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Chapter 244 War and peace

'Ling Jiang! Ling Jiang!'

outside the account came the cry of poet he, and then he was swept in like a wind.

'I heard that you came back without an umbrella?' Poet he rushed forward and asked.

'yes.' He Lingjiang nodded.

He Zheng and others, who did not know the truth, were left outside the account by poet he, so there is no need to taboo talking about this at this moment.

poet he stared wide eyed and asked in disbelief, 'seeing sunlight means you have really come to life?'

'yes, it's a new student.' He Lingjiang unfolded his left hand. The wound, which had been wrapped tightly, had long since disappeared.

'all the wounds on my body have been healed. With the tacit consent of heaven, I can walk freely like every living person in the world.'

'great.' Poet he couldn't help but rejoice. 'In the future, you don't have to be afraid of those people in the gate. They always use the methods to deal with lonely spirits and wild ghosts to deal with you.'

to tell the truth, the fact that he Lingjiang can't see the sun is really a big weakness.

although she has always covered up well, if she meets someone with a particularly profound technique, it is difficult to avoid being discovered.

the people of Xuanmen have many ways to deal with lonely spirits and wild ghosts. She can cope with them and has many constraints.

now, I finally don't have to worry about this anymore.

he Lingjiang also slightly curved his lips and nodded with a smile: 'yes, I'm not afraid.'

she was seriously injured before. However, because poets He Zheng and qiongzhi insisted on the same height, they could not look closely.

therefore, I don't know exactly how her injuries are.

but along the way, several people have also seen many strange things and mysterious methods.

now that I'm well, although I'm a little surprised, it's reasonable to let poet he come forward and explain. Besides, it's also reasonable to have a ruler nearby.

as for the thing that can't see the light, it's no surprise that the emergency, which was originally a sudden one, has suddenly faded.

after all, even Dr. Sun said at the beginning that this is a symptom of being too sensitive to sunlight, which makes people uncertain.

the most important thing now is to consider how to deal with the second prince of Nanzhao, Luo Yan, and the temple power behind him.

the Nanzhao incident is a matter of state, and it is not for he Lingjiang or he Shi to intervene.

however, it is not impossible to take the opportunity to ask Han Zheng, governor of Yaozhou, for some information.

just at this time, Han Zhengfang heard the soldiers report that he Qi Niangzi woke up with good news.

now that the war is over and Zhang qiantuo, the governor of Yaozhou, is dead, there are more and more things waiting for him to deal with.

he quickly finished what he was doing, and immediately came to the camp from the governor's office to visit her.

after entering the big account, Han Zheng looked at he Lingjiang carefully. He couldn't help sighing with relief when he saw that her face was pale and her behavior was the same as before.

it was He Qi Niang who made great efforts in the battle of Yaozhou.

without her help, these city guards would be afraid of falling into the shadow army created by Nanzhao and retreating.

not to mention that the ghost king summoned by the other party later was something that they, who had different metaphysics, could cope with.

only this battle also caused her to be seriously injured and comatose.

when people saw her covered with blood, they couldn't help but tug at her heart.

the gentleman named chikuo beside her did not allow anyone else to come near him, except the LORD he jiasilang and the son of the Pei family. He was so anxious.

fortunately, Mrs. He Qi is looking at it now.

Han Zheng looked slightly solemn, held his fist on his chest, then bowed down and solemnly saluted he Lingjiang: 'on behalf of the officers and men of Yaozhou, I thank he Qiniang here.'

this gift represents the deep gratitude of Yaozhou and the loyal admiration of an iron and blood general stationed in the border for many years.

this seventh lady of the he family deserves it.

behind him, Ding Feng also saluted solemnly with infinite gratitude and admiration.

he Lingjiang didn't evade, quietly watching Han Zheng bow to salute.

when the ceremony was over, she also crossed her hands and clasped her body. She bent slightly and saluted back to Han Zheng: 'I also thank the soldiers and people of Yaozhou for giving me a chance.'

one drink and one peck are determined by nature.

she inadvertently protected Yaozhou, and Yaozhou also helped her find that thread of life in the avenue.

Han Zheng didn't know what she meant, but he just smiled and didn't ask any more questions.

he Lingjiang straightened up and asked him to sit at the table.

'governor, Nanzhao was defeated in this battle, and Luo Yan, the second prince of Nanzhao, was also captured. I don't know what to do next?'

she heard Pei you say that Luo Yan had been captured. Now he is imprisoned in this camp and has been guarded by heavy troops.

he is the proud son of the Nanzhao king. Naturally, he would not simply kill people.

Han Zheng imprisoned him because he wanted to take him as a hostage. Whether it was war or peace, Luoyan was a good chess piece.

he stroked his short beard under his chin and said with a frozen eyebrow: 'the first battle of Yaozhou has been settled, and the Nanzhao Kingdom has been defeated. We can't attack again in a short time.'

Yaocheng county has also been recovered. He has sent soldiers to guard it. As for the people of Yaocheng County who survived, he ordered people to be temporarily arranged in Yaozhou city.

'after this stop, whether it is war or peace is unknown. I have submitted a report to the sage urgently. How to make a decision depends on the court.'

move forward, you can fight again, advance into Nanzhao, and be ashamed of being slaughtered in Yaocheng county.

in the future, we can seek peace and let the Nanzhao royal court pay a heavy price for starting the war rashly.

he Lingjiang looked at his face and said slowly: 'the imperial edict has not been reached, but I can see that the governor seems to have guessed the decision of the imperial court.'

Han Zheng put down his tea, and his eyes showed a smile: 'He Qi Niang is really smart.'

'in my opinion...' he looked down at the slightly shaking tea and sighed deeply. He didn't know whether it was sorrow, joy, concentration or helplessness.

'the result of the imperial court's discussion is certainly one word -'

he dipped his index finger in the tea and wrote a word on the table, 'and'.

it is not difficult to invade Nanzhao, but what happened afterwards?

it's nothing to lay down one or two cities. If you really want to defeat this small border country, you can only take Taihe City, the capital of the country, and turn it into a dust like Yunnan in history.

at that time, without the command of the Nanzhao royal court, tribes will naturally fight for their own power.

this increasingly powerful southwest country is like a plate of loose sand, which is not to be feared.

however, it is not easy to enter Taihe city.

there are not enough troops stationed here in the south, so the imperial court must send a large army to support them. However, the territory of Nanzhao is full of miasma and many insects and snakes. Most of the time, those soldiers will be acclimatized when they come here.

before the war, there may be a large number of casualties.

this is also the reason why, from the former dynasty to the great Zhou Dynasty, the Central Plains monarchy was powerful but rarely penetrated into the Nanzhao kingdom.

what's more, apart from Nanzhao, there is still a Western Tibetan covetously in the southwest.

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