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Chapter 242 heartbeat

At the repeated request of Zhenbei Wang, Shifu agreed to give him some advice.

Pei you's aptitude in metaphysics is not very outstanding, but he can be said to be a genius in the field of swordsmanship. The eight characters of his birth date are also the life style of pure Yang, which is hard to be invaded by all kinds of evils.

with such natural talent and physique, coupled with diligent study and skillful practice, it is guaranteed that you can achieve the realm of breaking ten thousand dharmas with one sword as mentioned by predecessors.

the king of Zhenbei was even more delighted when he learned about it.

the king of Zhenbei is a family that fights on the battlefield and guards the country.

the heir can really lead the soldiers, take the lead, carry the sword to kill the thieves and resist the captives, and be heroic. That is what he hopes.

he searched all over the world for swordsmen, and with great effort, he invited the great swordsman lonely Yu, who had lived in seclusion in the mountains for more than ten years.

after learning the art for so long, Pei you recognized that it was difficult for him to surpass Xiao Huang in the field of metaphysics.

but her talent and accomplishment in swordsmanship can't compare with him. If she can break ten thousand dharmas with one sword, how can she play tricks on herself!

when a child wants to compete, he naturally has nothing to say. He tried his best to beg lonely Yu to accept him as an apprentice.

Pei you can really endure hardships. When the children around him play and practice, he can practice swordsmanship rain or shine.

in less than 18 years, there is a momentum of breaking thousands of laws with one sword.

at the beginning, Xiao Huang could still trick him with magic, but later, he gradually lost his power.

it's strange that Pei you, who is eight years old, wants to become a great swordsman. He can't help the man who always likes to play tricks on himself.

but at the age of 18, he did not know when he had the idea.

he looked at he Lingjiang, who was pale in front of him, but was elated because he had succeeded in his magic. He thought silently: just let her tease him all his life. It's not too bad.

he Lingjiang didn't really tease him. Seeing that his eyes were full of laughter, he reached out and solved the talisman.

after collecting the letter, he Lingjiang remembered and asked Pei you, 'why did you suddenly appear here?'

Pei you smiled helplessly and said: 'this is also a coincidence.'

after he escorted Liu Yuan to Yingdu and reported the matter to the sage, the first thing he did was to find Xiao Peng.

however, as soon as the two met, Pei you felt wrong without saying a word.

Xiao Huang in front of him still looks like that, but even the verve of her eyebrows and her speech and manners are different from those he remembers.

others may not be able to identify her at once, but he and ah Heng have known each other for ten years, and although he may not be able to see her often, ah Heng's charm and temperament have long been engraved in his heart, how can he not identify them?

thinking about he Lingjiang in Linchuan, he suddenly understood.

Pei you handled the important matter at hand with the fastest speed. If the rest could not be found out in a short time, he handed it over to his own staff.

then, he took people back to Linchuan day and night.

who knows, he Lingjiang is no longer in Linchuan City at this time. When he asked where she had gone, he Xiangshan, the head of the he family, only said that she had traveled. If he asked again, he would remain silent.

ah Heng disappeared in this way, but was found wrong by he's family, except for going?

Pei Youli drew his sword to each other and asked them what he had done to ah Yong.

seeing that he was so angry, he Xiangshan didn't know why, but he had to promise again and again that he Lingjiang had someone close to him during his trip, and his life was safe.

what he said showed that ah Heng's identity had not been exposed.

Pei you breathed a sigh of relief, and then realized that what he had done just now was easy to make he Xiangshan suspicious.

fortunately, he did not directly mention ah Huang's name just now.

he angrily put down his sword and explained: 'I heard that the people in the temple wanted to do something bad to Mrs. He Qi. After all, she had made great achievements before. I'm also worried that Mrs. he was careless and didn't protect the good people...'

'I'm just a little impatient... I hope Mr. He won't be surprised...'

