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Chapter 23 Turn around

He Lingjiang stood in the corridor and looked out into the courtyard where his concubine was waiting.

the sky is sinking, and I don't know when snow is falling.

snowflakes flutter and fall. The lights in the mansion were dim, a cold wind blew, and the candles under the corridor swayed slightly, adding a bit of confusion in the dusk.

she narrowed her eyes and asked, 'the five gentlemen are still awake?'

qiongzhi, who was waiting behind her, replied, 'not yet. The five gentlemen drank the medicine prescribed by the doctors in the daytime, but it was of no use. At dusk, madam invited the Taoist priest of Yunju temple. I don't know what the situation is.'

he Lingjiang pondered and said, 'let's go and see.'

'the seventh lady, the madam has ordered that the little lady and her husband should stay in their own yard and not go out for the time being...'

he Lingjiang raised his hand to stop her saying: 'it doesn't hurt.'

after that, she walked to the yard where sun Qie was waiting. Qiong Zhi stamped her feet and had to hold an umbrella to follow.

the wind at night was wrapped in snow, and it came on her face. Qiongzhi tilted the paper umbrella, but she could not stop the snow rolled in by the wind.

it should be the last snow this winter, so it fell so wantonly.

the yard was silent, only the sound of snowflakes rustling down.

maybe it was because the five gentlemen were in a bad situation. The servants and maidservants did things with great care. They were afraid of startling people. When they saw the seventh lady coming in, they hurried to salute.

he Lingjiang waved his hand to them to get busy.

she walked to the eaves and shook off the snowflakes on her dress. Then she lifted her feet into the room.

when song saw her, he was surprised: 'Lingjiang, why are you here?'

he Lingjiang said, 'I'll come and have a look.'

'don't you all stay in the yard and don't run around?' Song's tone was a little bad.

it's a busy time. These young people just make things worse.

when he Xiangshan heard the sound, he also came out: 'why did Ling Jiang come?'

'I came to see ah Yu.'

she looked at he Xiangshan with a tired face and asked, 'grandpa has never rested?'

he Xiangshan sighed: 'where can I sleep?'

he Lingjiang nodded: 'Grandpa should also pay attention to his body. After all, you haven't fully recovered.'

he Xiangshan didn't say anything more. He just sat on the stool beside the table and was silent.

song has just coaxed his concubine sun to rest. She cried in front of heziyu's bed for a day. If this continues, the five gentlemen will not be well, and she will not be able to do it herself.

she wanted to persuade he Xiangshan again, but she knew it was useless, so she had to swallow the words and sat down at the table.

Taoist Xuanwei has been in for a long time, and he doesn't know what the situation is.

the night was so quiet that I could only hear the sound of snow outside.

he Lingjiang sat at the table and kneaded the rhyme with his left hand hanging under the table. He drew two runes in the void. With a light lift, the invisible spell fell towards he Xiangshan and the Song family.

after a while, two gentle breathing sounds sounded in the room.

he Xiangshan and song have fallen asleep on the table.

he Lingjiang stood up, took down two cloaks from the hanger near the door and covered them before entering the room.

in the room, Taoist Xuanwei just finished his casting. He stood up slowly with the help of Taoist children.

'master, what's the matter with the he family?' Asked the round faced Taoist boy.

Taoist Xuanwei wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, 'you have lost your soul.'

'since you have lost your soul, just take it back?'

the little eyed Taoist priest interrupted him: 'master, don't you know? Looking at master, it seems that this time things are a little tricky, so we didn't make it.'

Taoist Xuanwei also sighed: 'this time is a bit tricky.'

is sighing, but he hears a cold voice asking, 'Taoist priest, may we solve it?'

when Taoist Xuanwei heard about the reputation, he saw a beautiful and pale girl coming in.

he asked suspiciously, 'are you?'

he Lingjiang's voice was gentle: 'he Lingjiang, the seven wives of the he family.'

she asked again: 'the Taoist priest may solve the current situation?'

Taoist Xuanwei looked uneasy: 'it's still difficult. The five gentlemen didn't simply lose their souls. According to my opinion, he should also have been hit by a kind of magic called seven star turn of life.'

he Lingjiang walks to the bed and looks at he Ziyu, who is lying still. He knows clearly.

'the so-called life changing technique is to forcibly transfer a person's life to others, which is against the law of heaven. There have been people who have been ill for a long time, and use this technique to transfer their diseases to others, so that the person who gets the technique will have the disease of that person, while the person who borrows the life can steal the health of others and gradually recover.'

'this technique was used in the previous dynasty, but it was later banned by the Xuanmen because it violated the ethics of heaven.'

'ah Yu was able to be healthy in the ordinary days after he got this skill. But now he has the symptoms of chronic illness, physical deficiency and loss of both qi and blood. I think the person who changed his life with him should be a long ill person.'

'but what's different is that ah Yu's three spirits and six spirits are still under arrest, so he is inexplicably unconscious.'

Taoist Xuanwei was surprised and said, 'Madam He Qi is also familiar with xuanshu?'

'a little knowledge.'

'what should I do according to the seven women?'

he Lingjiang didn't answer, but instead asked him, 'is Dao long the first to collect the soul for ah Yu?'

Taoist Xuanwei nodded, looked ashamed and said, 'it's just that this soul seems to be held by a powerful force, and can't be taken back.'

he Ling's eyes moved slightly and said, 'Taoist priest's steps were wrong.'


'most Xuanshi see that someone has been hit by the turn of life technique and lost his mind. Their first reaction must be to recover his soul first and then slow down the technique. This is just futile.'

she glanced at Taoist Xuanwei and said, 'if you want to tell me something, you should be hurt?'

Taoist Xuanwei nodded. When he received his soul and cast a spell, he was bitten back. He just forced himself to endure.

'this is the trickery of the caster. He lures the spirit of the person who has been hit by the caster, but secretly tries to make the person who is trying to capture the soul be eaten back by his own magic. If the other person is injured, he can't recover his soul, and he can't understand the magic.'

Taoist Xuanwei said strangely: 'what should we do according to the seven niangs?'

he Lingjiang looked calm and said, 'first solve the skill.'

Taoist Xuanwei was surprised: 'I'm afraid it's more difficult.'

together with metaphysics, it is easier to cast skills than to solve them. If you want to dispel other people's spells, you need at least equal strength, regardless of your skill.

if you want to perform metaphysical skills, you don't just need to get a good skill, read the right formula and do the right action. Among them, skill, magical power and talent are decisive.

some people draw with the most complicated formula, but they are unable to change. Some people can turn corruption into magic with a touch of their fingertips. That's the truth.

he said: 'it's so hard for us to try to recover our souls, and the other party managed to bite us back. It can be seen that the other party's skill is profound. Now it's more difficult to directly break the seven star life changing skill of the other party.'

'what are you afraid of?' He Lingjiang asked.

Taoist Xuanwei waved his hand: 'I'm afraid I can't do it because I don't have enough ability.'

he Lingjiang smiled. She spoke slowly and said, 'I can do it.'

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