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Chapter 204 cave

She immediately formed a seal on her hand, and drew a three foot wide circular seal in the void against the water. This seal has a repulsive force, and when people touch it, it will spring away.

then, she continued to jump forward with the strength of the rune.

after so many repetitions, he Lingjiang took advantage of the power of the seal to reach the other side of the river.

when his feet fall on the ground, he Lingjiang can't help breathing out a long breath. This method is really quite mind consuming.

the ruler circled and landed beside her: 'you are so powerful that you really haven't borrowed my power. I'm the first magician like you in all these years.'

she is not very old, but she is quite accomplished in metaphysics, which is really rare.

'thank you for your praise?'

he Lingjiang stabilized his breath, then sat down cross legged, meditated and adjusted his breath for half an hour, and then stood up: 'next, I'll trouble you to come to the other side to help he Zheng.'

the outline of the ruler is in the past.

He Zheng only knows martial arts, but he doesn't know xuanshu. There is almost no buoyancy on the water.

if he wants to cross the broad lake, he needs the help of a ruler.

just like he Lingjiang, he Zheng jumped up with a little under his feet. When his body fell and became unsustainable, Chi Kuo just flew to his side and used his eagle body to help him.

He Zheng put his toes on the back of the eagle, and the whole man jumped forward again. But the eagle could not help falling slightly. He flapped his wings and flew forward again.

several times in a row, he Zheng crossed the middle of the lake and continued to go to the opposite bank.

the eagle's back is under stress, and in the second half, it is inevitable that it will be difficult. He Ling and Jiang saw this and tied a disk seal on their hands and pushed it to He Zheng's feet.

then, in the second half of this period, he, like he Lingjiang, reached the other side by the force of the seal.

when he completely landed on the ground, he felt that his feet were soft.

after all, just walking all the way is no different from walking in the air. Once you fall, you will fall into the lake and your life will be hard to protect.

he has practiced martial arts for many years and has stepped on the water countless times. However, the water is hardly buoyant, and the water is full of poisonous dangerous places. This is the first time he stepped on the water.

chikuo shakes his body back into a human shape and frowns at He Zheng: 'I was trampled by your feet before.'

if not, he is so self-supporting that he may step into the water.

although the poisonous water of laoshizi can't kill his yellow father ghost, if he falls down carelessly and becomes a big bird in the soup, it's really embarrassing.

He Zheng's face was ashamed, and he didn't care about chikuo's previous act of cutting his finger. Instead, he saluted chikuo: 'thank you. It's really hard for you.'

crossing the water this time is not difficult for Chi Kuo and Qi Niang. The only thing is that his body is ordinary and he doesn't know any skills. It's inevitable that he is tied up. I want them to give him more help.

because of the unruly character of the Yellow father ghost, he can bear to be trampled on a few times now, but he doesn't immediately quit. If he is thrown into the water, he should be thanked.

he thanked me sincerely, but he let off steam at once when he was complaining a lot.

he waved his hand and said, 'just know that I work hard.'

then, with a wave of his right hand, he immediately went to the front: 'let's go to the front and have a look!'

front convenience is the center of Ailao Mountain. It can be said that the peaks are emerald and the trees are towering.

it's noon and the sun is strong.

however, as the valleys here are deep and secluded, the forests are boundless, and the mountains and springs are steaming, the clouds and mists are wreathed, so you can only feel cool when you are exposed to them.

he Lingjiang took a deep breath, and suddenly felt the cool feeling, which permeated his heart.

as she went forward, she looked around.

in my ears, I heard the sound of water flowing from between the two peaks.

a group of people follow the sound, and they can see that there are flowing springs and waterfalls in front of the high peaks and stone walls not far away.

he Lingjiang narrowed her eyes. There were mountains, springs, and mists...

she took the surrounding terrain into her eyes and quickly outlined the whole landform of Ailao Mountain in her heart.

the mountains and rivers are covered, the gen is the mountain, the Kan is the spring, and the spring comes from the bottom of the mountain.

the location of the towering mountain in front of us just fits this divination.

'first explore the peak stone here.'

He Zheng immediately jumped to the front of the mountain.

this mountain is extremely dangerous. The stone walls around it are almost vertical. It is not easy to climb it.

after exploring around the bottom of the mountain, they began to climb up the stone wall to see if there was any mechanism.

the outline of the ruler turns into an imaginary shape, and it is also found along the stone wall.

after a long time, when they wanted to give up, there was a cry from the chikuo: 'something strange behind the waterfall!'

he Ling Jiang Wenyan immediately stuck to the stone wall and jumped to the waterfall.

as soon as she approached the waterfall, her clothes were half wet by the splashing water.

the water flows down from the cliff and collides with the rocks at the bottom. At that moment, it is like flying pearls and splashing jade, raising layers of white water vapor, making people feel like they are in a fairyland and shocking.

the waterfall is very powerful, and the sound of water is deafening.

he Lingjiang scratched a slightly raised stone and asked loudly, 'where is it?'

Chi Kuo suddenly showed his figure, and extended a hand from the waterfall to beckon: 'there is a cave behind the waterfall here!'

he waved his hands vigorously again: 'you rush in here!'

the specific situation behind the waterfall can't be seen clearly. If people outside rush in, they will hit the stone wall.

after Chi Kuo finished, he thought of this point and hurriedly added: 'the entrance of the cave is about this big, just behind the waterfall. You can rush in according to the orientation!'

after that, he turned into a wisp of smoke and went out of the waterfall.

the smoke curls up and forms a large circle in front of the waterfall, which is conspicuous in front of the plain white waterfall.

he Lingjiang had a number in his mind. He stood a little on the stone wall, then jumped sharply and plunged into the waterfall.

the rapid water flows down her head. At that moment, there was only a buzzing sound in her ears.

when her feet landed on the ground, the buzz in her ears gradually disappeared.

He Zheng rushed into the waterfall according to her appearance.

seeing that neither of them was in the way, chikuo was transformed into a human shape again and fell back into the cave behind the waterfall.

the cave here is quite spacious. The three of them stand in the middle of it, and they don't feel compelled to block it.

looking at the surrounding stone walls, it seems that they are naturally formed, and the time they pass through is even more unknown.

the three men groped their way along the cave.

I don't know how deep this cave is, but the farther you go, the more it becomes narrow.

later, he Lingjiang had to crouch slightly.

we walked on like this for about an hour, but our eyes suddenly widened.

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