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Chapter 248 Tianyi

Xing emissary secretly hates the Nanzhao battle. They haven't reaped any benefits yet, but even the palace emissary has disappeared.

even the two of them fell into the hands of this yellow haired girl.

the tip of his tongue scraped a circle on his teeth, and the empty back alveolar showed the fact that his hidden poison bag had been ruthlessly removed.

he Lingjiang looked at his gnashing teeth and reminded him: 'the poison bag is gone. I advise you not to think about biting your tongue and committing suicide.'

'although your mysterious skills are not good, you should also know that tongue biting is just a lie made up in the script?'

'if you really want to try, there are no more than two results. The first is that it hurts so much that you almost die but you can't die. The second is that it hurts so much that you fainted first, and then you suffocate by blocking your trachea with backward blood.'

she looked up and down at the man and said: 'with so many people watching, the second situation will not happen naturally. As for the first one, if you really want to try, I won't stop it.'

the tip of the man's tongue against the back alveolar did not freeze. Although he was not afraid of life and death, he did not like to ask for trouble.

he Lingjiang saw this and said softly, 'if you are willing to listen to my advice, it will be the best. In this way, you can also suffer less.'

her soft voice is the most frightening.

the famous star made me jump in my heart, but I snorted coldly on my face, closed my eyes, and looked as if I would not say anything even if I were killed.

he Lingjiang has little experience in interrogating prisoners by torture. However, the person who is in charge of the punishment has the methods of the person who is in charge of the punishment, and the Xuanshi also has the means of the Xuanshi.

however, as she expected earlier, these people can not be judged as simple as that.

not to mention the xingemissary, even the subordinates of Liu Yuan who they captured before have an unshakable belief in the temple. It seems that they have been tamed by the teachings and are brave and fearless of death.

I'm not afraid of death, and I won't say a word under torture.

if it wasn't for he Lingjiang who was the one who asked questions, she couldn't help praising her 'good character'.

it is not easy to judge something, but we can't give it up.

this torture is like burning an eagle. If you are not in a hurry for a while, just look at which one can not hold up first.

he Ling Jiang and Pei you left the cell. They went aside to discuss for a while and then gave orders to the people nearby.

then, the watchman looked for a medical officer and treated them with good medicine.

in the follow-up, I saw someone extort a confession by torture.

the two famous ambassadors don't know what medicine they are selling. Are they afraid that they will die too soon?

however, after three or four days, the two famous ambassadors regretted that they really underestimated the cruelty of these people.

such torture!

it's better to torture or give me a good time.

for several days in a row, the two famous ambassadors had never been tortured again, but they had not slept for dozens of hours.

although the pain was painless and deepened, the two were placed in a special cell. The lights in the cell were bright, and even a copper mirror was used to focus the light until it was reflected on the surface. Stimulated by the strong light, they could not rest.

whenever two people can't support themselves and want to go to sleep, someone will wake them up. Even if they support themselves, they should also support their eyelids and not let them droop.

after suffering for three or four days in a row, their minds gradually fell into a trance.

maybe it was late at night, and a gust of wind from somewhere 'puffed' out the oil lamps in the prison.

the cell, which was so bright that people could not close their eyes, suddenly became dark.

the eyelids forced to hold for a long time can finally droop, and the dizzy and swollen head can no longer support it, sinking into a dream.

there seems to be soothing wind, intoxicating fragrance, and ethereal flute sound, which seeps into the heart like fog.

the spirit, which has been tense and tired for many days, seems to be comforted and can't help stretching and relaxing.

a dream is heavy, I don't know where it is.

it was almost dawn when he Lingjiang came out of the dungeon.

she folded the jade flute into her sleeve and exhaled a foul breath: 'unexpectedly, this sacred palace has a great connection with the previous dynasty.'

it has been 50 years since the founding of the great Zhou Dynasty. Over the years, in the name of the former dynasty, there are not a few people who want to restore the country. However, no one can stir up such a big storm like this sacred palace.

they have some connections with the former dynasty and the royal family. He Lingjiang thought that they were unwilling to make trouble or that they were the successors of the former dynasty.

unexpectedly, this sacred palace came from tianyidao of the previous dynasty.

if the head of the Xuanmen at present is the Taiqing temple, then tianyidao, the state religion of the previous dynasty, was the Supreme Xuanmen at that time.

it's just that by the end of the former dynasty, the world was in chaos, and the collapse of the former dynasty and the establishment of the new dynasty seemed to be the general trend.

although the Xuanmen of the world do not say that they will stand at the big Monday early, they all make it clear that they will not help each other and will not get involved in the struggle for imperial power.

heaven and earth could have stood idly by, but after all, they were too deeply involved with the previous dynasty, and they were too intertwined to be separated from each other.

if the old and new dynasties alternate, how can the state religion of the previous dynasty be preserved? It is predictable that the sky will be completely destroyed, and then it will go silent.

at that time, heaven was a Taoist priest, and naturally he was not willing to be here.

his way of setting up the altar and watching the sky at night finally figured out that there was another turning point in the fortunes of the former dynasty. If he could seize this opportunity, the rule of the former dynasty could continue for nearly a hundred years.

how can we let go of this opportunity in vain?

the royal family of the former dynasty set up a large array to resist the Zhou army by using blood skills and sacrificing the lives of thousands of people.

in that battle, the mountains and rivers changed color, and the Zhou army was killed and injured countless times.

however, even so, the former dynasty was defeated in the end.

the royal family of the previous dynasty was executed. Naturally, heaven and earth were followed by the collapse, and the followers were scattered.

since then, the Taiqing temple has been supported by the Zhou Dynasty to become the head of the Xuanmen. In the past few decades, talents have indeed emerged in large numbers.

the heaven and the earth of the former dynasty have long been forgotten by later generations, and are no longer mentioned by people in the Xuanmen. Only when I read the Xuanmen classics can I see a few strokes.

he Lingjiang didn't think that she heard the name of tianyidao again, and unexpectedly learned it from the Xingshi in the temple.

'the scorching fire has been burning for many times, and the moths are raging in Nakata. The light of the sacred palace is shining in the world, enriching the world, and protecting all the people!'

she thought of those two words that the two famous ambassadors recited like crazy, and her eyes could not help cooling.

on this day, it is nonsense to say how loyal we are to the former dynasty. Even if the former dynasty has been destroyed for many years, we still want to overturn the rule of the Zhou Dynasty and restore the country.

in a decadent dynasty that has died for many years, why bother to make clothes for others?

from beginning to end, what it really wants is to subvert the great Zhou Dynasty, replace the secular rule with the so-called Temple doctrine, and rebuild a new dynasty that respects heaven and Taoism...

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