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Chapter 257 famous

Since I want to go to Beijing to work, there is no reason for me to procrastinate for a long time.

fortunately, the he family had made some arrangements before, and the rest of the day was just a few days, so they all cleaned up and arranged.

after saying goodbye to relatives and friends, the he family set off for Yingdu.

more than a dozen carriages, accompanied by servants and maidservants, marched out of Linchuan City and gradually disappeared into the sky along the official road.

Jun Shou sun, who was standing in front of the city gate to see him off, looked at sun Rujin, who was sad and tearful beside him, and comforted him: 'OK, jinniang, don't be too sad.'

sun Rujin dipped his head and touched the corner of his eyes, and whispered: 'I don't know when I will see you again when Jiang is gone...'

'this is the way life is. It's all about fate to get to know each other. If you can get to know Mrs. He Qi once, and our Sun family gets her help, it's fate.'

he patted sun Rujin on the shoulder: 'if there is still fate in the future, can we meet again?'

'yes.' Sun Rujin wiped away his tears and felt refreshed. 'I can go to Yingdu to see Ling Jiang in the future. I've never been to Yingdu since I'm so old. Grandpa and grandma, if you have a chance in the future, don't stop me.'

Mrs. sun couldn't help laughing: 'OK, I and your grandfather will never stop you.'

in her heart, she said that a young woman of her age would soon get married and become a family. By then, she would be entangled in worldly affairs. How could she have the opportunity to go out of her way to find old friends.

Sun Jun Shou shook his head with a smile and looked at the distance with his hands on his back. He could not help but sigh with infinite emotion: this time he went, it was an opportunity. He Shi is no longer the original He Shi.

Yingdu is located in the central part of Dazhou, which is 2000 miles away from Linchuan in the south. Even if you hurry up, you have to travel for five or six days. It took the he family more than half a month to get to Yingdu.

from a distance, you can see a huge city standing on the plain, magnificent and magnificent, surrounded by a wide moat.

it was daylight at this time. The city bridge fell and the city gate was wide open. People came and went in an endless stream.

the sunlight in early summer, through the clouds in the sky, gives a layer of gold to the magnificent and solemn Yingdu city.

he Yunjia lifted the curtain of the car, looked up at the tall city and sighed: 'this is Yingdu...'

she was born in Yingdu, but she moved back to Linchuan with the he family when she was a baby. In he Yunjia's memory, it was indeed the first time he saw Yingdu.

Yes, this is Yingdu.

he Lingjiang also looks out through the curtain of the car. When she was a child, she traveled to Yingdu once with her master, but she never lived there for a long time.

prosperity and wealth are charming eyes. Fame, wealth and wealth move people's hearts.

Shifu didn't like Yingdu, and she never yearned for it.

however, from then on, this is her new beginning.

He Zheng took the public test and handed it to the soldiers guarding the city.

when he saw Linchuan, the soldiers' eyes lit up: 'but this is the seventh wife's home of JUNHE in Anyang County?'

he asked about He Qi Niang, but not he Xiangshan, the head of the he family.

for these soldiers guarding the city, they have seen more and more aristocratic dignitaries, but it is rare that he Qi Niang, who is a woman, helped the soldiers guard Yaozhou City, killed the ghost king and destroyed evil ways.

battlefield blood, family and country feelings, coupled with ferocious ghosts and mysterious magic, which one is not attractive?

after the story of He Qi Niang came back from Yaozhou, it was quickly written into a script by the poor scholar with a lively head.

nowadays, the most popular stories among the people in Yingdu are no longer those of gifted scholars, beautiful women and happy friends and enemies. Even the previous story of Princess Xiao Yong, who went into the northern wilderness alone and chopped off the chaotic head with a sword, has faded for a while.

the most popular story at present is the He Qi Niang from Linchuan.

even those teahouses are mostly talking about the deeds of He Qi Niang.

what a powerful little lady. Compared with Princess yongmu, she is no worse. Besides, she has never had a hairpin.

both of them are women. Both of them used to kill enemies with swords and are proficient in xuanshu.

a well-informed person said that the sage called He Qi Niang and wanted to join the company.

you should know that Princess yongmu just joined the company two days ago.

now, Yingdu has two women talents, and I can't blame the people for their excitement.

for a while, there were even good people among the people, who specially divided into two camps, one for Princess yongmu, and the other for Princess He Qi.

it can be said that he Lingjiang has become a local celebrity before he enters Yingdu.

fortunately, he Lingjiang didn't know about it, otherwise she would sigh: it's really a prosperous place, and the people in Yingdu are really full of ideas and tricks.

the soldier's eyes are shining, and he stretches his head to look at the carriages behind He Zheng.

it's a pity that the carriage door is closed tightly. Maybe it's a crowded place, and the people in the car also put down the curtain. It's hard to see where he Qi Niang is.

he craned his neck to look, but failed to test the public test on his hand.

He Zheng coughed a little. The soldier next to him regained his consciousness and stretched out his hand to pull his companion.

the two smiled, and then handed the public test back to He Zheng: 'laugh. We have heard the name of He Qi Niang for a long time, and we really admire and wonder about her.'

He Zheng stretched out his hand to accept the public test, and couldn't help but say to Youyan, 'it doesn't matter.'

the soldiers waved their hands, and the soldiers in the rear also followed.

Hershey's mighty chariots and horses marched toward the city like a long dragon.

the people on the side can't help asking curiously: 'which family moved to Yingdu, and there was such a big battle?'

'I just heard that the man guarding the city said that it seems to be Linchuan he's family, he's family of seven maidens.' The other answered in a low voice.

'He Qi Niang!'

the man who was shining in his eyes quickly walked a few steps and rushed to the front to see what the heroine in this story really looked like.

it's a pity that he's surrounded by the guards of he's family. If he wants to see it again, he can't get closer.

he Yunjia peeked out through the crack in the curtain of the car and said: 'Ling Jiang, it seems that you are very famous in Yingdu now. Those people seem to be very curious about you.'

'look, look, there are still people waving at us!' After that, she also secretly waved her hand across the curtain.

looking at her like this, he Lingjiang couldn't help holding his forehead: 'they can't see you across the curtain.'

he Yunjia snorted and turned around: 'of course I know. I just think it's fun.'

she rubbed past and poked Heling Jiang with her elbow: 'Hey! You are famous now. Why are you not excited at all?'

he Lingjiang pulled his elbow off and gave a perfunctory smile: 'thank you. I'm really excited.'

all the way, the carriage finally stopped in front of the he mansion.

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