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Chapter 221 rescue sb.

He Lingjiang stared at the flickering lights in front of her. The beating candlelight reflected in her eyes, but it was cold.

this game of chess played by the divine palace is really great.

in comparison, the token of he's mansion is just a small part of it.

private mining of copper and iron, private sales of iron to Beidi, the rebellion of Taiping sect, and now the siege of Yaozhou by Nanzhao are all shocking.

it is to overturn the peace of the whole week...

he Lingjiang can't help thinking of Pei you.

he found someone selling iron wares to Beidi in the north, and then followed this line to Linchuan.

the iron tools privately collected by Liu Yuan have been transported to Beidi ten thousand miles away. What about Nanzhao?

it is much closer to Linchuan than Nanzhao, and it is much more convenient to transport than Beidi.

there are many things in the surrounding area, and the iron output is far higher than that in the border areas. The skill of making iron is far better than that in these places.

Nanzhao raided the Dazhou border this time. She noticed since she entered the camp that the weapons in the hands of these soldiers were not like old ones.

the temple has planned so many things. In order to achieve the purpose of disturbing the Zhou Dynasty, how can we not offer weapons to it?

he Lingjiang frowned. Who is the power of this holy palace?

from the former dynasty to the present, Yi people surrounded the southeast and northwest of the Central Plains Dynasty.

although the territory is vast and there are many people, I am better than them in terms of territory and national strength.

however, surrounded by hungry wolves, I am always worried and can't relax.

at the beginning of Taizu's founding of the dynasty, with his strong national strength, he made Nanzhao and other small countries in the southwest bow to the throne. Dongyi and Dazhou face each other across the sea and often came to the dynasty.

as for Beidi, although it is fierce and its national strength is not weak, because there are a family of Zhenbei kings guarding it for generations, they dare not make big moves, and they only dare to make small troubles.

over the past 50 years, these three places have been stable.

only the Xizang dared to fight head-on with the Zhou Dynasty, and repeatedly ignited the flames of war in the southwest of the Zhou Dynasty.

the reason is that the Western Tibetan power is the most powerful among the four sides, and it consciously has the strength to challenge the Zhou Dynasty.

like Beidi, Xifan is a nomadic people, and the people are good at riding horses and archery, which promotes the rapid development of its army and its strength.

however, the weather in Beidi is too cold, which is unfavorable for farming. Due to this limitation, even if Beidi is strong, it is difficult to really develop and grow.

however, the Western Tibet is different. Its climate is relatively suitable for vigorously developing farming.

it may not be comparable to the environment of the Central Plains, but it provides the Western Tibetan people with an agricultural foundation that other nomadic peoples do not have, and also becomes an important foundation for their development into a powerful political power.

compared with Beidi, the Xizang is geographically more advantageous because it is located on the plateau. Whether it is the Central Plains Dynasty or the neighboring foreign tribes or dynasties, it is doomed to be unable to attack the Xizang with all its strength and truly destroy it.

as for the others, it doesn't matter.

because of this, the Xizang are more confident and fearless, and constantly try to expand outward.

in addition to being adjacent to Dazhou, Nanzhao is also adjacent to Xibo in the northwest.

as a dependency of the great Zhou Dynasty, Nanzhao suddenly counterattacked Yaozhou. He Lingjiang would not believe it if he said that there was no encouragement from the Western Tibet behind it.

but now it is involved in the sacred palace. Has its hand been extended so long?

which of the four palaces and twenty-eight nights is this one in the Nanzhao camp now?

according to the orientation, apart from xuanyang and Liuyuan, could this Biyun Xuanshi be a southern cinnabar?

her eyes flashed, her fingertips moved slightly, and then she grasped them in the palm of her hand, as if she wanted to hold something in them.

thoughts are like water, flowing slowly in the night.

night, deep.

in any case, we have to rescue the hundreds of people of Dazhou who are bound tonight.

he Lingjiang put on a night suit and covered his face with a scarf, covering all his features.

He Zheng and others around her are also dressed like her.

looking at these dark people, Princess Yinsheng whispered: 'be careful, don't show any trace.'

it would be terrible if people noticed that they had come out of their own accounts!

'the princess can rest assured.'

he Lingjiang turned back and explained a few words to He Zheng and others. Only then did he bend over and blow out the candle on the table.

the big tent was suddenly dark, and there were only a few people breathing quietly.

after waiting for half a cup of tea, they evaded the patrolling soldiers and sneaked into the darkness to touch a predetermined place.

Xu felt that these Zhou people were all tied up, and there were patrols not far away. There were not many soldiers watching them here. Only 89 people went into the night, scattered around the prison fence.

he Lingjiang makes a gesture. He Zheng and others immediately disperse and sneak up to them.

then, almost at the same time, they put a force on their hands, only heard a light click, and all the soldiers of Nanzhao were silent.

they did not immediately put the person down and leaned the person gently against the fence or door frame, but still made the appearance of standing here.

he Lingjiang waved his hand again, and two of his figures rushed to the other part of the camp, while the other two explored to the west of the people being imprisoned.

push open the wooden fence door that is more than half human height, and the ground is full of people sitting or lying.

these are the people of Yaocheng county. Their homes have been destroyed, and their compatriots have been slaughtered one after another. Their hearts have been breached. They can't help sobbing when they fall asleep at night.

of course, there are many people who can't sleep.

hearing the sound of the wooden door being pushed open, they also looked over with only a pair of wooden eyes, thinking that it was only the Nanzhao soldiers who came to check whether they were still slaughtered.

he Lingjiang took a pearl from his sleeve and lit up the land in front of him slightly.


she put her index finger in front of her lips and hissed softly.

the awake person's eyes look bright, and the face in front of the Pearl with a mask on it. His staring eyes finally move.

he Lingjiang whispered: 'we are also Zhou people, and we have come to save you. You must not make any noise, and do everything we tell you.'

at first, the people of Yaocheng county did not seem to react, and then their eyes widened in disbelief.

the other side wanted to speak, but immediately remembered what he Ling and Jiang Fangcai had said, and immediately bit his lower lip.

a man who is usually resolute can't help but blush.

he Lingjiang and several others took out daggers, cut off the ropes tied between their hands and feet, and then let them gently wake up those who were still asleep.

it's OK for adults. There was a little child who was already frightened and scared. He Lingjiang cried out when his mouth collapsed. He Lingjiang was quick with eyes and hands, and he fainted the child in time.

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