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Chapter 20 Play chess

'Black, white?'

he Lingjiang didn't hesitate. He took the sunspot and put it in front of him

he Xiancheng said with a smile: 'you always love using sunspots.'

he raised his hand and motioned, 'sunspot first, please.'

he Lingjiang twists a black chess with two fingers. Before thinking about it, he raises his hand to settle Tianyuan.

seeing this, hexiancheng raised his eyebrows. There are nine stars on the chessboard. Tianyuan is in the middle. Most chess players start the game by grabbing the edges and corners of the cloth and occupying the field. They have their own advantages.

he Lingjiang falls into such a trap that if he doesn't know, he will think she is a person who knows nothing about chess.

however, the person in front of him was calm.

he held a white coin and landed on the top right.

he Lingjiang also responded with his son and dropped a sunspot on his upper right.

after a few children, hexiancheng found that no matter where she confessed, her black confessions would follow in the symmetrical place.

he felt interesting in his heart, and after a little thought, he fell down again.

'pa!' Accompanied by the clear sound of falling seeds, the chess board axis was in the same position, and then a sunspot fell.

hexiancheng raised his eyebrows: 'Lingjiang, your chess skills are very different from those in the past.'

Heling Jiang Wei tilted his head: 'I learned it from Uncle four. I'll tell you to follow me. It's shameless.'

hexiancheng laughed: 'this move is really like your fourth uncle.'

when you go back and forth, you can only hear the knocking sound left by the chess pieces falling on the chessboard in the study. After dozens of hands, the chess situation on both sides is exactly the same.

hexiancheng didn't say anything, so he simply went with her and settled down with him, and he Lingjiang also settled down with him calmly.

both of them are in a leisurely posture. The chess game seemed like a game.

however, after 63 hands, he Lingjiang began to change.

hexiancheng's eyebrows moved: 'uncle, I thought you would keep doing this.'

he Ling said with a smile, 'if you keep going around like this, you will lose the meaning of playing chess. Don't you want your second uncle to come here for nothing today?'

the sunspot falls steadily, and the balance of the chess game is immediately broken.

hexiancheng looked unchanged and raised his hand again.

he Lingjiang almost didn't hesitate, so he dropped a son.

when the hand lifter fell, the two of them fought against each other for more than a dozen times. He Lingjiang actually started to take the initiative to attack. If the sunspot took the initiative, he would be unable to give consideration to both the head and the tail.

hexiancheng looked at it and could not help stroking his short beard. 'Lingjiang is a good hand.'

in the first 63 moves, it seems that she is only imitating the opponent. In fact, she is also using this to find out the opponent's chess path, and even speculate on the opponent's next move in her heart.

if an ordinary person thinks that she is not good at chess and is careless, or is distracted by her imitation, how can she withstand the attack behind her.

he thought a little and then dropped a coin.

he Lingjiang was stunned. This move looks really chicken.

she looked at the whole chess game carefully, and the opponent really didn't have any other place more suitable to settle.

hexiancheng saw that her lips were slightly pursed, and finally a sunspot fell steadily.

then, 'pa!' With a sound of, Baizi fell from the top.

this time, the position where Baizi fell was even more strange, as if he had confused the rules. At this time, the sunspot held by he Lingjiang has steadily gained the upper hand.

she glanced up at hexiancheng. He was still calm, as if he was not the one in danger.

the two men fell several more times in succession.

seeing that the sunspot is about to devour the white boy, now it's the white boy's turn. As long as she drops another sunspot, the situation can be settled.

'pa!' Hexiancheng, holding a white coin, fell at the center of the confrontation between the two sides.

if the sunspot is said to rise like a dragon, the white boy will be cut in the neck and throat like a knife. One blow will kill him. The situation occupied by the sunspot suddenly declined, and the white boy took advantage of the situation.

black lose and white win, sooner or later.

hexiancheng has clearly set the stage for a long time. Maybe he has had a quarrel since his son Tianyuan was born. He just wants to throw himself into the net.

he Lingjiang throws the rest of his son into the chess basket.

'why? No more?' Hexiancheng asked.

he Lingjiang looked as if he was depressed: 'I conceded defeat. My second uncle is really good at chess.'

hexiancheng ha ha! A smile: 'uncle, I have studied chess for many years. If I can't beat you, wouldn't it be unreasonable?'

he comforted helingjiang: 'your chess skills are very good.'

he Lingjiang whispered.

hexiancheng added: 'however, Yuan's chess style is very different from that in the past. You used to go straight. Your chess style is fierce but reckless. Now you know how to hide some skills.'

he Lingjiang picked up the chess pieces into the basket: 'I can't even remember whether I could play chess in the past. How can I remember any chess style? Just follow the chess situation.'

'yes, uncle forgot about it.'

next, they played chess for two more rounds. Hexiancheng deliberately let her go. In these two rounds, each of them won or lost.

after a few days' rest, it is rare for someone in the house to accompany him to play chess. He Lingjiang's chess skills are not very exquisite, but they are not bad. He Xiancheng is in a good mood.

he took something out of his sleeve and handed it to helingjiang. 'This is the talisman your second aunt asked for in the cloud residence Temple two days ago. You were shocked a few days ago. You should calm down.'

it is a divination talisman, wrapped in yellow paper in a triangle shape and tied with a red rope.

he Lingjiang took it over and said in a low voice, 'thank you, uncle.'

hexiancheng asked her: 'you should take it with you. Maybe you can put it on for a few days, and you will be better off with your trouble of not remembering things and not being able to get the sun.'

he Lingjiang smiled: 'don't you believe this? I heard from the fifth elder sister that in the past when talking about this, you had to say 'Zi Bu Yu, strange forces and gods'.'

hexiancheng waved his hand: 'it's not your second aunt who insisted on coming back. You also know that she is always quiet. She misses you and doesn't know how to say it. So let me bring this amulet.'

'you should wear it. Don't let her down.'

he Lingjiang Lianying is.

'don't worry, uncle. I must wear it well, niece. I'll show it to my second aunt some other day. You've taken her words to heart and told me everything.'

hexiancheng said with a smile, 'you are joking about your second uncle. It must be that you have followed your fourth uncle these days, and he has led him astray.'

he Ling's eyes were slightly bent: 'uncle two wronged uncle four. He squatted in the firecracker shop these days to study his fireworks. How can he have time to harm me?'

hexiancheng sat beside the small table, drank another cup of tea, chatted with her for a while, and then got up and left.

it's sunny outside. He Lingjiang is sitting in the room, watching his dim figure go farther and farther through the screen window.

she lowered her head, opened her left hand, looked at the talisman in her palm and smiled slowly.

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