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Chapter 226 enter a city

'The general also saw that this man is good at mysterious arts. If I am not mistaken, he will be Zhang sushi of the evil temple.'

'the general must have heard about Linchuan's case of privately mining Copper and iron in Yaozhou.'

'although the case of private procurement involves the crown prince, it has something to do with the evil cult behind it. In order to find out the culprit, the he family followed the trail to the place of Nanzhao.'

unexpectedly, Nanzhao raided Yaocheng county and caused unrest.

he Lingjiang pointed to the corpses lying on the ground and said: 'general, why do these people want to chase me here? It's just that I took people to burn the Nanzhao Army food, release the people of Yaocheng, and then tried to assassinate the second prince of Nanzhao, Luo Yan...'

the general guarding the city looked at the corpses of more than a hundred Nanzhao soldiers lying on the ground, and the head of the middle-aged Xuanshi rolling aside. His heart moved.

these hundred Nanzhao soldiers may not be anything, but they can be used as bait.

it is not common for Xuanshi to have such means...

at this time, some of the soldiers came close to his ear and said something.

the frown of the general guarding the city suddenly widened.

the scouts reported that there was a fire in Nanzhao camp, and there was no small disturbance.

he stared at he Lingjiang closely: 'since you said that the people of Yaocheng were released, where are they now?'

he Lingjiang told him about his previous arrangement: 'now I'm the only one. The general's counter offer is so careful. Even if the people of Yaocheng flee to the gate of the city, the general may not be relieved to let them in.'

'in that case, if we don't let them escape into the mountains, it's better to struggle in the flames of war.'

'as for the truth of the facts, the general only needs to send scouts to investigate them to verify them. Why should I lie?'


the doubts of the general guarding the city gradually disappeared. After repeated thoughts, he finally waved his hand and said loudly: 'open the gate and return to the city.'

he Lingjiang, surrounded by the soldiers, walked leisurely into the city gate.

the general guarding the city got off the horse and said: 'war is about to break out. Madam he has just defended the enemy outside and killed many enemies. Let's go and have a rest first. If Nanzhao attacks, I'm afraid we won't have a rest for a moment.'

after saying this, he ordered the people around him to take he Lingjiang to have a rest.

he Lingjiang nodded slightly. After a night of hard work, she really needed to meditate and breathe.

however, she reminded: 'the leader of Yinsheng city has arrived. I heard from the Nanzhao army that at noon today, the Nanzhao army should lead a large army to besiege Yaozhou city.'

the general guarding the city has only about two hours left. The officers and men of Yaozhou have been in battle formation for such a long time. It seems that the great war will soon come...

after reminding, he Lingjiang followed the soldiers he led to the camp. Behind her, there were more than ten soldiers with swords.

I haven't completely trusted her yet...

he Lingjiang doesn't care, just let them stare.

the general guarding the city looked at her back, his eyes narrowed slightly, and then hurried to the governor's tent.

war is imminent. Governor Han Zheng is not in the governor's office, but lives in the barracks with the soldiers.

at this time, he was practicing the strategy of defending the city.

Ding Feng enters the big account and first salutes Han Zheng: 'governor.'

Han Zheng raised his head from the sand table and asked, 'but do you have something important to report?'

'the general just got the news. At noon today, Nanzhao probably will attack the city.' Ding Fengdao.

Han Zheng's eyes were slightly deep, and he turned to the sand table and said: 'finally... It's coming...'

if we drag on, it will be difficult to fight Nanzhao if reinforcements from other places arrive in Yaozhou.

Luo Yan is not stupid. How can he not know the truth of quick battle and quick decision?

Han Zheng's heart is stirring. What about Nanzhao's large population? These Yaozhou officers and men are not for nothing!

he and Han have stuck to Yaozhou for more than ten years, and now he vows to live or die with Yaocheng! As long as he is here, he will never ask that Nanzhao barbarian to enter Yaozhou city!

Han Zheng turned around and let someone nail him.

Ding Feng looked at his armor and said, 'the general has just let a man into the city.' Then he handed the token in his hand. 'This is her identity token.'

Han Zheng wears the sword on his waist, takes the token and looks at it: 'is he's man?'


since he said so, he was determined in his heart.

Han Zheng couldn't help but wonder: 'this is the critical moment. According to your caution, she is a he family, and it's not worth taking a risk. How can you let her go into the city now?'

Ding Feng dropped his hand and told what happened in front of the city just now.

Han Zheng understood: 'are you looking at her means?'

'yes.' Ding fengchui first said, 'it's really strange about the matter of Marshal Zhang...'

although Marshal Zhang qiantuo of Yaozhou is not so honest and clean, he behaves in a fair way and knows how to weigh the pros and cons.

how can such a person force others to send him off and insult him at his door just because he looks at the beloved wife of the great prince of zhongnanzhao?

according to the people in the prefect's office, the matter was really explained by the prefect himself.

however, since he had done this, how could he look as if he didn't know when the Grand Prince of Nanzhao came to settle the accounts?

looking at the later practice of Nanzhao, it must be that Nanzhao secretly used means and deliberately did it.

in this, there are still some magic tricks of magicians.

the land of Nanzhao is full of witches and poisons.

although they are full of blood and spirit, they are not afraid of the evil spirits of those who work in the army.

but if the other party is in the dark, they will suffer inexplicably.

he looked carefully at the fight between the seventh wife of the he family and the evil cult in the temple. This means can not be underestimated.

let her enter the city, it's useful!

'it's really rare that I am young and have such skills.' Han Zheng nodded secretly. He stood up and said, 'let's go. Take me to see the lady of the he family before you go to the city wall.'

when he spent his leisure time in Yingdu, he met people from the he family. Unexpectedly, he Shi, who has been in decline for more than ten years, still has such a person among today's younger generation?

at this time, he Lingjiang, Fang cleaned up his blood and was sitting in the account meditating.

a soldier outside the account came to report: 'Madam he, the governor and Deputy Ding are coming.'

deputy general Ding is the former general guarding the city.

he Lingjiang draws his breath into the Dantian, spits out a cloud, and slowly opens his eyes.

when she opened the camp tent, she saw a general in his fifties. Accompanied by deputy general Ding, he was walking towards the tent. He thought it was General Han Zheng, the governor of Yaozhou.

he wears armor, walks calmly, and has a strong and natural look. At a glance, he is a general who has experienced many battles.

it is said that this governor Han has been guarding Yaozhou for 17 years.

in these years, nothing has happened to Yaozhou, but this time, Nanzhao really caught him off guard.

who would have thought that one of the princes of Nanzhao, who had come to pay tribute, died suddenly, and the other easily occupied Yaocheng county with a backhand, and came with a large army to besiege it?

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