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Chapter 210 Urgent need

For the current Hershey, there is no need to take out these treasures. Even if they are transported out without the help of the Roga people, they will only add to the burden.

what he wants to do is to sit on the Diaoyutai after confirming that there is treasure here.

as long as they hold this treasure map and the key to open the cave, they can use it as a bargaining chip for planning.

step down the steps and you will reach the boundary where beetles are everywhere.

he Lingjiang is helpless. She really doesn't want to burn beetles any more.

after all, the treasure has not been taken out, and beetles carrying highly toxic drugs are the best guards.

she just wanted to come in, so she naturally killed her without mercy. But now, from a different perspective, these dark beetles seem even a little cute.

it's a pity that she doesn't want to do it, but those beetles may not let her go.

he Lingjiang holds up his umbrella and steps over the steps. He also holds a talisman between his fingertips and is ready to throw it out at any time.

however, to my surprise, those beetles did not feel the breath of living people as they did just now, and then swarmed forward. Instead, they all hid in the cracks of the stone without any trace of dew.

they just came here and killed a lot of beetles, but there are so many beetles here that they can't kill them all. How can they disappear all at once?

the tip of the ruler's eyebrow slightly raised: 'are you afraid of being burned just now?'

'look at the way they've been burning, like they're afraid of the fire?' He Lingjiang was also puzzled.

the only difference between now and just now is that she has an icy soul and a green lotus.

she looked down at the glass box tied around her waist.

all things are born and conquer each other. This beetle can't say for sure. I'm afraid it's the breath of ice and green lotus.

although the green lotus is sealed in a glass box, it is certainly imbued with a lot of pure spirit as the most precious treasure of Yunnan.

otherwise, these beetles would not have chased them to the steps, but they suddenly stopped.

different from the chase of insects just now, they are really walking very smoothly.

the ground is clean, and even the beetle carcass that has been charred before has disappeared.

those who are dead will not move naturally.

however, it is not uncommon for insects to eat one another. I think their companions pulled them back to their nests and left them for food.

he Lingjiang three people went out of the narrow passage and explored several other caves where people could enter.

it is a pity that the other places are only natural caves. They soon reached the bottom and did not find another stone room for storing objects.

I think the person who placed the treasure just saw that there were many caves here, which could be used for confusion.

he Lingjiang leaned out of the cave and cast a spell to remove the amulet marks from the python.

after they leave, the Python's body will slowly warm up.

just as the cold winter past ushered in spring warmth, this hibernating Python will naturally gradually wake up.

after leaving the waterfall, they went to the outside of Ailao Mountain, and then took advantage of the night to get out of luojiabu.

when they came out of the dense forest, it was just daybreak.

the outline of the ruler is changed into green smoke again, and it enters the brocade bag of Heling Jiang's waist.

seeing he Lingjiang coming out of the forest first, the surprise in green bamboo's eyes almost overflowed. She hurried forward and said: 'seven maidens, you can come out!'

seven Niangzi and he Zheng re-enter the Luojia department. It has been nearly ten days since they came out. They have also been here for many days. They are worried about something unexpected.

I'm really happy to see her coming back safe and sound.

he Ling Jiang nodded his head and said with a smile: 'this trip is to solve the problem. Let's go back to Yinsheng city first, rest for a day or two, and then return to Linchuan as soon as possible.'

'yes.' Green bamboo raised his voice to answer, and then excitedly commanded people to put things away in the forest.

'seven maidens, you are lucky to be back. There have been several letters from sirang's master, urging you to ask about your situation.'

'if he can't hear from you again, he is afraid that he will go to find you in person...'

he Lingjiang takes the reins from green bamboo and frowns when he hears it: 'uncle, what's wrong?'

Qingzhu shook his head and said, 'Lord Siro didn't say anything.'

he now lives in the city Lord's mansion. Although he is protected by Princess Yinsheng, he is very safe, but he should avoid being noticed.

these letters were personally sent by he Fuhu, but they only wrote some words urging seven maidens to turn around quickly, without mentioning anything else.

he Lingjiang gave a soft hum, stepped on the stirrup and flew onto the horse: 'then go back and have a look.'

He Zheng and several others also jumped on horseback, and the party galloped toward Yinsheng city.

in front of the side door of the city Lord's mansion, Princess Yinsheng jumped out as soon as he Lingjiang jumped off the horse and held on to he Lingjiang's sleeve: 'you can come back!'

he Ling Jiang frowned. How can you be so eager for her to come back soon?

she didn't realize that she was so worried.

'how are my poisonous insects and silver snakes? Can you give them back to me now?' Princess Yinsheng looked eager.

he Lingjiang suddenly thought about her poisonous insects...

'they are all very good. You don't have to worry.'

chikuo swallowed the poisonous insects in his stomach earlier. Although he did not digest them immediately, he was afraid that they would hit his stomach for a long time, and those poisonous insects would lose their breath and become a pile of dead insects.

if this is really the case, Princess Yinsheng turns her face. It will not be so easy to leave Yinsheng city.

therefore, he also made a small cage to gather all these insects.

afraid that they will devour each other, they are carefully separated.

it can be said that he is well raised.

now, the small cage is also packed in the brocade bag around Heling Jiang's waist.

as for the silver snake, it was imprisoned by he Lingjiang and brought to green bamboo.

if you want to return these things now, he Lingjiang shakes his head: 'as I said earlier, when we leave Yinsheng City, we will return these poisonous insects and silver snakes to you.'

'now, we are still standing here. The princess should not be anxious.'

princess Yinsheng stamped her foot angrily: 'I really need them urgently. Please give them to me quickly!'

he Lingjiang couldn't help but frown: 'why is the princess so urgent? Why can't we wait for this moment after so many days?'

'we'll leave the city after a day or two of repair. We'll return everything to you.'

princess Yinsheng, who had always been arrogant, had to beg her in a soft voice: 'you don't know, I've been waiting for you for several days.'

poisonous insects and silver snakes are the foundation of her life.

my father has many children, so she can be honored as the princess because of her ability to control poisonous insects and snakes. My father treats her differently.

something important happened this time. My father asked her to go with Tuo, but she didn't dare to move because of the absence of poisonous insects and silver snakes and the soul binding skill.

she refused to start because she had lost patience with her father.

at that time, whether she can keep the name of Yinsheng princess or not will be a matter for discussion.

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