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Chapter 26 Shangyuan

Early in the morning, the he mansion became noisy.

after a day and a night of unexplained coma, Mr. Wu finally woke up. However, the owner and his wife said that the reason why Mr. Wu was like this was that someone had secretly murdered him.

therefore, now the master and his wife are calling the servants, maidservants and servants of the whole family to investigate one by one to find out who murdered the five gentlemen.

'do you mean that Mr. Wu didn't want to go to the temple fair, but Mr. 4 of Sanfang forced him to go?'

nodded. She was the maid who waited on the fifth husband he Ziyu.

'a few days ago, Mr. four suddenly came to look for Mr. five and said he would invite him to the temple fair. Everyone knows that Mr. five is quiet and doesn't like to go outside to join the fun, so he declined.'

'the maidservant thought it was all over. Unexpectedly, the fourth man came to the yard every day and decided to ask the fifth man to go with him. They were both the same age and could play well on weekdays. Later, the fifth man agreed to go.'

'tell me what happened at the temple fair from the beginning to the end.

said:' there are many people at the temple fair, and there are many games. The five Lang Jun followed his wives to burn incense and worship the Buddha at Yanguang temple. Later, the wives went to listen to the master preaching in the temple, and asked their maidservants to take good care of several Lang Jun and little lady. '

' after all, Mr. Wu was a child's nature. When he came out to see the excitement, he couldn't sit still. He and Mr. Si went to the temple fair with their maidservant and several servants to buy some gadgets... 'What did they do together.

he Xiangshan asked:' when you went to the temple fair, you followed Mr. Wu all the time and never left? '

shook his head:' Lord Hui, at that time, the fifth husband sent his maid to buy him snacks. The maid thought that there were other people around him. It was all right to leave for a while, so she went. '

' so you don't know what the five gentlemen did and who they met during this period? '

' yes. '

he Xiangshan waved her hand, asked her to step down, and then called the person she had just mentioned to come in and continue to ask.

song asked him:' Lord Lang, I mentioned that ah Yu was basically with Si Lang at the temple fair. Do you want to ask the third younger brother and sister to bring Si Lang over? '

he Xiangshan nodded, and the Song family hurriedly sent someone to invite Feng to come over.

big Fang made a lot of inquiries about the people in the house, which has already caused public anxiety.

Feng was called at this time, and he inevitably had some resentment in his heart. Didn't big Fang think that San Fang was going to hurt them?

she came with he Zihan, the third husband of the family, and her face was a bit bad:' what do you want to ask, brother and sister-in-law? '

song was a little embarrassed and said,' four Lang and five Lang have always had a good time. I want to ask three younger brothers and sisters if they found anything wrong when they took them to the temple fair? '

although Feng's heart was not happy, the accident of the fifth Lang Jun in the long room was always a big deal. She was not a person who didn't know the importance. She said everything from going to the temple fair to returning to the he mansion with a cold face.

the fourth Lang Jun also recounted what happened between him and he Ziyu.

when he heard that the two men threw the pot, he Ziyu was cut by the barb on the arrow, and he Xiangshan frowned. It was strange.

This spell may be based on blood.

he called his servants in, wrote a letter and sent it to Yunju temple to ask Xuanwei for advice.

in the next few days, the long room made repeated checks on the people in all rooms of the house. It can be said that it was a huge momentum, and the people in several rooms were more or less dissatisfied.

however, there was no sign here, so we arrived at the Shangyuan Festival.

heziyu has completely recovered. In previous years, he must have gone out to watch lanterns with him, not to mention there are more fireworks this year.

however, after this incident, my concubine sun didn't want him to leave the house again. The schemer had not been found out yet, and she was really worried.

heziyu is a little unhappy. Although he is quiet, he is still a child.

he liked the fireworks that poet he had created before. Unfortunately, there was only one. Now he specially took the craftsmen in the artillery workshop to make many, waiting for the Shangyuan festival to enjoy with the whole city.

the scene must be very beautiful.

he looked pitifully at he Lingjiang, his big eyes seemed to be able to talk.

since the day he woke up, he has been close to Heling Jiang and has come to her yard from time to time to play.

he Lingjiang knows the reason why heziyu has changed so much. He doesn't say anything about it, nor does she mention it.

she looked at the child in front of her and asked in a low voice, 'ah Yu wants to go out to watch the lanterns and enjoy the fireworks?'

heziyu blinks to show his approval.

'my concubine sun was worried that something would happen to you again, so she wouldn't let you go?'

heziyu points out his finger to her, and his eyes are full of trust: I can't get anything wrong with my sister.

he Lingjiang couldn't help laughing: 'you really believe me.'

heziyu key head: elder sister is naturally the most powerful!

he Lingjiang rubbed his small head: 'in that case, I'll go and talk to my concubine sun.'

there is no reason why he Lingjiang should come out.

on the holiday day, he Ziyu happily went out with the big guy.

during the Shangyuan Festival, thousands of families came out to watch the lanterns, which was very lively.

even though it is an eventful time to celebrate the house these days, but the festival is rare. As soon as the house door is opened, the streamer lights come in, and the festive moment sweeps away all the dark clouds.

outside the carriage, there was a roar of people. When the curtain was lifted, you could see the bustling pedestrians on the road. Many people were carrying a lantern and pushed forward with the flow of people.

seeing this, everyone could not help smiling.

'Aung, Aung, I'm going to get off and look at the lanterns.' The four gentlemen of the he family couldn't stand it, so they had to quarrel and go out.

Feng said in a low voice: 'there are so many people outside. What can we do if they are badly crowded? Just stay honest. When you get to Jingyun building, you can see what you want.'

as in previous years, the he family bought lanterns in two streets near Jingyun building.

these lanterns are all from Hejia workshop, with exquisite workmanship and unique shape.

the Lantern Festival in Linchuan county is famous in Jiangzhou. At this time of year, many foreigners come to enjoy the lanterns and fill the whole Linchuan.

in recent days, Linchuan county is very lively. People from all over the country have meals and stay here. They will also buy some local specialties to take home to their families.

both shops and vendors can make a lot of money in these days.

in order to make the Lantern Festival more lively and attractive, the county government will contract several main streets in the middle of the county to aristocratic families or large families in the city every year, and they will arrange and compare them.

the most brilliant household can not only get a bonus of 5000 Liang, but also pay 10% less taxes in the coming year.

the five thousand taels of silver is nothing to the rich families and aristocratic families in the city. However, the tax underpaid is real.

therefore, the annual Lantern Festival can be described as fierce competition and a variety of tricks.

last year's leader was the Kongjia in the east of the city.

this year, the leader of Saburo, he Qianli, always talked about winning the first place. Early in the morning, he asked his subordinates to spend a lot of time on the design and layout of lanterns, which is bound to beat others.

now there are fireworks from poet he, who is more confident of winning the first prize.

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