an unspeakable smell will follow.

the soldier guarding the gate looked at the approaching ox cart, covered his nose, frowned and said, 'go, go!'

reclining on the cart, the tippler is dressed in gray cotton padded clothes and his hands are caged in his sleeves. He holds the reins of the cart in his sleeves.

hearing the speech, he couldn't help laughing, showing his yellow teeth, and said: 'today is a few days. I'm on duty. It's hard.'

it was cold in winter. When he opened his mouth and spoke, he breathed out a cloud of fog.

the soldier, who covered his nose, said in a muffled voice: 'it's all the same, Lao Zhao, hurry up! It's so flustered.'

tippler ha ha! With a smile, 'that's it!'

after that, he took his hand out of his sleeve and gently whipped. The old yellow ox leg pulling the cart was also fast.

the ox cart carried a few wooden barrels full of clothes and wandered past the city gate to the outside of the city.

when the ox cart went away, the doorman let go and took a deep breath. The cold air in winter went into his throat and cooled his body. He could not help shivering.

the gate was gradually restored to silence. It was still early at this time, and there was no contact. Several soldiers guarding the gate leaned on the gate and dozed off.

suddenly, I heard a rush of horse hoofs coming from far to near, running towards the city gate from the official road.

the guard quickly straightened up and looked in the direction of coming.

there was still some mist at the dawn of winter. In the gray sky, one man and one horse came at once, and soon they came to the city.

'stop! Dismount and check!' The doorman put out his spear and stopped the man.

'hiss!' The man pulled the reins and stopped abruptly.

he took out the token in his arms and said, 'I'm from the he family in the city. Now I have to go back to the city in case of emergency.'

it's the he family. The soldiers looked at the complicated patterns, then took down their spears and let them pass.

the man raised his whip and hurried into the city one by one. He broke into the dawn and went farther and farther. Only the sound of horse hoofs echoed in the silent streets.

I don't know what's urgent.

once the idea passed, the soldiers leaned on the gate and began to doze off.

Linchuan county is a big county under the rule of Jiangzhou, and the official roads outside the city are also neat and flat.

Lao Zhao wandered along with the ox cart, so he didn't have to worry about spilling the contents of the bucket.

although the contents in this bucket are filthy, they are good things for farming manure. It can earn a lot if it is collected from the city, dried in the sun, transported to the village and sold to those farmers.

Lao Zhao now depends on this to support his family.

everyone else thinks it's dirty. It stinks all day, but he doesn't mind it.

what makes money is a good thing. They are not choosy.

Moreover, compared with farming, a peddler can make a lot of profits. Previously, there were people who did not hesitate to fight to seize the territory of Yexiang.

the quality of nocturnal incense produced in different areas of the city is also rated as 369 due to different residents. The selling price of high quality is high, there are more people competing for it, and the competition becomes more and more intense.

Lao Zhao is mainly responsible for the west side of the city. People living in the west side of the city are all ordinary peddlers. Even so, this job is earned by his family.

it's said that in the previous dynasty, a man named Luo Hui took this as his career and made a fortune of millions. He did not want to be rich, but he also wanted to earn a job as a foreigner.

the ox cart walked along the official road, walked out of the ten mile road, turned a corner, and then entered the path. The road was not as spacious and easy to walk as the official road. Lao Zhao held the reins, and the ox cart slowed down.

there are weeds along the road. The cold wind blows and the withered grass rustles.

this path is not far from Chu mountain. If you go there someday, you will know it very well. Lao Zhao is not afraid of it.


just at this moment, my stomach is tumbling.

Zhao murmured: it's really not the right time.

in this winter, when you take off your pants and squat in the wasteland, most of your hips are not going to be numb.

after scolding Sheng Niang, he still stopped the cart, pulled away the dead grass, found a vacant space in the forest, lifted up his cotton padded clothes and squatted down.

when the cold wind blew, Lao Zhao suddenly felt that he had lost consciousness in half his ass. He just wanted to make a quick decision, but his stomach was making a lot of noise.

Lao Zhao scolded again. It was really a bad time!

a rustling sound came from behind.

are there any rabbits in this winter? Lao Zhao turned his head.

it's already bright. Because it's winter and the forest is still covered with light fog, you can see things faintly at this time.

I saw a small mound slowly rising on the flat ground about two feet away. With the fine rustle, the soil kept shaking.

ho! Lao Zhao was so happy that he was afraid that the rabbit was not making a hole?

it is said that there are three cunning rabbit caves. It is winter at this time. Maybe that wild rabbit wants to dig more holes so that he can escape at any time.

if so, today we can add game.

Lao Zhao could not help rubbing his hands, which were frozen stiff in the cold wind.

he was afraid that the rabbit would run away. At this time, he did not care about his tumbling belly. He took up his pants and walked gently towards the small mound that was still rising.

the hare is particularly flexible. Lao Zhao's steps are so light that he can't even breathe.

when I got closer, I saw that the small mound was growing higher and higher, and the soil scraps were still rustling away.

the surrounding land is not frozen as hard as other places, but it is somewhat loose. I think it was picked up by the rabbit earlier.

Lao Zhao was planning to dig the rabbit hole when he saw a touch of plain white suddenly exposed below.

yo, it seems to be a white haired rabbit, which is rare in the wild.

Lao Zhao picked up a dead branch from the side and leaned down to dig out the rabbit.

I saw that the White was more and more exposed, and then I stretched out a hand from the soil. That hand is pale, isn't it the white rabbit he thought before?

the pale palm extended out of the mound and moved, shaking off the covered soil, and then a small arm came out.

the little arm covered with soil waved and seemed to be groping for something.

then, the whole area around the small mound moved, and began to brush the ground and drop the soil.

Lao Zhao's mind was blank. He was stunned for a moment before he screamed, 'ghost' -

he ran away.

only the piercing cries echoed in the empty woods.

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