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Chapter 203 leveraging

Chikuo could not help complaining: 'how can such a beautiful mountain lake be poisonous?'

who knows? He Lingjiang shrugged his shoulders.

perhaps this mountain lake is natural and contains toxins.

perhaps, there is something really strange about this place, because later generations deliberately used means to make a good clear spring become toxic water.

she went to the lake and squatted down. Then she loosened her hands and a leaf fell from her fingertips. She floated on the lake for two seconds and sank slowly.

'can't the lake float?' The ruler frowned.

the lake is wide and covers a huge area.

after walking around the lake for more than half a circle, I'm afraid they have to cross the lake and go to the mountains and rocks opposite to what they are looking for.

if the lake can't float, he can pass, but he Lingjiang and he Zheng are people after all. No matter how high their martial arts are, they also have no ability to resist the wind.

the lake water will stop people here?

he Lingjiang shook his head and dropped another leaf, which also floated for a while before sinking to the bottom of the lake.

'no, look, isn't it floatable? However, the buoyancy of the lake is indeed weaker than that of ordinary water bodies.'

the real thing that can't float is the legendary weak water.

according to the Xuanmen classic, this weak water is in the north of Kunlun Mountains. Its strength can't beat mustard, and the feather can't float, and it can't cross.

the lake in front of us can still carry light leaves for a moment, but the buoyancy is too weak.

however, if the bamboo raft is placed on it, it may sink in the blink of an eye. If you want to use foreign objects to carry people across the Strait, it is even more difficult, and you need special ships.

they have no way to make it now.

if you say that you can cross the river by flying with lightness skills, he Lingjiang thinks about it. It is the Buddha's legendary Bodhidharma who crossed the river with a reed and sank in an instant.

although she has studied xuanshu, she has never heard of anyone in the world who has reached the realm of carefree travel mentioned in the classics for so many years.

at this time, if it is really a ghost, it can pass by lightly.

the ruler asked: 'what should we do next?'

he turned into a virtual shadow and floated around he Lingjiang: 'if not, you stay here? I'll help you find it.'

he Lingjiang, sitting by the lake, nodded: 'this is also a good way to save time and effort.'

'but I can't tell what the scene is across the lake.'

'what's more, I'm not sure where the thing I'm looking for is hidden. I'm afraid it's difficult to really find out if you're alone.'

Chi Kuo sighed and fell to the ground in human form: 'what do you say?'

he Lingjiang looked at him askance and said, 'you may betray others?'

chikuo almost fell back when he heard what he said: 'you are the one who gives orders. I don't think others are tired.'

he Lingjiang's eyes brightened: 'is that ok?'

chikuo shook his head: 'No.'

he makes Jiang mulu suspicious, as if he is lazy and unwilling to do it.

even he Zheng, who was beside him, looked like 'don't lie, you are lazy and unwilling to be affected'.

Chi Kuo Qi knot, he knew at once that his lazy image was really deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

'I really can't recite.'

'although the Yellow father ghost can be freely transformed, if it wants to come and go freely, it needs to be transformed into an imaginary body. If it is transformed into an entity, it is an entity life, and it must be subject to the body itself.'

'if I want to float to the other side, I have to turn into an imaginary body. In that case, how can I carry you?'

he Lingjiang's index finger shook slightly: 'you seem to have forgotten one thing. Previously, you were still a parrot.'

'look, isn't this parrot a flying entity?'

Chi Kuo almost spat out a mouthful of old blood: 'you wouldn't be so cruel and heartless. Let me imagine a little parrot to carry you over?'

he Ling Jiang youyou sighed. She understood that this square shaped head is really not working well.

fortunately, his brain is not very good, so I can support him from time to time.

she had to make it clear: 'don't you just imagine yourself as a bigger bird?'

but in this world, no matter how big a bird is, it can't afford a person? Otherwise, why can't someone from the Xuanmen keep a giant bird as his mount?

he is good at changing, and he can only imagine things in heaven and earth.

didn't she follow he Yunjia and read more about the script of the divine carving?

Chi Kuo was about to refute, he Lingjiang put out his hand to stop his words: 'don't worry, don't worry. I don't intend to make you become a camel man by imagining a bird.'

'you see, whether it's crossing the river with a reed or taking a boat, there's no shortage of help in this world.'

'what I want to say is in fact borrowing power.'

'you can imagine to be a real bird that can fly. Just lend us one or two points when we are about to exhaust our lightness skills.'

the complexion of the ruler's outline improved: 'it's not impossible.'

he Lingjiang looked at chikuo with a smile in his eyes and said, 'then you will have to work hard.'

looking at her smile, chikuo suddenly sounded an alarm in his heart: 'how are you going to borrow?'

it must not be what he thinks, right?

soon, he knew Xiaohe Lingjiang's borrowing method, and immediately lamented that he was too simple and deserved her too quickly.

this borrowing method is no better than camel man.

to tell the truth, he is a bird. If he can really carry a person up, he would rather carry it on his back than let them work hard to help him.

he Lingjiang looked at the sad ruler and comforted him: 'OK, isn't it impossible?'

'don't worry, I've put a light weight charm on both of us. It won't be too heavy.'

'we'll go by ourselves, but if we can't, we must borrow from you.'

with the help of the technique, she may be able to avoid borrowing from chikuo, but he Zheng can't. She needs chikuo's help.

Chi Kuo nodded reluctantly: 'only once.'

'OK.' He Lingjiang wisely didn't mention it, and when they returned, I was afraid they could not help without Chi Kuo's help.

she looked at He Zheng and said: 'I'll go there first. The lake is wide. In the first half, you can borrow the strength of the ruler. In the second half, I'll help you.'

He Zheng nodded: 'seven maidens, be careful.'

the buoyancy of the lake is weak, and the lake water is highly toxic. If you fall into it carelessly, it will be dangerous.

he Lingjiang nodded slightly.

she held an umbrella in one hand, then lightly stepped down, and then flew up and jumped into the air.

at this time, chikuo also turned into a big eagle. It swooped down from a high place and flew across the lake from her at a distance of about half a meter.

after he Lingjiang jumped out of the distance of about 45 feet, he could not help falling to the water.

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