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Chapter 237 Thunderous

Biyun choked and then said coldly, 'you know what I mean!'

'unexpectedly, the seven maidens of the grand he family are a walking corpse!' Her eyes narrowed slightly. 'Who the hell are you? You want to oppose me everywhere?'

the previous he family did not produce so many moths. If the seven wives of the he family were such a person, I'm afraid xuanyang's methods would not work.

where is this fierce ghost in front of you!

he Lingjiang's eyelashes trembled slightly, raised his eyes to look at Biyun, and his tone was calm: 'as you know, I am the seventh wife of he family, he Lingjiang.'

she gently wiped the lightsaber in her right hand with her fingers, and her finger abdomen was cut by the sharp blade, leaving a trail of blood. However, she said leisurely: 'as for the opposing words... Maybe we are destined to see each other and hate each other?'

Biyun said sternly: 'don't try to tell me anything. The real seven wives of he family can't have such means.'

'ah.' He Lingjiang sneered, 'just don't believe it.'

the real He Qi Niang was killed by the people in the holy palace, and her he Ling Jiang was also planted in the hands of the holy palace.

in this way, it is not predestined, and it is all bad predestined!

her eyes were cold, her wrist turned, she took the sword to chop away the evil spirits around her, and then flew to continue to pounce on Biyun.

the sword is so fierce that it is even more fierce than before.

Biyun immediately summoned countless evil spirits to entangle Heling Jiang. Although she could not hurt her life, it was not difficult to trip her up with so many ghosts and spirits.

taking advantage of the opportunity of he Lingjiang's sword to attack the evil spirits, Biyun quickly threw several soul driving talismans from her sleeve and threw them at her.

since this one in front of us is not a living person, it is that the soul body is strong and self attached to the body of the dead.

it's not unusual for people in the Xuanmen to come back from the dead. However, through the ages, those who can get the chance can not be one of them.

the one in front of me, even if it is a little tricky, is also a soul. As long as we think of a way to drive the spirit out of the body, and then apply the method of killing ghosts, it will be easy to deal with.

these talismans of Biyun are all excellent. They are wrapped in the mysterious power to drive away evil spirits. So I pasted them all over he Lingjiang's body.

he Ling turned the sword flower between Jiang's wrists, cut a few strands of wandering spirits around her ankles, and turned her feet slightly to avoid those soul driving charms.

seeing that she missed one shot, Biyun threw out several times in succession. However, he Lingjiang either avoided her or was split away by her sword.

seeing this, he Lingjiang's sword split several ghost spirits, and the area around the foot was also free from the siege of the Nanzhao soldiers. He Lingjiang followed him to devour his own ghosts.

the two are coming towards this place step by step.

on the one hand, she felt sorry for those evil spirits who had been swallowed by Chi Kuo, but on the other hand, she was not willing to let go of he Lingjiang, who had repeatedly opposed the holy palace. After several changes in her face, she finally took something out of her arms.

this is a jade charm.

the talisman is not big. It is holding in the palm of the blue cloud and white, and it is emitting bright and clear light. It is transparent and clean, and does not stain dust.

this jade amulet is the most precious thing in the sacred palace. Fortunately, it was given by the Lord's blue eyes, which makes it difficult for other palaces to envy and hate.

for so many years, Biyun has always carried it close to her body and regarded it as the last killer to save her life.

however, since he Lingjiang had to be met, he could not easily let her go.

Biyun has made up her mind to get rid of Heling Jiang at any cost.

in that case, this is the best treasure, so we have to use it!

a cold light flashed in her eyes, she kneaded the formula in her right hand, chanted a spell in her mouth, and tied a seal on the jade charm in her palm.

then, she stretched out her index finger and wiped her sword fiercely, and bright red blood came out.

Biyun's mouth kept chanting mantras, and the index finger of his right hand painted complex runes on the bright white jade rune.

a rune pattern is drawn, and the jade Rune has a sudden flash of light. The red blood originally floating on the rune surface has completely penetrated into the jade Rune in a few moments.

the jade amulet, which was originally transparent and white, suddenly added a few beautiful colors for no reason.

'demon stars, evil spirits, ancient cave elves, look up and listen together. There are six Jia on the top and six ding on the bottom. Harassment is the calendar. I will dry the thunder. The supreme mother has an order and orders me to implement it!'

Biyun read it in her mouth, and then her eyes suddenly looked fierce. She suddenly threw out a jade charm and attacked he Lingjiang: 'kill me!'

he Lingjiang jumped in her heart and immediately had to turn sideways to avoid

. However, at that moment, there seemed to be a deterrent force on the jade charm, which made her lose her mind for a moment.

the ruler on one side rushed forward, trying to block the power of the jade amulet for her.

however, even if he was a half god and half ghost, he could not stop the potential of the jade charm, and he was affected and hurt.

fortunately, his block slightly eased the pressure of the jade charm. He Lingjiang suddenly came to his senses and immediately sealed his seal to block it.

however, the jade charm broke her seal and came towards her with an invincible momentum.

he Lingjiang couldn't avoid it at all. He was hit by the jade amulet and fell to the ground heavily. 'Wow!' he spat out a mouthful of blood.

the soul, which has gradually merged with the body, seems to float outward.

he Lingjiang Dengshi concentrated himself and locked himself in the body.

'Heling ginger!' Chikuo was so surprised that he rushed forward to help her up.

after the jade charm was hit, it lost its effectiveness and fell to the ground.

but with the sound of Jasper's incantation, it gradually rose to the mid air. For a moment, there were thunders.

in the dark sky, clouds roll up in the wind, and thunder and thunderbolt suddenly gather.

there was a loud noise in my ears. A flash of lightning, like a sharp sword, cut through the sky and flashed cold light. I saw that it was going to hit he Lingjiang standing below.

at that moment, he Lingyuan felt that the heart in his body, which could not beat, seemed to be scared.

she immediately pulled out the umbrella on her back with her backhand and threw it up. The palm of her hand crossed the lightsaber, and fresh blood gushed out.

tried to stabilize the already unstable soul. As soon as he Lingjiang's palm was lifted, the rushing blood was immediately lifted into the air by her.

then, she closed her eyes and quickly unfolded her hands after clasping them. Her fingers turned over to form a seal. The blood that was lifted was quietly suspended in the air.

with the turning of her hand, the blood hanging in the air also changed, and a golden Rune was drawn with the blood.

this blood stain has been nourished by her soul power for a long time. It is the best way to draw a symbol.

at this moment, the sky flashed, and the thunder that had been condensed for a long time came roaring down and chopped at her.

he Lingjiang opened his eyes violently and shouted: 'go!'

the seal of the amulet was pushed by her, and she printed it on the umbrella. The surface of the umbrella suddenly lit up, and the surrounding light was as bright as day. The mountains, rocks, plants and trees were indistinguishable.

thunderbolt, carrying the mighty force to kill all evil spirits, drove down for a long time and chopped straight onto the umbrella hanging above he Lingjiang.

before the evil spirits around could scream, they turned into smoke and disappeared.

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