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Chapter 247 Press

'The second prince misunderstood me. Am I the one who is so ambitious and crazy?' He Lingjiang shook his head slowly. 'I just came to chat with the second prince.'

small talk?

Luo Yan was wary. Her posture was not just like chatting.

sure enough, he Ling Jiang Yourou said: 'if we talk properly, we'll all be happy. But if we can't talk...

she glanced up and down and threw herself down on the ground, and then said:' I'll make the second prince suffer more. '

Luo Yan's heart jumped suddenly. Is this torture to extract a confession?

the light of the oil lamp in the dungeon shook slightly, casting layers of shadows in the dim corner.

in the humid space, there are whispers and painful chants from time to time, which gradually blend into the dark and disappear.

it was two hours later when he Lingjiang and others walked out of the dungeon.

suddenly moved from the dark environment to the sunlight. She squinted uncontrollably, adapted to it for a while, and then continued to walk forward.

it's strange to walk under the sun without an umbrella.

she stretched out a hand and felt the breeze and sunlight passing through her fingertips.

it's hard for such he Lingjiang to have a little girl's innocence and worry free. It's as if the person who used harsh measures against Luo Yan just now was not her.

thinking of the painful and twisted appearance of Luoyan, poet he could not help shivering, and then said in secret with hatred, 'it's time!'!

he poked Pei you beside him with his elbow and asked in a low voice: 'Pei Shizi, did you know her first?'

Pei you just gave a light 'um'.

poet he didn't give up and asked again: 'who was she before? How did she get persecuted and become a stranger?'

who is she?

is it the country warlock who wanders in the Jianghu and is at ease? Is it the Xuanmen genius who has unique talent and profound skills? Or is it the princess of Dazhou who has returned to the imperial court in the past and is famous and rich?

Pei you thought that no matter who she was, even if she had changed her body now, she would be the ah Heng he met when he was eight years old...

the sunlight slanted down from the front. When he looked at the figure of the person in front of him, it seemed to be coated with a thin halo, and his quiet eyes could not help but smile.

poet he looked along his eyes, but couldn't get his answer for a long time. I couldn't help but poke at him again.

unexpectedly, Pei you's hand was stopped by Su Rong as soon as he reached out.

'this is ah Heng's business. If Lord sirang wants to know, he should ask her. It's useless to ask me more.'

'Oh...' poet he said in a long voice, 'I know. Her name was ahong.'

however, there are thousands of women called ah Heng in this world. With this alone, who knows who she is.

Pei you glanced at him and turned away from him.

poet he asked a boring question, so he had to close his mouth angrily, thinking that he would ask again in the future.

he Lingjiang naturally knew what he was doing in the back. It was just the previous thing. She didn't want to let others know. Pei you naturally knew what he was doing and wouldn't talk nonsense.

therefore, she did not open her mouth and let poet he toss about.

now that Biyun is dead, it's better to take this opportunity to uproot the power of the temple in the south.

otherwise, if the grass is cut and the roots are not removed, the spring wind will blow again.

they went to see Luoyan this time just to dig out more things about the holy palace from his mouth.

it's a pity that Luo Yan doesn't know much about them. He can only reveal a few of their strongholds in the south.

he Lingjiang and Pei you went to visit Han Zheng in the governor's office and borrowed some manpower from him. In the next few days, they thoroughly investigated Yaozhou and uncovered many people connected with the temple.

in this turmoil in Yaozhou, this evil temple has exerted a lot of force behind it. Han Zheng had never noticed them before. Since then, he has also been particularly vigilant against them and is bound to strictly guard against them.

Yao Zhou's war was settled, but this matter of peace can not be settled in a short time, let alone he Lingjiang and others who can participate in interference.

in that case, it's better to go home early.

as a pedestrian, they come simply and walk by light vehicles.

however, when she got out of the camp and looked at the people and soldiers on both sides of the streets in the city, he Lingjiang's heart shook again. How lucky she was...

'thank you, Mrs. He seven!'

'thank you for congratulating the seventh lady!'

'from now on, I'd like to say goodbye. May the seventh wife have a long, safe and smooth life!'

thanks and wishes were heard until the carriage left the gate of the city and went out a long way. There were still faint cries coming from behind.

he Lingjiang lifted the curtain of his car, looked at the people and soldiers overlooking the city gate, waved to them, and said goodbye again.

the neighing sound of horses in the wind came, and the people stood in the distance, watching the horses and chariots go farther and farther along the ancient road, and gradually they could not see any trace...

ahead of Yaozhou is the adjacent Rongqu and Erzhou.

the chaos of the people in Rongzhou has lost its leader and has gradually been calmed down.

as the Nanzhao Kingdom sought peace and Rongzhou was in chaos, the chaotic army in Quzhou gradually showed a decline.

Pei Youben came to explore the collusion between the temple and Nanzhao, and he Lingjiang and his party appeared in Yaozhou under the same name.

nine times out of ten, the Taiping religion, which caused civil unrest, has something to do with the temple. When they encounter matters that may be related to the temple, they will naturally not ignore them.

so, the party stayed in these two places for more than ten days. Pei you came forward and, by taking advantage of the case of private copper and iron mining that was under investigation, united with the governor of Rongqu and Changzhou to lift the Taiping religion to the skies.

sure enough, this Taiping sect is the pawn of the holy palace.

with the joint efforts of several parties, the civil unrest was completely calmed down, and all the leaders of the Taiping cult were arrested. In the meantime, there were even two xingemissaries in the south.

they did not know that Biyun had died. At the time of their arrest, they were still dreaming that they could make great contributions to the temple by making trouble with the Taiping cult and disturbing the muddy water.

it's a pity that he Lingjiang never likes to give others the chance to dream.

she looked at the two star envoys who were firmly bound and said leisurely: 'your envoys of the Zhuque palace have already lost their lives. If you two still want to make contributions to the divine palace, you will be thinking in vain...

' bah! Don't talk wild, yellow haired girl! '

the two famous stars are unbelievable. However, when she slowly pulls out Biyun's identity token, they suddenly look pale as if they were struck by thunder.

Sifang palace emissary, 24 star emissary. Unless you die, this identity token can't leave your body.

Gong emissary... Is really gone...

he Lingjiang winked at Pei you, and his subordinates immediately detained one of them.

she walked slowly to the rest of the famous ambassador and said: 'ambassador, why don't you tell me about your holy palace?'

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