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Chapter 265 Broken roll

The firewood knife hanging on her waist was taken off, and she lifted it high with her strength, and then she chopped at the head and neck of the wolf.

the firewood knife broke the wind and went away, but the hungry wolf ate happily.

however, when the blade was about a foot away from the hungry wolf, the space seemed to fluctuate for a moment. The hungry wolf, who was buried in its prey, suddenly raised his head and looked at it with a pair of green and faint eyes.

the firewood knife was a foot away from its head and stopped moving.

it seemed that the hungry wolf just realized that there was a killing opportunity in front of him. He no longer cared about the hard won food. He turned over and avoided the knife. Then he quickly distanced himself from he Lingjiang.

the hungry wolf rolls on the snow, leaving a rustling sound.

the space is broken.

the two paintings are merged into one.

the hungry wolf glared at he Lingjiang not far away, bared his teeth, and his hair stood up all over his body, as if he wanted to fight her to the death at any time.

he Lingjiang leisurely took back the firewood knife: 'I won't kill you.'

if it weren't for it, I'm afraid I didn't realize for a moment that the picture here is actually composed of several overlapping spaces.

the hungry wolf didn't think that the lady woodcutter was harmless. After all, she still wanted to cut herself with a knife!

its nostrils expanded unconsciously, releasing hot air. One by one, the hungry wolf rushed at he Lingjiang.

he Lingjiang slapped it on the forehead, and the hungry wolf was pushed away and fell heavily on the snow.

'if I said I would not kill you, you should not seek your own death, OK?' He Lingjiang went to it, squatted down and looked down at it.

a sound of 'OK', with the threat of Xuanshi.

the hungry wolf, who was going to struggle to attack her again, suddenly trembled and dared not move again.

although the heaven and earth limit the use of magic, the Xuanshi's spirit is still under the threat.

did she want to frighten the hungry wolf into trembling?

after all, although this painting is a virtual world, the creatures in it are still transformed by the external spirits.

he Lingjiang gets up and looks at the vast world.

cold wind, snow, hungry wolf, dead rabbit, and one more.

since the hungry wolf is the key to breaking the space of that painting, which one is the key in this painting of the wind and snow woodcutter?

she just cut at the hungry wolf and broke the space boundary.

now, she is the only living creature in the picture of wind and snow woodcutter.

Bu Yuansi will never ask someone to cut himself with a knife to break the space, right?

he Ling and Jiang Lianlian deny that this setting is too boring.

just now, she could see the situation of hungry wolves hunting, but the hungry wolves could not see her. It can be seen that the picture space floating on the upper layer can not see the situation on the next layer.

those in the second volume can see the situation in the first volume. As long as the key is correctly identified, the space can be broken and the two can be combined into one.

now, she can't see the thatched cottage on the mountain road. She thinks that the picture space she is in should be hung on the picture of thatched cottage in the deep mountains.

the picture of hungry wolf hunting, the picture of wind and snow woodcutter and the picture of thatched cottage in the deep mountains should be a top-down relationship.

things can be seen from the bottom up, and it is easy to break through the space. However, she is now in the volume of wind and snow woodcutter. Where can she find the key to breaking down the lower space?

he Lingjiang looks up. Broken snowflakes fall from the vast sky and fall on her body, face and eyelashes.

the eyelashes blinked slightly, and the snow fell into her eyes and melted, cool.

it turns out that the snow in this painting will melt.

she closed her eyes and felt the world with her spirit.

the wind quietly changes direction, and the snowflakes are also wrapped by the cold wind, changing the direction of falling. There is a sound of wind and snow around, but there is one place, which is extremely quiet.

there is no wind, and the snowflakes only fall silently.

she suddenly opens her eyes. Everything is in the space of change. The only constant is the biggest variable.

he Lingjiang stared at the place closely, skimmed under his feet, and then raised his knife.

the originally quiet space was suddenly broken, and the wind in the snow field whizzed past, rolling up the snowflakes in the heaven and earth, and flying in all directions.

the picture of the thatched cottage hidden in the bottom of the mountain is also slowly revealed to he Lingjiang when the wind and snow are coming.

above the snow field, there is a shallow path. Although it is covered by heavy snow, it is also indistinctly visible, and it extends to the depth of the mountain field.

deep in the mountains, a corner of a hut is exposed.

came out, and he Lingjiang's eyes brightened.

after receiving the firewood knife, she continued to bear the firewood and walked along the mountain road towards the hut.

the hungry wolf also got up at this time and followed her far behind. He dared not go forward but did not retreat. In the twilight, he turned into a blur.

wind and snow, woodcutter, deep mountain, thatched cottage, and a cloud of shadows behind them.

the picture of returning home at dusk with wind and snow is complete.

I don't know how long it took, but finally I got to the hut.

simple thatched cottage, standing quietly in the snow in the deep mountains.

he Lingjiang reached out his hand and pushed it gently. With a 'squeak', the firewood door was pushed open.

a sound of dog barking came, and then a pale yellow figure rushed to her, wagging its tail happily and circling around her feet.

he Lingjiang bent down and touched his head, which made him step into the yard.

the courtyard was not big. She unloaded the firewood on her back and piled it in the place where firewood was placed in the corner. She also added some food to the yellow dog's food basin. Only then did she stamp the snow on her feet and enter the house.

compared with the biting snow outside, this extremely humble house seems warmer.

she went to the table, lit the oil lamp on the table, and the dark room lit up at once.

looking from afar, this lighted thatched cottage shows a warm color against the snow night in the deep mountains.

the picture of returning home in the wind and snow twilight, floating in the middle of the sky, glimmered. In a twinkling of an eye, he Lingjiang found that he had already made a picture.

yuan bukui, who is sitting on the top position, closed his right palm in the air, and the unfolded picture was slowly closed and fell in his palm.

'congratulations to the seventh wife for successfully passing the examination.'

hmm? Is that really how it went?

when she fell into the picture, yuan did not mean to say what she wanted to do, and she could only act on her own feelings.

it turns out that this strange gate examination really made people discover the mystery of overlapping paintings, and then broke through the space to truly complete this painting of returning home in the wind and snow evening with the body of a woodcutter...

yuan did not hesitate to look at the incense on his side, and the first incense can be burned out.

for so many years, there are no more than one or two out of ten who can successfully solve this problem without being selected by our company. Not to mention such a fast speed, and the solution is so perfect.

there is no shortage of wind and snow, woodcutter, deep mountain, thatched cottage, and lone wolf behind her. She even arranged the firewood on the woodcutter's back and fed it to the yellow dog.

this is not only an extraordinary talent, but also a lot more than ordinary Xuanshi.

yuan doesn't hesitate to look at he Lingjiang standing at the bottom of his head quietly. His eyes and eyebrows are gentle. 'I don't know who he Qi Niangzi is learning from.'

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