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Chapter 227 Seriously injured

By this time, it was daybreak, and he Lingjiang had not paid the bill. Instead, he stood at the door of the bill and saluted Han Zheng with a cross hand: 'governor Han.'

'I can't get in the sun, so I won't go out.'

Han Zheng was slightly surprised, but didn't ask much. Instead, he smiled and approached: 'it's OK.'

this is not a time for chatting. Han Zheng came here just to see what kind of person he's little lady with extraordinary means Ding Feng said.

she has removed her mask and revealed her original appearance.

maybe it's because she can't get the sun. This He Qi Niang's face is a little too pale. However, on her face, which is as big as her palms, her eyebrows are like pictures and her eyes are like colored glass.

such a delicate little lady has such means!

Han Zheng smiled, his eyes narrowed slightly, and the spirit of iron and blood that had been through the battle came to his face, which made people tremble.

he Lingjiang didn't even shake the tip of his eyebrows, and he met his eyes with an air of composure.

two people's eyes meet in the air, one implying a force, the other calm.

Han Zheng took the lead to turn his eyes away and gave a solemn salute to he Lingjiang with his fists: 'I heard that he Niangzi saved the people of Yaocheng. Han Mou thanked He Qi Niangzi here.'

'what did the governor say?' He ordered Jiang Wei to lift his right hand. Han Zheng felt a gentle force and lifted his hands.

'I'm from Zhou Dynasty. Since I have the spare strength, how can I ignore the suffering of the Chinese people?'

Han Zheng straightened up when he heard this, and a smile rose on his just sullen face: 'Madam he is righteous. I heard that madam he is good at metaphysics. In this way, if there is something to do later, I will have to work harder for madam he.'

are you here to help yourself?

the governor Han looked like a straight general, but he didn't expect that there was much guile in his words.

sure enough, those who can hold one party's Encyclopedia are not simple masters.

he Lingjiang didn't mind his thoughts, after all, she had planned to come directly to Yaozhou city if she failed to assassinate the second prince Luoyan.

since the people of Yaozhou have been rescued, Luo Yan, the second prince of Nanzhao, cannot be killed for a while. What's more, she had to cover up her daily travel, so it was inconvenient for her to stay in Nanzhao camp.

the great war is about to start. She might as well go to Yaozhou city to help.

the people in the temple are here. If they want to use any means in the city or on the battlefield, they can also take precautions in time.

looking at the hope in Han Zheng's eyes, he ordered Jiang fork to return the salute and solemnly agreed: 'don't worry, governor. I will do my best.'

Han Zheng is relieved at last.

'Nanzhao is about to attack the city, so I'll take someone to the city building first. Since it's inconvenient for madam he to bask in the sun, you can rest in the tent first. If you need madam he's help, I'll ask someone to go.'

he Lingjiang shook his head, reached for the umbrella and opened it: 'I'll go with the governor.'

Han Zheng saw that she had already made a big deal with her umbrella. After thinking about it, he didn't stop her.

when a few people ascended the tower, all the officers and men of Yaozhou were ready in full battle array. Bows, arrows, spears, fire oil, gold juice, rolling stones, logs and other things used for guarding the city were already ready.

there is a deep and deadly air in the air.

he Lingjiang stood on the wall and looked into the distance. It was empty and the Nanzhao army had not yet arrived.

she simply found a place to avoid the sun and sat up first.

after about an hour, I suddenly heard drums, deafening.

he Lingjiang opened his eyes. The Nanzhao army is coming!

in the distance, first, billowing smoke and dust rose in the sky. When we got closer, we saw countless Nanzhao soldiers, like the tide, marching toward this place.

the military flag held first belongs to Yinsheng city.

he Lingjiang's eyes narrowed slightly.

when the army came in, he saw that the current general of Yiqi was not the city leader of Yinsheng who should have led the army, but the confidant of his staff, Wu Zhiwu.

it's done!

he Ling is a pine in Jiang's eyes.

before burning the Nanzhao army grain last night, she sent chikuo out of the camp to find the confidant of the Shaocheng master Tuoye who he Zheng left in the middle of the wasteland.

the outline of the ruler is good at changing. It's most appropriate for him to imagine the shape of his confidant.

after that, chikuo can go to Nanzhao camp to find Yinsheng's city master according to his appearance.

with the help of Princess Yinsheng, chikuo can easily get to the city leader Yinsheng, that is, even the reason why he suddenly came to the camp can be found for him by Princess Yinsheng.

there is a disturbance in the affairs of the city. The young city leader has specially sent him to consult the city leader.

as for what this mess is, although he doesn't know the scale, he only needs to do as the bishop of Yinsheng County said.

he also knows some Nanzhao dialect, and there is no difficulty in answering it simply.

in the meantime, chikuo has only one thing to do, which is to smile at the old city owner.

although chikuo doesn't like this very much, the Yellow father ghost's smile can really weaken others' luck.

as long as people who have been laughed at by him will get sick. If people are less fortunate, they will be disabled even if they do not die.

since the leader of Yinsheng city is in a high position, his own luck is naturally beyond the reach of ordinary people.

and Nanzhao people are also familiar with witchcraft and witchcraft. How can people like him not protect themselves from evil spirits when they travel outside?

the Yellow father ghost is transformed by the power of the stars. It is a half human and half ghost body, not an ordinary evil.

although the protection of Yinsheng City Lord can resist a little, it cannot be completely evaded.

besides, the leader of Yinsheng city is not the second prince Luo Yan. There is also a Xuanshi close to him, which makes it difficult for people to start.

chikuo also specially carries a talisman given by he Lingjiang. This talisman can also weaken the morale of others.

when the two phases are superimposed, it is not difficult to make him ill, but it is not difficult to make him ill.

so, after following the leader of Yinsheng at every turn and smiling at each other all the time, the leader of Yinsheng finally fell off his horse when he turned over and got on the horse.

at this moment, the horse was startled by something.

the people were not so responsive that they let the horse step on the chest of Yinsheng city leader, which made him spit out a big mouthful of blood.

the people were immediately shocked and hurriedly pulled out the leader of Yinsheng.

at the time of sending troops, the commander-in-chief of Yinsheng army was seriously injured. The soldiers immediately regarded it as unlucky and beat a drum in their hearts.

however, when things came to an end, how could second prince Luo Yan allow Yin Sheng's army to retreat like this?

fortunately, the leader of Yinsheng city did not pass out immediately, and he promised a little more profit, which made the leader of Yinsheng City struggle to speak. The army was led by the general Wu, and attacked the city according to the original plan.

after saying this, he immediately fainted.

because of this, the time before the Nanzhao army arrived at Yaozhou city was two minutes later than the original plan.

the leader of Yinsheng fell down. Next, the general took charge of Wu!

he Lingjiang stood by the wall of the city and watched the Nanzhao army approaching.

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