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Chapter 212 Probe

Princess Yinsheng was immersed in her own thoughts and didn't notice the contempt in Tuo's eyes.

'I'm afraid I can't go with my father...

' what? ' Tuo even can't believe his ears.

in recent years, when my father went out to pacify the tribe, she didn't actively follow him and show off her abilities?

now, he said not to go with daddy?

it's really red rain!

princess Yinsheng lowered her head. Her chin, which had always been raised high, finally stopped being domineering.

'I have some things I can't do with my father...'

Tuo also frowned: 'what is more important than attacking Yaozhou?'

'Yaocheng county has been broken. Yinsheng is closest to the border between Nanzhao and Yaozhou. He must go to support. If you win Yaozhou then, you will follow my father, which is another great achievement.'

'this credit may be greater than the credit you used to take for the tribe with your father...'

princess Yinsheng was unmoved and shook her head: 'this matter is really important to me.'

as she spoke, she raised her eyes to tuoya: 'can you help me talk to my father?'

she didn't dare to speak up to her father because she was afraid she could not hide it.

Tuo also sneered: 'it's your business not to go. Why should I help you?'

he did not know why Princess Yinsheng refused to go with such a good opportunity to make contributions.

but since she doesn't go, it's bound to annoy my father.

going to intercede on your own is just a touch of bad luck.

over the years, with her skill, Princess Yinsheng has indeed made a lot of contributions with her father, coaxing him to ask for the title of Princess Yinsheng, and turning a blind eye to her reckless acts.

when the leader of Yinsheng was away, he had a romantic relationship with a Miao girl in a remote village.

later, my father went back to Yinsheng city. He didn't know that he still had a daughter.

after more than ten years, the Miao girl died of illness, but Princess Yinsheng suddenly came to recognize her relatives.

father has many children. Naturally, he doesn't care if there is more or less of her, so he brings her into the city master's mansion and lives there.

she has no foundation at all in the city master's mansion, and others will laugh at her secretly as 'wild seed'.

those who are brave call her this directly in front of her.

unexpectedly, although she has a low status, she is very aggressive and unyielding.

anyone who dares to taunt her to her face has been tossed to death by her.

in this way, it is bound to cause trouble in front of the Lord Yinsheng. The complainant thought that he would see this wild species severely punished and expelled from the Lord's mansion.

unexpectedly, the city leader was very interested in her ability to control poisonous insects and snakes.

in this way, she climbed to her present position step by step.

young city leader Tuo naturally dislikes her, but it's also a good thing that she can help my father subdue the village.

after all, the world of Yinsheng city will eventually pass to him.

even though Princess Yinsheng has great skills, she has no foundation and a bad reputation. She is just a knife of Yinsheng city.

my father can use it. After that, he can also use it.

over the years, he has looked at her with cold eyes and acted wildly, and even made a secret addition from time to time.

now that she has such a good opportunity to make contributions, she is unwilling to go forward?

Tuo also looks at her in the light.

it is said that she robbed a handsome man a few days ago and set aside a courtyard for him to keep others away.

in addition, she has always been quiet, except for occasionally going to the men's courtyard, or staying in her own courtyard.

it's just that it's too quiet for Princess Yinsheng, who has always acted recklessly.

Tuo also narrowed his eyes, turned his palm into a fist, and attacked Princess Yinsheng sitting opposite him.

with a fist like a knife, Princess Yinsheng got up and hurriedly avoided it. She took the stool under her body and made a circle on the ground.

she was suddenly angry by tuoya's sudden move: 'tuoya, what are you doing?'

Tuo also didn't answer, just raised his fist and continued to attack her.

princess Yinsheng retreated repeatedly to avoid his blow. She was also angry and raised her hands to fight back at him.

however, after all, she is good at bewitching. After a few moves, she gradually fell behind.

Tuo also forced her to be embarrassed, but she didn't stop.

he didn't take back his hand until Princess Yinsheng was too late to dodge and was punched on his left shoulder and fell to the ground.

Tuo also looked down at her and said meaningfully: 'silver frost, your martial arts still haven't improved much. It's just that you can't use your ability to control insects and snakes.'

he did not take the initiative to fight with Yinsheng County before. At that time, she would not be so embarrassed by herself.

whether it's the silver snake on her body or the endless variety of poisonous insects in her hands, she can make herself suffer.

at that time, she was very happy.

princess Yinsheng, who has always been arrogant, will not be forced to look so embarrassed.

on the contrary, she prefers to stand aside with a smile, watching others being teased by her insects and snakes, lest she be accidentally bitten and die.

princess Yinsheng's hands were propped up and her face was covered with cold frost: 'I just want you to talk about love with my father. If you don't want to, why do you suddenly start?'

she sneered and looked at tuoya sarcastically: 'I don't know that you like being teased by insects and snakes so much. In that case, why should you ask for mercy when you were made pale by my silver snake?'

'you!' Tuo was also furious.

just as she was about to speak back, Princess Yinsheng left with one sentence: 'I won't bother you anymore. Since you like insects and snakes, you should keep good company with them!'

after that, she left tuoya's courtyard.

'wild species!' Tuo also burst out a strong hatred in his eyes, and hit the table with one hand, making a clear table crack sound.

it's still useful to look at her. He has been patient with her for so many years.

it was an occasional dispute that provoked her to start, teased her with the insect and silver snake, and swallowed it.

unexpectedly, this wild species, relying on his own ability, even ridiculed him now.

Tuo was also angry, and the dark light in his eyes flowed.

how did she think she got the name of Yinsheng princess?

my father gave it to her just to see that she was useful and obedient.

but now that she wants to disobey her father's order and give up the opportunity to make contributions, don't blame him for taking action against her.

also, she was so embarrassed that she refused to take action...

Tuo was in a trance when suddenly there was a cry outside the room.

this exclamation was first heard, and then it broke out one after another in the courtyard.

the whole courtyard immediately became a scene of uproar.

Tuo also angrily opened the door and was stunned.

I saw that his spacious courtyard was filled with insects and snakes of all colors.

now, those insects and snakes are swimming towards his feet.

Tuo also hates: Silver frost!

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