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Chapter 262 assessment

For women, taking some hairpins and walking Shakers is meant to make them look good. As for those inconveniences, few people take them to heart.

what's more, even if people are really curious about such a question, they will not ask it so that people do not know how to answer it.

ke Heling Jiang asked just that...

he Yunjia laughed with a 'puff' and found that the surrounding was quiet.

he Lingjiang, who asked, blinked his eyes and looked at each other curiously. The one who was asked stared at her silently without answering.

the silence between the two seems to imply a sense of tension.

he Yunjia was acutely aware of what was wrong, and immediately strained his smile.

the guard's heart also jumped. How can he qiniangzi seem to offend Princess yongmu when he first came here?

no matter how famous she was when she was young, she could not be compared with Princess yongmu, who was born in the royal family. Moreover, her superb skills also made her superb. First, she passed the examination and entered the company.

if she offends people like this, she will have trouble in the future.

after all, among the nobles in Yingdu, the seven maidens of the he family are nothing. In a place where there are so many talented people and extraordinary people, although she has great talents, she is not indispensable.

he hurried forward and whispered, 'He Qi Niang, this is princess yongmu.'

'Oh? Is it Princess yongmu?' He Ling Jiang paused for a moment, and then seemed to react. He clasped his hands on his chest and bowed slightly to salute: 'I don't know if it was the princess who came. It's rude.'

as for the tricky question just now, she didn't say anything, as if she didn't think there was anything wrong with asking like that.

princess yongmu stared at her deeply, and then smiled slowly. It seems that she didn't pay attention to what happened just now: 'it's OK. I heard that lady he Qi didn't get into the company to take part in the examination today, so I came here specially to have a look.'

'at first sight, He Qi Niang is really different from ordinary people.'

he Lingjiang has no intention to humble himself or flatter each other any more. He only nods slightly when he hears the words, and looks quite approbated.

what Princess yongmu wanted to say was immediately in her throat.

this He Qi Niang, her face is really not as thick as usual...

he Lingjiang asked again: 'I heard that the princess has also joined the Bu yuan division?'

'yes.' Princess yongmu nodded and looked at her with a smile. 'He Qi Niang took part in the examination today, but would you like to learn from me?'

he Lingjiang shook his head: 'thank you for your kindness, princess. It's just that it's better to be honest and honest. If you know the exam questions in advance, isn't it the same as cheating?'

this remark is as good as Princess yongmu's going to give her the topic.

princess yongmu took hold of the corner of her lips and smiled deeply: 'Madam He Qi is very straightforward. However, even if you want to ask, we can't tell you anything. Everything depends on you.'

after that, she entered the gate of Buyuan company.

he Lingjiang turned around and looked at her back. His eyes narrowed slightly and he followed her.

the place where the company set up the assessment is in the main hall. It's not time yet, but many people are already seated in the wide hall.

at present, there is one person in the first row, and the rest are waiting in the left and right rows.

the division is divided into five categories and 18 branches. These are the people in charge of the 18 branches. No matter which one is put outside, it is the best of the seventy-two temples in the world.

as for the one who sits at the top of the middle, wearing a Taoist robe and a lotus view, it is yuan bukui, the director of the Department.

born in Taiqing temple, he is the most powerful person in the previous generation.

the old Taoist priest originally wanted to grant him a mantle, but he was not interested in the affairs of the Taoist temple. Undoubtedly, he sat in the palm of the Taoist temple, which was aloof and indifferent to fame and wealth. Instead, he chose to join the Department and sit in the position of the leader all the way.

yuan Budai is also the second director of Buyuan company since its establishment.

when Princess yongmu entered the main hall, everyone in the audience saw her and did not stand up in a hurry to salute, but nodded slightly.

although the Bu yuan division is directly under the jurisdiction of the emperor, it is not bound by secular etiquette.

all the staff in the Department are from the Xuanmen. Since they have joined the Department, they should follow the etiquette in the Xuanmen.

in addition to the emperor, even the prince and princess are no exception.

princess yongmu naturally knew this. She walked up to Yuan Buxia and made a mysterious ceremony: 'head the company.'

yuan didn't hesitate to nod his head and extend his hand to indicate: 'since the princess is also here, please sit down and watch.'

princess yongmu nodded and sat down in the empty seat beside her.

in another place, he Lingjiang was stopped in front of the main hall.

'Mrs. he, it's not time yet. Please go to the side hall with me first and wait a moment. When it's time, follow me in.'

he Lingjiang looked at Princess yongmu's skirt not far in front of him, and then turned around and disappeared around the corner.

she lowered her eyes and answered in a low voice: 'OK.'

the sun rises little by little, drawing shadows on the ground, and dripping in the corner.

it's time.

the man leaned over to he Lingjiang and opened his hand: 'Mrs. he, please.'

he Lingjiang nodded slightly and followed him into the main hall.

outsiders are not allowed to watch him if he fails to pass the examination. Therefore, although he Yunjia has been here for several years, he can only wait in the side hall.

he Yunjia is a little disappointed, but on second thought, he can get into the company. He has seen the situation inside for a while, and this time he won't lose.

he Lingjiang followed others into the main hall, and everyone in the room couldn't help looking at her.

except Princess yongmu, this is the second person who didn't come from the Xuanmen but got into the company.

like princess yongmu, this He Qi Niang also became famous in the first World War.

kill Wu, withdraw the money, break the hell, kill the ghost king, destroy the rosefinch...

the deeds handed down by Linchuan Heqi, who has not reached his hairpin, are far more curious and surprising than Princess yongmu.

for a moment, all kinds of inquisitive eyes fell on her.

he Lingjiang didn't stop at his feet, calmly walked to the front, and saluted yuan, the leader: 'yuan Zhangsi.'

yuan did not hesitate to lift his right palm, and he Lingjiang felt that his hands were held up by a gentle force: 'you don't have to be polite, he Qiniang.'

this power is extremely soft, but it is wrapped in pure Xuanli. He Lingjiang's eyes are deep. The strength of this leader yuan can't be underestimated, and he can't complain that he has been in the position of leader for decades.

'although the sage recruited He Qi Niang to the Buyuan department, the rules of the Buyuan department cannot be abolished. Only after passing the examination can he formally enter the Buyuan department.'

'now, let's start our investigation. I wonder if he Qiniang has any objection?'

'none of itself.' He Lingjiang shook his head.

yuan did not hesitate to nod slightly. With a stroke of his hand in the air, an ancient copper bell hanging beside him shook without wind and made a profound sound.

the sound of the copper bell was not loud, but it swung around in the hall and reached the door.

then, five children in Taoist robes filed in with a handful of scrolls held high by each of them.

yuan did not hesitate to look at he Lingjiang, who was standing at the bottom of the head, and slowly opened his mouth: 'there are 18 Xuanmen five skills, and he Qiniang can choose one of them to take the exam.'

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