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Chapter 21 Coma

Just after dinner, Qiong Zhi hurried in and said anxiously, 'seven niangs, something's wrong.'

'how?' He Lingjiang asked.

'the five gentlemen suddenly passed out while eating. They couldn't wake up any more.'

is heziyu from Changfang.

he Lingjiang frowned: 'what's going on?'

'I don't know about the maid. I just heard from the people in the mansion that Mr. Wu went with Mr. San at the temple fair of Yanqing Temple today. He was OK when he came back. He suddenly fell unconscious just now.'

'is there a doctor in the government?'

'it's said that I have gone to shout. Madam asked the ladies to stay in their yard. At this time, the house is in chaos. Don't wander around the house.'

he Lingjiang nodded slightly.

her small face when watching fireworks could not help emerging before her eyes.

heziyu doesn't have a strong sense of existence in the long room. Although he is the only remaining husband in the long room, he rarely walks outside because of his dumb illness and introverted personality. He only lives in the yard with his biological mother and grandconcubine.

I don't think it would happen to a 10-year-old boy if we didn't go to the temple fair today.

he Lingjiang stood in the courtyard and looked. From a distance, he could see the bright lights in the courtyard where sun Qie was waiting.

it was only a few days before Shangyuan. Except poet he, who was still in the artillery workshop, other people in the mansion hurried over.

hexiangshan, the Song family and the people in the second and third rooms are standing anxiously in the waiting room of sun Qie, crowding all the rooms.

in the room, heziyu was lying on the bed, calm and relaxed, just like sleeping.

his biological mother's grandconcubine called him with tears, but he didn't respond at all.

he Xiangshan took his hand, and the little child's temperature was as normal.

in the past, if so many people looked at him, he would have to shy away, but now he lay there motionless.

after all, he Xiangshan is the only boy in Changfang. He Xiangshan has been ill for many years. He knows that praying to God and Buddha is useless, but he can't help praying secretly, hoping that the child will be all right.

Sun Qie was lying on the edge of the bed, crying uncontrollably.

after the Song family gave birth to their eldest son, the eldest son didn't have a daughter for several years, so the Song family made a face for their personal maid.

however, the eldest son may have been an orphan. He Ziyu was the only one for so many years. At the age of five, he suffered from mute illness due to high fever.

he Xiangshan is not lecherous. For so many years, he has only a concubine with him. Since he Ziyu was born, he seldom goes to her room. He usually just comes to see he Ziyu and chats with her.

in recent years, his body gradually decayed. The mother and son did not cause any trouble. They just lived in their own yard honestly.

what a pity that such a thing happened today.

this scene reminded her of the year when he Ziyu had a high fever.

he Xiangshan patted her on the shoulder and comforted her: 'don't worry, wait for the doctor.'

'why hasn't the doctor come yet?' Song was so anxious that he paced up and down.

Chen Yu comforted her in a low voice: 'soon, soon, madam, don't worry.'

song asked again, 'can you collect the meals that Mr. Wu just used?'

heziyu is having dinner, but he is in a coma for no reason. It is hard to guarantee that there is no problem in the meal.

Chen Yu nodded: 'I've ordered people to look at it. When the doctor comes, you can check it at any time.'

while talking, old doctor sun with white beard was hurriedly invited in.

the Song family hurried forward and said, 'doctor sun, I don't know why Wulang suddenly fell into a coma while eating. Please show me.'

'OK, let me take a pulse first.' He hurried to the bedside, lifted his robe and sat down on the small bench beside the bed.

sun qieshi stopped crying and stared at old doctor sun with red eyes, lest he should say anything bad.

old doctor sun gently pressed his fingertip on the pulse of heziyu's right wrist. He felt that the pulse was heavy and thin. He looked like he lacked Qi and blood and Yin and Yang.

generally speaking, this pulse is related to long-term illness, physical deficiency and overwork.

once the owners of the he family have a headache, they all seek treatment from him. Even the head of the family, he Xiangshan, drinks the medicine he prescribes all the year round.

in recent years, he has never heard that the five husband of the he family has any shortcomings except that he can't speak.

a child of this age should not have suffered such a deficit.

looking at the people lying still on the bed, their complexion is still a bit dark yellow, and their breathing is slow and weak. It is clear that they are ill for a long time.

but he heard that the five gentlemen of the he family were still walking around the temple fair during the day.

he frowned, stood up and asked, 'do you still have your meal today?'

song nodded: 'it's still there. We'll confiscate it until the doctor comes to check it.'

because he Xiangshan has been ill for a long time, each room of the he family usually eats in their own yard.

today, heziyu had dinner with his concubine sun.

Dr. Sun went outside and looked at the food on the table.

four dishes and one soup are all common ingredients, but they are very exquisite.

one course of boiled cabbage, one course of baked chicken, one course of green shrimp roll, one course of milk stuffed fish, and one course of Yudai soup made of shredded bamboo shoots and Brasenia brasiliensis.

there is no restriction between the ingredients.

he took out the silver needle and checked it. There was nothing unusual.

doctor sun was worried. He even checked the dishes and chopsticks he Ziyu had used. However, he still didn't find out why.

he frowned and pondered for a moment. 'The pulse of Mr. Wu is a sign of chronic illness and deficiency of both body and blood. As for why he suddenly fell into a coma, please forgive the old man for his lack of talent and shallow learning. We can't see all kinds of reasons.'

Sun Qie hurriedly said, 'have you been ill for a long time? Wulang has always been healthy. How can you be ill for a long time?'

'what the hell is going on?'

he Xiangshan stepped forward and asked, 'in your opinion, Dr. Sun, how should we treat it?'

old doctor sun smoothed his beard and said, 'at present, I can only prescribe some medicine to replenish my blood. First, I will make up the deficiency of the five gentlemen.'

'when will I wake up?'

old doctor sun shook his head and looked ashamed: 'I don't know about this old man. I have never heard of this situation before.'

he suggested: 'Lord he Lang might as well invite more doctors to come and see them together. People who practice medicine also have their own strengths. What I can't see, other doctors may be able to tell me a thing or two.'

can't even Dr. Sun help it? He is the most skillful doctor in Linchuan county.

he Xiangshan had no choice but to say, 'what old doctor Sun said is reasonable. I'll go and ask other doctors to come with me.'

'however, I wonder if you can take a rest in he mansion tonight. If other doctors come, we can discuss with you.'

old doctor sun nodded, 'it's right. I'll guard the five gentlemen here for the time being.'

he Xiangshan stooped slightly and said to him, 'I'll trouble you.'

as he said, song had hurriedly sent for another doctor.

'go and invite more doctors. Be sure to invite all the famous doctors in Linchuan city.'

she specially told her: 'there is no need to be stingy about asking the doctor to come at night. Just ask someone to come.'

for a while, the servants of he family became busy again.

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