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Chapter 246 Show off one's strength

As long as Chen Bing of Zhou Dynasty hung the corpse of the envoy of Zhuque Palace at the border of Nanzhao and pretended to invade Taihe City, it was a full deterrent.

Nanzhao will certainly send people again to seek peace.

this time, we will offer inducements.

frankly speaking, the plan to attack Zhou is known to be the plan of the Western barbarians and the holy palace.

if Nanzhao wanted to sincerely seek peace and make peace with Dazhou as a vassal state as before, it should share the same hatred with Dazhou and point out the culprit Xifan.

as long as Nanzhao led troops to attack Xifan from the northwest, Dazhou would send troops to help them. All the cities and lands captured would belong to Nanzhao, and Dazhou would only take 5% of the property obtained.

Nanzhao, a small country sandwiched between the great Zhou Dynasty and the Western Tibet, could only choose between them.

Da Zhou now holds hostage chips. Even if he knows that it is Da Zhou's coercion, how can he choose?

unless Nanzhao made up his mind to form an alliance with the covetous Western Tibet and wanted to hide his skin from the tiger, he didn't care whether he would be destroyed by the big Monday's anger.

otherwise, the big week of the covenant for many years is still its best choice.

'to implement the policy of deterrence and inducement to Nanzhao, so that it can use troops against the Western Tibet. In this way, it can not only let the Western Tibet taste the taste of burning themselves, but also invisibly further weaken the military strength of Nanzhao.'

Han Zheng can't help brightening his eyes.

'for all departments of Nanzhao...' he Lingjiang's eyes narrowed slightly and continued, 'it's better to divide and rule.'

since Zhou Liguo, compared with the West and the north, the governance of the southern frontier has not been too attentive.

although there are the protectorate of Annam and the governor's office of Yaozhou, the former is mainly to pacify and tame the barbarians in Annam and Jiaozhou, while the latter is to guard Nanzhao and the surrounding areas and guard the 'gateway of three rivers'.

although the great Zhou Dynasty granted the Nanzhao king, it allowed him autonomy and never intervened in the affairs of the Nanzhao kingdom.

therefore, although the great Zhou Dynasty and the Nanzhao kingdom were not monarchs and ministers, the Nanzhao Kingdom paid tribute every year. Although it was a gesture of being a minister, it did not really have a heart of obedience and respect.

in this way, it is expected that Nanzhao rebelled against Zhou Dynasty.

'in my opinion, it's better for the Zhou Dynasty to take this opportunity to set up the Yunnan pacification department in Nanzhao to administer Nanzhao and assist in governing the territory. At the same time, it can also divide the links between the various departments of Nanzhao and the royal court.'

without the help of various ministries, the Nanzhao royal court alone could not stir up any big storms.

Han Zheng wrung his eyebrows, stroked his short beard and said: 'this plan is also very good, but it can not be achieved immediately every year or two. The court may not be willing to spend so much effort and time to do it.'

he Lingjiang sighed softly: 'yes, governing the country is a long-term plan. But if it can take more than ten years to really bring the southern frontier into the territory of the great Zhou Dynasty, it can be regarded as a matter of utilitarianism for thousands of years...'

'Mrs. he Qi is right.' Han Zhengzhen has been guarding Yaozhou for many years, and he knows the dangers of the repeated Nanzhao.

if the Nanzhao royal court could be weakened by the appeasement department, and then the imperial court could be imperceptibly implemented, it would be a good thing for the Zhou Dynasty.

his mind turned slightly and he had an idea.

Han Zheng saluted to he Ling Jiang Yi with his fists: 'thank you, Mrs. He Qi, for your advice. I'll sort things out later. I'll give you an urgent report on the military situation and send it to Yingdu as soon as possible.'

'if the sage really agrees to this, He Qi Niang should take the first credit.'

'the governor really beats me up. He Lingjiang shakes his head with a smile.' I'm just idle. I've read some military books and national policies. I'm just talking about governing the country on paper. '

' whether it is feasible or not depends on the decision of the saints and all the adults in the court. '

Han Zheng smiled and didn't speak.

although he Qi Niang was only a female, her vision and vision when discussing these national affairs were beyond the reach of ordinary officials.

He Shi in Linchuan had such a talent.

he secretly sighed in his heart. It's a pity that she is a little lady. If she is a gentleman, she should be well cultivated and worthy of being a marquis and a minister...

it's a pity...

However, when he looked up and smiled, he Lingjiang was pouring tea, and the tea cup was slightly rotating on the white fingertips.

in his heart, he wanted to slap himself twice.

what a pity!

even if she is just a little lady, how many aristocratic families can match her in terms of strategy, means and bravery?

after the battle of Yaozhou, the name and deeds of the seven wives of the he family will surely be spread throughout the whole Zhou Dynasty.

if the he family can send her to the south to explore the holy palace, it can be seen that they have not adopted her as the daughter of the boudoir.

and although there is master he jiasirang in their group, they all respect her.

it can be seen that the he family is really trying to cultivate her.

Linchuan he family, I'm afraid it will soon return to Yingdu and restore the glory of the family for a hundred years...

Han Zheng discussed the current situation with he Lingjiang and Pei you for a while, and then hurried back to the governor's office to call his staff and write a report.

he Lingjiang looked at poet he and Pei you and said, 'let's go to explore Luoyan?'

she has talked about this matter with Han Zheng before, and they naturally have no objection.

after Luo Yan was captured, he was imprisoned in the camp and strictly guarded. Even as a prince of a country, as a prisoner of war, his situation is really good.

he Lingjiang steps down the steps. In the dark dungeon, a unkempt man is imprisoned.

the man with shackles was leaning on the corner. Suddenly, a light came on in the dark dungeon. He could not help squinting and looking up.

on the steps, there are two or three figures standing. Under the lights, their bodies are faint and graceful.

when it was near, Luo Yan saw clearly that the leader was a girl dressed in plain blue, but she was only 15 years old.

his eyes were slightly cold, and he slowly opened his mouth: 'he Lingjiang.'

he spoke in Dazhou dialect. Although his tone was unnatural and a little stiff and strange, it could still be heard clearly.

he Lingjiang stood still in front of him across the fence and nodded slightly in response: 'I've heard so much about Prince Luoyan.'

it's really her!

in Luoyan's eyes, the killing intention suddenly appeared. The whole person immediately stood up and wanted to pounce on her.

this is the man who made all his efforts go to waste!

however, before he touched the fence, he felt a strong attack, and the whole person flew up involuntarily. With a 'plop', he fell back to the ground again.

he Lingjiang took back his hand, brushed his sleeve, looked down at Luo Yan who was in a mess, and gently advised him: 'the prince is now a prisoner at the lower level. It's better to be honest. Otherwise, although I can't kill you immediately, it's easy to make you suffer.'

Luo Yan moved his body and felt pain all over him. He couldn't help taking a cold breath to hide the pain. Then he looked at he Lingjiang coldly and asked, 'what's the matter? The old man Han Zheng sent you to show off?'

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