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Chapter 249 Fancy

Throughout the ages, there have been countless people who want to overthrow the imperial power and establish a new dynasty, even those sects that try to overthrow the blind rule of the imperial court by educating the people with good deeds.

however, like the sacred palace, few people have been dormant for decades, and have started wars with the northern and southern regions one after another, and caused chaos in the southern people.

it is said that it is to cleanse the world of injustice, so that the world will be in harmony, but it is only for its own profit.

today's Dazhou is in its heyday. Has it ever reached the point where the people are in dire straits and all the people need the protection of the holy palace to survive?

however, wherever there are people, people's hearts will float. Those who are high want one mountain to be higher than another, while those who are low want to turn over.

most people look up, but seldom look down. From this perspective, it seems that God always treats him poorly, but treats others very well, resulting in resentment.

natural disasters, man-made disasters, power and status, how can there be absolute justice in this world?

as long as the temple thinks, these people's hearts can naturally be used everywhere.

I just don't know who is holding the sharp blade of the temple?

he Lingjiang used the flute to hypnotize and create dreams. He wanted to explore further, but he didn't know where he came across. The star envoy, who was already immersed in his sleep, suddenly had a sharp pain in his brain and woke up.

the holy palace has planted the art of restraint among their spirits. If an outsider intends to spy on the secret of the holy palace by hypnotizing the spirits, he will touch the spell and wake up the hypnotized person.

he Lingjiang was careful, but as the problem gradually deepened, he accidentally touched the forbidden art.

now that they are sober, they can't ask any more questions, and after this incident, their hearts have been built up. If they want to use this method again in the future, I'm afraid it will be difficult.

she sighed with regret.

this sacred palace is worthy of being the head of the Xuanmen, and it has many means.

she looked sideways at Pei you and said, 'let's tell the sage the news we got today. As for the rest, we can only check it bit by bit.'

'OK.' Pei Youshen nodded. 'Since the temple has been planning for decades, the forces behind it can't be pulled out overnight. This can only be done with the help of the imperial court.'

the imperial court has set up the Bu Yuan Department, which specializes in dealing with the demons and evils of the Xuanmen in the world. The Taiqing temple is now the head of the Xuanmen, and all the 72 palaces and monasteries follow its lead.

if you want to thoroughly investigate and clean up the sacred palace, you need the support of the imperial court, not to mention the help of buyuansi and Xuanmen temples.

'yes...' he Lingjiang sighed, 'although the South has been cleared, there are not a few fish that have escaped the net. Although it can not become a big climate, it is not difficult to cause some minor disturbances.'

'as for the three places in the northwest and East, I'm afraid there is no lack of the plan of the divine palace. If we don't investigate carefully, we don't know when we will create chaos like Yaozhou...'

when she mentioned the north, Pei you couldn't help but frown: 'now when we think about it carefully, the riots in the wilderness tribe in the North years ago were really caused by the people of the divine palace.'

as long as the barbarian tribe succeeds in insurrection and unites with Beidi, the Zhenbei army fighting in the front will be caught off guard.

however, they did not expect that Xiao Huang would suddenly appear in the north, holding a long sword to cut off the leader of the wild people who was making trouble, helping the rest of the soldiers guarding the north to calm the unrest.

later, Xiao Huang ran away from the wasteland, and was intercepted several times in a row. Finally, he was taken away by the enemy.

but -

Pei you frowned and looked at he Lingjiang: 'ah Hao, don't you think that the appearance of that group of people is really too coincidental?'

there is no reason why people should be chosen at random to win or lose. What is more, the body they chose was just the princess who had wandered away from home.

ke aheng traveled around with Taoist priest Changwu since he was a child, and developed a free and easy temperament. His whereabouts have always been uncertain, and he does not know where she is for most of the year.

however, these people seemed to have predicted that ah Huang would appear in the wilderness tribe early in the morning. They sent people to follow her and kill her in many ways, and finally they took over.

although there are metaphysical numbers in the world, there are many things that can be counted, but there are also many things that can not be counted.

it is impossible for a Xuanshi with such means as ah Heng to ask people to calculate their behavior at will.

if not, Taoist priest Changwu would not be hurt by being eaten back in order to help ah Huang calculate his fate. In the past two years, most of them have stayed on an island in the East China Sea to practice seclusion.

what a coincidence that they appeared.

he Lingjiang's eyes were slightly deep: 'it's a coincidence. If there are too many coincidences in this world, it's human.'

Pei you said in his heart, 'the problem... Is it the Zhenbei army?'

at that time, it was the Zhenbei army that could know ahong's movements. He could not help clenching his fist, and his calm face was almost frozen.

looking at his appearance, he Lingjiang couldn't help laughing: 'don't say that this matter has nothing to do with the northern army of the town, but it does. I won't blame you for it. Why are you so cold?'

she only told the general guarding the city at that time about entering the wilderness tribe.

he has been loyal to the North King of Zhenbei for decades. He Lingjiang has known him for many years, and he can be trusted.

since she woke up from He Qi Niang, she has recalled the event of the Northern Wilderness countless times.

there is no problem with the general, but it is indeed a mystery how the holy palace targeted her. I'm afraid only the princess yongmu who robbed her or the old woman who appeared on the wasteland can explain it.

as for Pei you's worry, it's really unnecessary.

he Lingjiang put his hand between his forehead and said softly: 'Pei, you have grown a handsome face for nothing. But if you treat people like this, you will lose the favor of the little lady.'

'what are you doing to please them?' Pei you snorted, but didn't avoid the finger she poked. 'I just want my favorite little lady to be happy.'

'yo!' He Ling Jiang Wenyan couldn't help picking his eyebrows and joking, 'isn't Xiao Pei having a favorite little lady?'

hearing her question, Pei you's face turned red unexpectedly.

he Lingjiang's eyes are good, reflecting the bright lights in the tent, and he looks at them clearly.

she was really curious. She came close to Pei you and stared at his flushed face with a pair of eyes: 'young Pei, do you really have a crush on the little lady? Which family? Tell me quickly.'

Pei you looked down at her white face, and a heart almost jumped out, popping in his ear.

he took a deep breath, reached out and pushed her smiling face away: 'ah Hao, you are too noisy...

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