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Chapter 200 Mourning prison

At this time, it is still not bright, and it is not a good time to explore the mountains and rocks.

he Ling Jiang Tong and he Zheng have also entered Ailao Mountain once at night before, and have a general understanding of the mountain situation at the entrance.

the two of them found a hidden place and studied how to find out the place where 'the mountains and rivers are covered, the roots are the mountains, the ridges are the springs, and the springs come from the bottom of the mountains' as stated in the map.

'seven maidens, it's better to start from the entrance of Ailao Mountain and search layer by layer according to the terrain of Ailao Mountain. What do you think?' He Zheng suggested.

he Lingjiang shook his head: 'too slow.'

I don't know if I'm going to find the day of the horse in the year of the monkey.

said the same thing. He Zheng also made difficulties.

this huge Ailao Mountain stretches for nearly a hundred miles. If you want to find them one by one, it will take a lot of time with the help of both of them.

the Ailao Mountain on the map held by the seven maidens has only been painted in a few strokes. They don't know the whole picture. It's unreliable to search it inch by inch.

he Lingjiang looked at He Zheng and took something out of his sleeve: 'look at this first.'

He Zheng, reflecting the light of the fire, leaned over and looked down. It was a map of Ailao Mountain!

'where did the seven maidens come from?'

when Fang came to Nanzhao, they also searched everywhere for the map of Ailao Mountain, but its boundary surrounded the people of Luojia department, and the people outside did not know the whole picture.

they want to find it, but they can't find it.

'it was just taken from Bimo hospital.'

outsiders do not know the whole picture of Ailao Mountain, but the Luojia tribe has lived around Ailao Mountain for generations, and it has been a hundred years.

the people in the village usually rely on Ailao Mountain for their livelihood. They should know the outline of the mountain.

at that time, she chose to enter Ailao Mountain from luojiabu. One reason was that the mountains in other places were high and difficult to jump. The other was to see if she could find a mountain map here.

it's just that ordinary villagers, after all, don't know how to write and paint. Even if they know the shape of the mountains, it's impossible to paint them.

she once inquired about the rock from the side, and found nothing useful.

but Bimo is different. He is a priest in the village, and he is also responsible for sacrificing the mountain. He must know the landform of Ailao Mountain clearly in order to perform his duties better.

this was he Lingjiang's first thought when he saw Bimo.

the elusive map of Ailao Mountain may fall on Bimo!

as a priest, although he did not have to travel every inch of Ailao Mountain, it was not difficult for him to draw a rough map with the description of the villagers.

but this is only her guess after all. She is not sure whether there is a map of Ailao Mountain painted around Bimo.

therefore, when Bimo lured her to rejoin the Roga department with holy fruit, she almost didn't think much and agreed.

on the one hand, Bimo's behavior is really suspicious. On the other hand, she also wants to take this opportunity to see if she can find the map.

she lived in Bimo's courtyard. Although she had never been out of the courtyard according to his instructions, she secretly sneaked into his house and checked it.

in Bimo's living room, there is a map drawn on silk.

he made Jiang turn around just now, and it is the thing he got.

He Zheng was delighted: 'with this, it will be much easier for us to find things.'

in the light of the campfire, they carefully look at the map in front of them.

outline the overall shape of Ailao Mountain in fine strokes, just like a giant turtle.

their present position should be at the throat of this giant turtle.

this map is drawn in great detail from the entrance of the Roga department. Peaks, rocks, springs, and where there are tigers are marked.

it is only in the hinterland of the turtle, but it is not clear in general terms.

only a layer of dense forest is marked on the periphery of the hinterland, and there are no other signs.

this is the deep part of Ailao Mountain, which is far away from Luojia. Besides, the mountain shape is complex. People in the village have never been here, so there is no detailed description of it.

He Zheng counted the clearly marked parts on the map and said: 'seven maidens, these have been marked out. At the same time, there are mountains and springs. There are 21 places in total. But we need to find them one by one?'

he Lingjiang looked at the map and slightly condensed his eyebrows. 'Maybe we can use some other methods to quickly judge whether these 21 places are the places we are looking for.'

the place mentioned in the hexagram should have mountains and springs, and it also has the potential of Taoist eight trigrams.

she sat by the fire, took a branch, and calculated one by one according to the location of these 21 places and their position in Ailao Mountain.

more than an hour had passed by the time she figured it out.

he Lingjiang breathed out a long breath. She first fought Bimo and NAH people that night, and now she came to calculate the location. It really took a lot of attention.

is that she can't bear it physically, but the spirit can't support it.

'how?' He Zheng looked over eagerly.

he Lingjiang shook his head slightly: 'if the landform depicted on the map is accurate, there should be no place we are looking for in these 21 places.'

He Zheng was stunned: 'well...

he Lingjiang touched the belly of the giant turtle and said,' nine times out of ten it's here. '

here, even the people in the stronghold have hardly set foot in it, but there are traces of people around it, even behind it.

it can be seen that either the mountain landform is too complex, or there are natural barriers and other barriers, so that the people in the village are unwilling to enter here rashly.

if there are treasures, this is also the best place.

He Zheng's eyes brightened when he heard the words: 'then we will go here directly?'

he Lingjiang rubbed his chin and nodded: 'let's do it this way. If we can't find out here, we'll make another plan.'

the two discussed a general idea, and then cultivated their own self-discipline.

unconsciously, the quiet mountains and forests began to bustle, and overhead were the chirping voices of birds.

sunlight passes through the forest, slowly lifting the mist gauze in the mountains.

he Lingjiang opened his eyes and went to the stream to wash himself. He Zheng and he Zheng simply used some dry bags, and then continued to move toward the mountains.

at the moment, they are still in the periphery of Ailao Mountain. Today, it is the time for the Roga ministry to sacrifice the mountain in Japan. In the past, the altar at the entrance to the mountain would be very lively.

however, something like that happened last night. I think they're too nervous to go to the mountains again.

in that case, I'm not worried about bumping into people in Roga's department again.

the more you go into the mountains, the deeper the forests and the denser the trees. Countless mountains and rocks overlap, and the roads are winding. It is even more confusing.

if you go further, you can't even see the mountain road that people have trodden. You can only use swords to push away the weeds and forests that block your way.

he Lingjiang and they went to the belly of Ailao Mountain in this way.

on the third day, when the sky was dark, they stopped in front of a dense forest.

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