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Chapter 253 thoughts

Hearing Princess yongmu's words, the queen could not help being surprised: 'do you also want to join the company?'

in the eyes of the world, Buyuan company is naturally a good place to yearn for. What is more rare is that those who are not selected by the company are not restricted to gender and birth, and those who are able are the ones who are able to do so.

therefore, even many ladies and gentlemen who came from aristocratic families want to learn xuanshu and get into the company.

however, those who have some qualifications in the world to practice xuanshu are less than one in ten thousand, and those who can not get into the company are also one in ten thousand.

since the establishment of Buyuan company, only a handful of aristocratic families or royal families have been able to enter Buyuan company by strength.

it's not that people in the aristocratic family or the royal family have many poor talents. It's just that they are born rich and have no worries all their lives. Very few people can endure the hardship and loneliness to meditate and practice calligraphy.

what's more, people who are born in a noble family have their own rules to learn. How can they really only learn mysterious skills all day long?

but Yong Mu is a special case. She was born in the royal family and grew up in the countryside. She has been wandering in the Jianghu for many years, but she also got a chance. Moreover, she is indeed a rare person with outstanding talent, that is, the Zhangguan of Taiqing temple, who has personally praised her.

the queen had never thought of letting her join the Bu yuan division before. After all, the Bu yuan division deals with those evil spirits all day long. She is a princess of a country. Why?

'yongmu, do you really want to join the company?' The queen asked.

'that's nature.' Princess yongmu smiled and nodded, 'but my daughter has been longing for the company for a long time.'

'what's more, if he Qi Niang can enter, how does the mother think her daughter can't?' After that, she smiled coquettishly at the queen.

entering Buyuan company is the way she will go as Xiao Huang. But after entering the palace, I couldn't find a suitable opportunity to talk to the emperor.

this does not belong to the Department. It is not under the supervision of all officials, but directly belongs to the emperor.

she was the emperor's direct daughter and possessed xuanshu. Originally, she wanted to enter the Department of fate, but it was just a matter of saying a word. But the prince was impeached at this time, and she was involved in the case of mining Copper and iron privately and colluding with the temple.

as the younger sister of the crown prince, it's not a good time to rush into our company at this time.

the crown prince was ordered to stay in the east palace to meditate and not go out because of the copper and iron mining case.

has this happened before?

or did it happen but not recorded?

he's... there is still the shadow of Linchuan he's behind this.

princess yongmu's eyes narrowed slightly.

well, now the emperor wants to mention the use of he Lingjiang for a while, so I naturally bring it up. As for the future, we should think more about it.

'my daughter, naturally, does not need to be inferior to others.' The queen patted her hand and thought of the prince who was still locked up in the East Palace by the saint. Her heart turned slightly. 'Well, I'll talk to your father.'

when the emperor heard that Princess yongmu wanted to join the company, he only raised his eyebrows slightly and did not agree, but he did not refuse.

this exiled daughter is the best with good skills and can contribute to the royal family. However, now that the prince is trapped in the East Palace, her direct sister, who is going back to the palace, will enter the Department of Bu yuan. In his opinion, it is inevitable that the queen will give advice behind her back.

his mind turned slightly, and only then did he say 'Hmm' without coldness.

in the Queen's eyes, this is a promise.

she smiled with a gentle and dignified smile: 'now things in the temple are not very bothersome. After all, yongmu knows xuanshu well. If he can enter the company, he can share his worries for the saints.'

her daughter is a great talent. She is skilled in xuanshu. She once went to the desert tribe in the North alone with a sword and chopped off her head. Looking at her back, it seems that she still has a subtle relationship with the northern kings in the northern town.

these are beneficial to the prince.

although she was not in a hurry about the prince, she was afraid that the saint would completely lose his mind and start thinking about him.

however, it would be different if there was a sister who could help her with a good method and hidden power behind her.

the Queen's mind turned, but her face was full of sadness. She offered a cup of tea to the emperor, She said slowly: 'I didn't blame the saint for the prince. After all, it was he who failed and let people take advantage of him. Just...

she sighed faintly: 'We have three sons and two daughters. At the beginning, because of the Tibetan rebellion, the sage led the troops to the front to resist, and the concubine arranged for the retreat of the people in the rear. Unexpectedly, she took care of everything but only didn't take care of ah Heng, which made her wander in the Jianghu and suffer a lot from her childhood. The concubine was really ashamed of her...

' the first two rebels seemed to be deceived by lard and dared to do bold things. Now even the prince... 'She lowered her voice and didn't say anything more.

with a sigh, the emperor took her by the hand and patted her: 'I know everything about the prince. After all, he grew up under you and me. They all say that a son is better than a mother. But as a father, I don't understand him.'

'as far as his temperament is concerned, I believe that he secretly mines copper ore and takes small advantages. But if he dares to privately mine iron ore and sell iron making tools to Beidi, I don't think he has the courage.'

'I am angry...' the emperor couldn't help shaking his head. 'The crown prince of a country has been used to this extent.'

'as the crown prince, I don't ask him to have any grand ambitions or talents in terms of latitude. I don't want him to go to beidingdi, Xiping and Xifan. As long as he can honestly be a successful king.'

'it's only one. He can't be too stupid...'

he has three direct sons. The first two are too thoughtful, and the second one is too shallow. He thought that it was nothing to be shallow, as long as he could hold on to the territory handed down by him.

but now, he is stupid enough to be used by others to damage the country's foundation without knowing it. That is foolishness!

looking at the emperor's face, the queen could not help jumping in her heart. She dropped her eyes and moaned and blamed herself: 'it's all my fault. I didn't teach the prince well...'

the emperor looked at her guilty and self reproachful appearance and sighed in her heart: 'I don't blame you. I also blame the prince for his appearance now. I was too cruel to his two brothers, but too loose to him...'

this made him develop a cowardly, stupid and self-conscious temperament.

'empress, don't be sad. You and I are the only legitimate son now. We must cultivate him well and let him take up heavy responsibilities as soon as possible.'

he and the queen have been walking hand in hand since the end of their lives. It has been 30 years since then. During this period, they have gone through countless storms and intrigues. Although they are not sincere, they are also young couples with deep friendship.

since ancient times, Li Chu has been regarded as Li di. Had it not been for Prince Yiwen's misfortune at the beginning, even if he was old, there would have been no way to surpass him as emperor.

up to now, he naturally abides by the rules handed down by his ancestors.

but if the prince is really so worried... His eyes are slightly narrowed, and the rest of his words have not been spoken.

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