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Chapter 219 Xuanshi

He Lingjiang dials the oil lamp on the table, and the sound is as gentle as running water.

After hearing this, Princess Yinsheng could not help clapping her hands and sighing, 'this method is really wonderful!'

He Lingjiang didn't smile.

Excellent or shameless.

The chaos of war and the seizure of power are a pool of muddy water, which can not tolerate mercy.

She is not a decent gentleman, and she has to resort to extraordinary means in extraordinary times.

Although Tuo also has no resentment with her, now that the two countries are at war, their natural positions are different.

In contrast, Princess Yinsheng can now be controlled by her, so she can't complain that she wants to push Princess Yinsheng to the top.

Now that this matter is clear, Princess Yinsheng has no hesitation in her heart.

In her view, it is not wise to go to war with Dazhou.

Even though Nanzhao had developed greatly in recent years, it was still a small and wild country, and it was naturally impossible to swallow up Dazhou.

Ambition also needs to be matched by strength.

Winning Yaozhou is the best outcome of this battle.

But when Dazhou came back to his senses, he was angry and counteroffensive, but Nanzhao might not be able to bear it.


She could not help squinting her eyes. Unless Nanzhao was sure, even if it captured Yaozhou City, Dazhou would not use troops on a large scale.

The emperor of Nanzhao was not a man who only cared about his head and ignored his tail.

I think it will fall to Xifan.

On such a thought, her heart was more stable.

In this case, it is even more insignificant to defeat her.

As long as it doesn't bring too much damage to Yinsheng City, she can seize the power with peace of mind.

She handed the map of the general camp to he Lingjiang and said, 'it's not easy to settle so many people.'

'There are deep mountains in the north. The mountains are encircling, so it's easy to defend but difficult to attack. In my opinion, it's better for them to hide in the mountains for the time being and wait until the war is settled before making other plans.'

He Lingjiang took the map, and sure enough, he saw a big mountain drawn at the place pointed out by Princess Yinsheng.

At present, if you can't enter Yaozhou City, there is no better way.

Although there are insects, snakes and beasts in the mountains, it is much better than the war and killing caused by Nanzhao.

Princess Yinsheng wanted to ask her again, but there was a voice outside the account.

It was the escort of he family who was good at speaking Nanzhao language who was talking to the visitor.

Princess Yinsheng opened the tent and went out. She saw that the man who had met her at the entrance of the barracks was in front of the tent. He Fu's bodyguard told her.

Seeing her coming out, the man bowed and said, 'princess, the city Lord asks you to go to the second prince's account with me.'

Princess Yinsheng nodded and told the guards who were standing by the tent, 'stay here and don't follow me.'

Not all of them are good at speaking the Nanzhao language. Although they have already dressed up as the maidservant protecting her, if they accidentally reveal their secrets, they will be in trouble.

It's safer to stay here.

Several escorts made a Nanzhao salute and whispered yes.

Yinsheng waved his hand and went to the leader of Yinsheng first.

The leader of Yinsheng glanced behind her and said softly: 'the people you brought here are a little strange...'

Princess Yinsheng's heart jumped, but she smiled as usual and said, 'it's the talent that my daughter has recently recruited, and her skills are very good.'

'They have been following me for some time. I'm afraid you haven't noticed your busy business, daddy.'

City Leader Yinsheng gave a noncommittal hum.

His daughter has always acted recklessly. Just when people around her accuse her of robbing another man, he will have a long ear.

Later, he became impatient and the people around him naturally stopped talking.

He never cared about the people she followed and the talents she recruited.

As long as it is still useful, he will allow her to act recklessly.

Princess Yinsheng was half a step behind him. They passed through the camp and soon reached the account of second prince Luoyan.

The guard standing in front of the tent quickly opened the tent and invited them to enter.

Princess Yinsheng followed the old city Lord into the tent. It was only then that there were other people in the tent besides the second prince Luo Yan.

The lights in the tent are bright, and the appearance of the people in the tent is clearly illuminated.

It was a woman, about thirty or forty years old.

However, her appearance is very beautiful. That kind of beauty is a kind of deep and murderous beauty.

Even the fine lines in the corners of the eyes can not hide the unique charm on their faces.

At this time, she was sitting on the side of the second prince in a dark red dress. When she saw Princess Yinsheng coming in, she looked askance and had a feeling of arrogance.

Behind her stood a middle-aged man in gray.

Look at their clothes. They are not from Nanzhao, but they look like Zhou people.

Seeing the leader of Yinsheng City, the second prince Luo Yan quickly got up to meet him, but the woman was still sitting in the distance, motionless. It seemed that the two people in front of her were not worth her standing up at all.

City Leader Yinsheng's eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

Luo Yan hurriedly took him and said, 'city master, this is Biyun Xuanshi, who is also our military commander in this battle.'


Princess Yinsheng has a challenge in her heart. Is it Xuanshi of the great Zhou Dynasty?

In this case, how could he become the military advisor of the second prince of Nanzhao and be respected as a military advisor?

She looked at Luoyan without any trace. Could it be that the two princes, like themselves, were also under some deadly spell from the Xuanshi of the great Zhou Dynasty?

However, Luo Yan's face was smiling and solemn, and he didn't mean to force it at all.

Between his words and deeds, he respected the blue cloud Xuanshi in front of him.

'Nanzhao successfully won Yaocheng county this time thanks to the help of Xuanshi. Now Yaozhou is surrounded, but narong and Quzhou can't draw a large number of troops to support them. It's also thanks to the plan of Xuanshi.'

How amazing!

Whether it was the capture of Yaocheng County overnight or the rebellion of Rongqu and Changzhou, none of them was easy.

How could such a big move come from the plan of the people in front of me?

City Leader Yinsheng naturally knows that many Xuanshi of the Zhou Dynasty are proficient in martial arts. Unexpectedly, he still has such a strategy.

His dissatisfaction with the woman's arrogance towards others had subsided a little.

If you can have such a talent, you will be arrogant and rude.

After hearing Luo Yan's praise, master Biyun Xuanshi was not happy. He just nodded coldly to Yinsheng.

Luo Yan didn't care, and said to Yinsheng: 'tomorrow we will besiege Yaozhou. I specially asked the mayor and the princess to come and discuss the specific war strategy.'

'The leader of the city is one of the best in Nanzhao. His soldiers are also brave and good at fighting.'

'According to Xiao Wang, how about the first attack led by the city master?'

When we say it's the first attack, that's what we mean by letting him take the lead.

Now that the Nanzhao army is complete, the officers and men of Yaozhou will certainly close the gate of the city and stick to it.

At this time, those who take the lead in the formation rush to make a strong attack, just to fill it with their own flesh and blood, so that the army behind can trample on the flesh and blood of their predecessors.

City Leader Yinsheng sneered in his heart. He had a good idea!

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