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Chapter 263 choice

Mountain, medicine, life, phase and divination are collectively called the five skills of Xuanmen. They are of the same origin and are all based on the five behaviors of yin and Yang.

among them, Shanshu is to cultivate 'body' and 'spirit' through methods such as Dan method, xuandian method, fist method and charm.

medical skill is to use prescription medicine, spiritual therapy and other methods to treat diseases. Compared with ordinary doctors, people in Xuanmen are especially good at spiritual therapy. For example, the thirteen branches of Zhuyu are used to regulate physical and mental diseases.

as for numerology, physiognomy and divination, they look similar, but they are essentially different.

fate is a kind of congenital theory. Birth is doomed to fate. It is mainly through the eight character method of birth to understand life's fate, know heaven's destiny, and make full use of human resources.

physiognomy belongs to the theory of days after tomorrow. One is to look at the stars, the other is to look at the geomantic omen of the earth, and the third is to look at the good and bad luck of people. It follows the changes of nature and people's minds.

as for divination, it should be regarded as immediacy. Divination is based on events. Its purpose is to predict and deal with events, including Qimen, Taiyi, Liuren and so on.

however, although Buyuan company is the talent that dominates the world, it won't let people know everything. The assessment set up is nothing more than letting people choose one of the five skills and eighteen schools.

yuan, who was in the top position, did not hesitate to see that she had not moved for a long time, and asked: 'Mrs. he, have you decided which one to choose?'

'I'm sorry, but please allow me to weigh it for a moment.' He Lingjiang lowered his eyelashes and replied somewhat embarrassed.

some of the people present here frowned. What is the balance? Choose one she is best at.

anyone who comes from the Xuanmen knows more or less about the five skills of the Xuanmen.

however, if you want to enter this department, you need to be proficient and have attainments in one of them, not just a little knowledge.

there are many Xuanshi in the world. Among the five arts, it is rare to be able to claim mastery of one of them.

as for those who can dabble in more than two things but can also improve both, it is even rarer.

what's wrong with this seventh wife?

listening to the story of He Qi Niang on the Yaozhou battlefield, she should be proficient in the charms of mountain art, right?

is it because she's afraid that she can't get into the company?

he Lingjiang doesn't care what others are thinking, but looks at Princess yongmu aside and says: 'I don't know which princess is the primary candidate?'

Buyuan's assessment is not made public, and after Princess yongmu entered Buyuan, she did not belong to any school, but directly followed the leader yuan to do things.

therefore, he Lingjiang is just like everyone outside. He knows that she has joined the company, but he doesn't know what she is doing.

seeing such a familiar face, he Lingjiang was really curious.

her master Taoist priest Changwu is proficient in the five skills of Xuanmen and is a rare figure in the world. It's a pity that Shifu didn't love fame and fortune in his life. He never showed his fame in the world. Instead, he was obsessed with carefree nature.

growing up with such a master, natural life experiences are also unusual.

since she was a baby, she has listened to her master read xuanshu to sleep. She began to practice xuanshu when she was four years old. It has been eighteen years since then.

among the five skills of Xuanmen, I majored in mountain skills, especially the skills of spells, and also dabbled in the three skills of fortune telling.

what kind of Xiao Huang did you choose?

princess yongmu frowned slightly and replied: 'I chose Lingzhi.'

according to legend, Princess yongmu, who chopped off the thief's head with one sword and harbored Xiao Huangzhen yuan, chose Lingzhi in medicine.

this is really interesting.

or, she is proficient in several subjects and randomly chooses the art of spiritual healing to take the exam.

or, although she is proficient in metaphysics, she is good at spiritual healing. Therefore, even though she is pregnant with Xiao Huangzhen yuan, she can't exercise her magic power and skills, so she simply avoids it.

thinking of the woman on the wasteland who has never shot from beginning to end, he Lingjiang's eyes were slightly deep, and then he smiled slowly: 'that's really a coincidence...

' what's wrong? ' Yongmu slightly raised his chin and looked at he Lingjiang coolly. 'Can't he Qi Niang choose Lingzhi?'

she has practiced the art of spiritual healing since she was a child, and is proficient in thirteen subjects of Zhu Yu.

if we say that there is a right medicine in the world, I'm afraid there is no right medicine in the world, that is, the secretary who is not in charge of medicine in the Department has no choice but to bow to the disadvantage.

it's a pity that this art of spiritual governance can save others, but it can't save her own body in the end. She can only watch helplessly and let it decay.

fortunately, there is Xiao Huang.

this picture of body and fate is better than her previous one, and it is not worth her exhausting her mind to find it.

she looks at he Lingjiang, who is very delicate in front of her, and her eyes are slightly cool.

it's just that...

everything was going well, but the variable he Lingjiang appeared...

he Lingjiang met her ambiguous eyes and shook his head: 'the princess misunderstood.'

'you are good at medical skills, and I am a little proficient in all four skills except medical skills. Is it a coincidence?'

is there such a trick?

people really have a long horizon.

what's more, He Qi Niang feels that she can enter the company after a little knowledge?

princess yongmu took the corner of her lips and smiled softly: 'that's really a coincidence... I don't know which Lady He Qi wants to choose.'

he Lingjiang looked at the scroll held by the Taoist boy and said, 'then choose the magic door in divination.'

yuan did not hesitate to frown and said: 'is He Qi Niang sure? If the assessment item is set, it can't be changed. If the result is not within the expectation, it should also be recorded in the record, which will prevail.'

this is because she is afraid that she is young and vigorous, and chooses what she is not good at, which leads to her failing to pass the examination smoothly.

after all, it was the emperor who ordered the recruitment. If she threw herself at the examination, she couldn't help losing face. Even the emperor had no face.

'thanks for your advice.' He made Jiang Wen smile. 'I'm sure I won't change it anymore.'

there are many talents in the world. Among those who can enter the company, which one is not brilliant in their own fields and has attracted the world's attention?

however, when they enter this department, they can only stay at the head of yuan bukui, safe and secure, and disappear from the public.

the world thinks that she is only good at mountain magic talisman, and it is a great opportunity to get into the mountain Department.

but now that she has decided to enter the company, how can she be willing to be submerged among many talents after a flash in the pan?

now is not the time to hide her strength and bide her time. If she wants to make people dare not belittle herself any more, she should be cautious and serious, and she must show her superiority over other Xuanshi.

there is no shortage of people with attainments in the five arts and eighteen schools, but there are very few who can learn and master all the schools at the same time.

she naturally wants to be different.

she looked up at Yuan Buxia, who was in the top position, with firm eyes.

the arrogance and conceit in this temperament are somewhat similar to an old man...

yuan did not hesitate to sigh in his heart, and his eyes were also somewhat gentle: 'in that case, Linchuan he Lingjiang should test the magic of divination.'


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