'I don't see anything wrong, I don't see anything wrong.' He Xiangshan watched him finally put down his sword, and his hanging heart also relaxed. 'Care is chaos...'

however, as soon as he said this, he immediately regretted that he would slap himself.


care is chaos!

why do you care so much about your daughter, the son of the Wangs in Zhenbei!

he Xiangshan's smiling face immediately cooled down.

Pei you doesn't know why, but he doesn't have the heart to think about what he is thinking.

about Yingdu, news comes every day that the case of copper and iron mining has been examined by the three divisions together with the people of the Zhenbei palace. In the short term, I'm afraid I can't find any clue.

he Lingjiang's trip has not lasted more than half a month. I'm afraid he won't come back.

Pei you wanted to return to Yingdu first, but he unexpectedly found a place in the temple where iron was made.

he followed the clues and traces all the way, and unexpectedly led the people to Nanzhao.

when Fang arrived in Rongqu and Erzhou, he happened to encounter civil unrest, which delayed for a few days. Then, he was shocked to hear that Nanzhao had besieged Yaozhou.

since Pei you was everywhere, it was naturally impossible to pretend that he did not know, so he led people to help the governor of Rongzhou to calm the civil unrest first, so that he could proudly free his hand and send someone to help Yaozhou, and he came with him.

only when they arrived, it was almost dawn and the war was almost over.

this battle was a bitter one, with countless casualties on both sides.

fortunately, he Lingjiang broke the Fujia soldiers first, and then destroyed the ghost king, so that Yaozhou City survived and was not immediately broken.

the second prince of Nanzhao, Luo Yan, saw that he could not attack for a long time and was shocked to hear that Biyun Xuanshi had lost his life. He was even more frightened and was preparing to withdraw his troops for further discussion.

Rongzhou's reinforcements happened to arrive and circled the rear to encircle the remaining Nanzhao soldiers. They joined forces inside and outside the city, and Pei you and other excellent swordsmen helped them capture Luoyan smoothly.

the battle of Yaozhou was finally settled.

Pei you looked at he Lingjiang and said, 'you have been in a coma for two days. After the Yellow father ghost carried you back, he was afraid that someone might find something wrong with you, so he guarded you and refused to let others approach.'

'the escort named He Zheng almost fought with him.'

'fortunately, poet he rushed back in time, pressed him back, and said that the wound on your body needs to be treated by someone who knows xuanshu.'

Pei you realized that the poet he actually knew about he Lingjiang and was able to cover it up for her in this way. She was really good for her.

he only said Chi Kuo and he poet, but did not mention himself.

however, he Lingjiang saw the look on his face and knew that he must have followed him for two days and nights without a good rest.

she forced Pei you back to rest.

there was no one else in the account. He Lingjiang opened his clothes and looked at his left shoulder blade.

there, a sword wound is eye-catching.

I'm afraid it's difficult to heal this wound.

he Lingjiang closes his eyes and crosses his legs to regulate his breath. When the next day dawned, she made a big account and prepared to go to the city.

the sun has risen, and her previous umbrella was destroyed in the fight. Pei you found another umbrella and followed her to hold it for her.

'He Qi Niang.'

seeing that she had made a big account, the soldier on the side called out quickly, and his voice was full of respect and gratitude.

without He Qi Niang fighting with strange people, their Yaozhou officers and men might not be able to withstand the night attack of ghosts and people and come to Rongzhou to help.

they defended the city, but it was He Qi Niang who saved their lives and the people of the city.

'He Qi Niang.'

'He Qi Niang.'

wherever he Lingjiang went, there were respectful shouts, and the soldiers all bowed slightly to show their gratitude.

in my heart, there seems to be a warm current flowing slowly.

when they got out of the camp and walked onto the street, the people could not help but stop when they saw the big umbrella and the figure under it. They came forward and asked with concern: 'Mrs. he, are you awake?'

'how is your injury, Mrs. He Qi?'

'He Qi Niang, we stewed chicken soup at home. Please try it...

' He Qi Niang...

Putong! Poop! Poop!

he Lingjiang felt that his stagnant heart seemed to start beating.

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