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Chapter 222 destroy by fire

The woman beside the child suddenly showed a nervous look, thinking that her child had an accident.

'he's fine, but he faints for a while.' He Lingjiang comforted her by saying, 'he's not old. He'll be carried by someone later!'

fortunately, the rest of the children have a slightly longer childhood, and this situation has never occurred again.

they were awakened by the people around them. Instead of crying, they covered their mouths tightly and listened to their orders.

in just two days, these little children lost their homes, brothers and sisters, parents and mothers one after another, and witnessed countless deaths. These experiences have taught them that crying is useless.

now that someone is saving them, it is even more necessary to bear it in silence.

only in this way can we have a chance to live.

those who wake up first will help to wake up the sleeping people and untie them. In a short time, these hundreds of people will get rid of the shackles of the rope.

they slightly moved their wrists and ankles, which were tied with pain.

pairs of eager eyes greeted Jiang several people.

he Lingjiang just spits out a few words: 'wait!'

after that, she looked up and looked at the other part of the camp.

the people in Yaocheng didn't know what she was looking at, but they didn't ask. They just followed her and looked at the place together.

in the deep night, it is dark in the past.

after looking at it for a long time, a child could not help blinking his eyes.

then, I saw that in the dark night sky in the distance, suddenly a large bright color rose up in the sky, becoming brighter and redder, as if to illuminate the whole night.

is a firelight!

in the barracks, there was an immediate uproar.


'put out the fire!'

'the grain account is burned! Come and put out the fire!'

military food!

countless Nanzhao soldiers hurriedly picked up the water tools, scooped up the water and rushed to the place!

he Lingjiang showed a shallow smile on his face, then waved his hand: 'go!'

the people of Yaocheng helped each other to stand up and followed her outside.

out of the fence surrounding them, no one came forward to stop them.

those Nanzhao soldiers who took care of them still stood by the wooden fence, but they had become a immovable corpse.

in the distance, there was a noisy fire-fighting sound. Almost all the people rushed to the grain account, or went to protect the big account of the second prince of Nanzhao and the Lord of Yinsheng.

no one cares about these Zhou people who will die tomorrow.

the people of Yaocheng looked at each other, both sad and happy.

he Lingjiang takes them to the West quickly. Two guards of he family have already met them here: 'seven maidens!'

this place is the westernmost and next to the mountain behind. There is nothing important, so it is also the weakest point of the guard.

just now, they have solved several soldiers who are guarding here.

he Lingjiang nodded and turned to tell poet he: 'uncle, you and qiongzhi, lead the people to hide in the mountains for a while.'

when Princess Yinsheng entered the camp this time, we all knew that she had a servant girl.

if only one or two are missing, it is OK, but if most of them are missing, it is unreasonable.

qiongzhi is good at medicine and can take care of these people who were injured and survived by luck.

poet he's martial arts are also good. If there are beasts attacking, we can also work with qiongzhi to expel the beasts and protect the safety of these people for the time being.

as for the rest of them, they should immediately return to the Nanzhao military camp, guard beside Princess Yinsheng, and wait for the opportunity to move.

poet he nodded seriously: 'don't worry, I will do this well and protect them.'

at this moment, he was always dissolute, and also gave birth to a deep sense of responsibility.

he has been practicing martial arts since he was a child. Doesn't he want to protect the weak?

if he can't even do this well, what's his use?

he Lingjiang was relieved to see poet he and qiongzhi leading the people of Yaocheng to the deep mountain.

by tomorrow, Nanzhao will find that these hostages have disappeared, so he will have no time to take care of them.

'go back!'

he Lingjiang turns around, flies into the night first, avoids the people who come and go to fight the fire, and goes to Princess Yinsheng's account.

He Zheng, who set fire to burn grain, has also led people to turn around.

when Princess Yinsheng saw that all of them had returned unharmed, she could not help sighing with relief: 'clear yourself up quickly.'

'it is estimated that the fire will be put out in a moment. Then the camp will definitely search and hunt around. Don't show your hide.'

he Lingjiang and several others tore off their night clothes and face towels, and then stuffed them into a hole dug under Princess Yinsheng's couch, and covered them with wooden boards.

after they had tidied up, the footsteps of the soldiers trotted from outside the account.

princess Yinsheng hurried out with he Lingjiang and others.

the leader was the confidant of the city leader Yinsheng, who was called Wu Zhuo.

'princess, the mayor asked me to see if your place is safe.'

princess Yinsheng sneers in her heart. It's too late to think of her safety now, isn't it?

the Food Tent suddenly caught fire, and it was burning to the sky. In this situation, it must be that some Zhou people mixed into the camp.

the Lord of Yinsheng city attaches great importance to his own safety. Naturally, the elite of Yinsheng City surround him, and those around him are sent by him to put out the fire.

I came right now, but the chaos in the camp was burned down. I wanted to look around and catch the arsonist.

princess Yinsheng was glad that when she entered the camp, the big tent she chose was not next to the Lord Yinsheng, but adjacent to the corner. Only in this way could he Lingjiang and his family go back and forth smoothly.

regardless of what she thinks, Princess Yinsheng still looks like the arrogant princess. She raises her chin and says: 'thank you for your concern. I don't have anything here.'

'just be fine.'

Zhiwu looked at the attendants behind her and couldn't help frowning: 'the army is in chaos. Why don't these guards guard the princess well in front of the account, and they are all in the account?'

'Oh!' Princess Yinsheng sneered and said slightly from the corner of her eyes: 'the camp is in chaos. Everyone is busy fighting the fire. Unfortunately, I have no one to command, so I have to call my escort to protect me in the account...'

after all, the escort outside the account is not as safe as being around me.

'general Wu really came faster.' Princess Yinsheng sneered, 'otherwise, when the turmoil is completely calmed down, you will be able to see how my guards stand outside the accounts.'

this Yinsheng princess, relying on her own ability, always does what she wants except to bow her head in front of the city Lord and face others.

Zhiwu sulai doesn't like her temperament, but he won't take her seriously.

he just slightly bowed his head and said, 'the princess is joking.'

'I'm afraid there are people from around the world in the camp. For the sake of safety, I'd better take a closer look at your place first.'

princess Yinsheng yawned lazily: 'I'm in the account. If Zhou people can get in under my nose, it will be great.'

'however, this is the duty of the general. If you want to check it, you can check it.'

after saying that, she thought she was the first to arrive at the big tent, sat on her couch and waved lazily: 'hurry up, don't delay my rest.'

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