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Chapter 252 Different

Seeing that the jade grate fell to the ground, the maidservant hurriedly went up to pick up the broken jade and presented it to her. Her voice was full of uneasiness: 'Princess...'

princess yongmu did not look at the beautiful jade, which was broken into two sections. Instead, she asked, 'what did you say just now? Repeat it.'

the maidservant suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to tell the story of Nanzhao's defeat and peace.

she was only immersed in the festive events both inside and outside the court, but did not notice that the princess's gorgeous face was reflected in the mirror, and her face was getting heavier and heavier.

'Yaozhou was broken, and the southwest was turbulent.'

Yaozhou had to be defended, Nanzhao was defeated...

how could all this be different from what she remembered?

she suddenly closed her eyes, and her mind was full of thoughts.

according to the history of the great Zhou Dynasty: 'in April of the 8th year of Chengyou, Nanzhao led a large army to raid the border of zhouzhao, and Han Zheng, the governor of Yaozhou, led the whole city's soldiers to defend the city. Eventually, he was outnumbered and served his country. Nanzhao broke up Yaozhou, and with the help of the people of Rongqu and Quzhou, the southern part of the great Zhou fell into turmoil.'

'in July of the 8th year of Chengyou, the great Zhou Dynasty put an end to the civil unrest in Rongqu and Erzhou. The general Xian Yutong led 100000 troops out of Rongqu and Erzhou to attack Nanzhao. King piluoge of Nanzhao sent envoys to apologize and ask for peace, and to return the captives he had captured. He expressed his willingness to return to the Zhou Dynasty. Yu Tongbu marched to the Xi'er River, the capital of Nanzhao, and came to Dahe city.'

'in the 9th year of Chengyou, the Nanzhao allied with the Xizang, and under the combined attack of both sides, and in addition, the officers and men of the Zhou Dynasty were not satisfied with the soil and water of the Nanzhao, resulting in countless deaths and injuries. 60000 soldiers of the Zhou Dynasty died, and the battle against the Zhao was defeated.'

from then on, Nanzhao ordered Xifan, and Dazhou completely lost its jurisdiction over Nanzhao in the south. Until ten years later, in the first year of Xinghe, Xifan was defeated, and Nanzhao was re attached to Dazhou, under the jurisdiction of the Zhou Dynasty.

but now... Yaozhou has successfully defended it?

will the latter become different?


she suddenly opened her eyes, fixed her eyes on the face in front of the mirror, which gradually changed from elegant to bright, and gently stroked her cheeks with her fingers.

will this face, this person, be affected?

where is the variable?

she couldn't help but put a thin layer of frost on her eyebrows: 'tell me about Yaozhou from beginning to end.'

the maidservant hurriedly said, 'here you are. However, she didn't know the details. What has been spread all over the court so far is only the victory of Yaozhou and the defeat of Nanzhao. For specific matters, you have to ask the attendants who serve the saints.

princess yongmu was a little impatient and waved her hand to let people down.

in the empty palace, she was suddenly left alone in front of the dressing table. The sunlight slanted in from the outside, pulling her figure out of the ground.

princess yongmu looked at the people in the mirror, and her eyes could not help squinting. How could the holy palace be so useless? How could it be that it was all messed up?

her heart is full of doubts, but now she can't leave the palace at will, and she can't find the people in the temple for the time being. No matter how many doubts she has, she has to press them temporarily.

however, in the evening, Princess yongmu still solved her doubts.

these variables are only due to one person.

she sat quietly in her seat and smiled to see the queen.

'as your father said, the seven wives of the he family made great contributions in the first World War in Yaozhou. The rewards go to the praise. This reward is indispensable.'

'as I said, it's already a great blessing to be granted the title of township ruler. I never thought that your father wanted to send people to Buyuan.'

'but also, this He Qi Niang is good at mystical arts. Now the evil temple is very rampant. It's time to employ people. Naturally...

princess yongmu listened with a smile as she said what she wanted to reward the He Qi Niang, thinking in her heart.

Linchuan He Shi, she has a vague impression that she is the mother's home of Princess Yiwen.

but didn't the Linchuan he family hide in the countryside long after Prince Yiwen left? In the following decades, he was also unknown, and he did not know whether the family existed or not.

she heard that behind the case of the prince's private mining of copper and iron, there was the figure of He Shi exploring it.

at that time, after all, he's reputation was not obvious. It looked like nothing more than a grain of sand in history. She didn't take it to heart.

how can this declining aristocratic family, which has never been heard of in later generations, become famous again?

the seventh wife of he family, he Lingjiang.

where did this figure come from?

her eyes are slightly narrowed. If it was really because she was alone, such a big change had occurred. He Qi can't stay.

'ah Heng, Yong mu.' The Queen's dissatisfied cry came to my ears.

princess yongmu regained consciousness and smiled apologetically: 'sorry, mother, it's only now that I'm in a trance.'

'what am I thinking?' The queen sat upright at the head and asked.

'my daughter is just thinking about the demeanor of the seventh wife.'

princess yongmu smiled back at her. 'It's said that she has not reached her hairpin age. At such an age, she can break the Yin soldiers, kill the ghost king, and even destroy the palace envoy of the holy palace. It really makes her daughter curious.'

'yes, I am curious about her.' The queen smiled in her eyes. 'I can't blame your father for wanting to recruit her into the company.'

since the sage attaches so much importance to the seven maidens of the he family, the reward will not be missed. I think it is not only the title of the township monarch.

in a moment, the queen had a number in her mind.

'speaking of metaphysics, aren't you not bad?' The queen looked at Princess yongmu and said, 'you saved Xiao Wu, but she praised you so much.'

princess yongmu smiled and said modestly, 'it's Xiao Wu's exaggeration. Although I have been practicing xuanshu since I was a child, I may not be as good as He Qi Niang.'

she has a good talent in metaphysics, but she is inferior to the real Xiao Huang. At the beginning, she and Wu Jie were exhausted when she was chased repeatedly, which gave them an opportunity.

Xiao Huang's body is indeed advantaged in practicing xuanshu, and the true yuan Xuanli is even more powerful.

it is a pity that the way of metaphysics is not only based on the true yuan, but also on talent, skill and understanding.

she takes up Xiao Huang's body. With Xiao Huang's true yuan, she has practiced for many years, but she has no memory of her, let alone her amazing understanding. Moreover, she has traveled everywhere since she was a child, and the skills she wields are extensive and complex.

nowadays, although her mastery of xuanshu is higher than that of ordinary Xuanshi, I'm afraid she is still far inferior to each other.

fortunately, there is no Xiao in this world.

in the future, when we talk about Xiao Huang again, it can only be her, Princess yongmu of this week...

what if she can't reach her talent? After all, she is the only Xiao in this world, and there is no one else.

as for He Qi, what about his unique talent? It's just a royal knife.

if it is really because she is alone that so many variables have occurred, then don't blame her for being cruel.

she turned slightly in her heart and looked at the Queen: 'mother, the father and the emperor both wanted to invite the seven maidens to join the company. Look, what about my daughter?'

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