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Chapter 27 Lively

He Lingjiang stood on the Jingyun building and looked out.

the street is full of lanterns on both sides, extending into the distance, just like a long dragon composed of countless lights.

the young men and women in the house could not bear it any longer and clamored to go out to look at the lights.

'if you want to see something interesting from the upstairs, you should go down there. It's interesting to be crowded with people.'

'yes. What's more, there are many tricks and lantern riddles below.'

song smiled and said, 'sure enough, I'm still a child, but I can't sit still.'

Mrs. Wu said with a smile, 'that's right. When we were this old, we couldn't sit still and clamored to go out.'

'yes. Then go out and play.'

the children couldn't help cheering.

song stretched out his hand and suppressed their cry: 'but for one thing, you have to take your servants and maidservants with you. Don't run away.'

Feng also told them: 'there are a lot of people at the Lantern Festival, but be careful not to be abducted.'

after that, he told the servants: 'all of us should be vigilant and keep an eye on our wives and husbands. Don't lose sight of others.'

recently, the five concubines in the long house have just had an accident. When the little lady and the little concubine go out, they must be followed by twoorthree servants and maidservants to make people feel at ease.

these people also know that there are many people on the street tonight, and they have a heavy burden on themselves. Therefore, they all have to pay attention to their wives and husbands ten times and a hundred times, lest they should have an accident.

song waved: 'go ahead. Don't forget to come back and watch the fireworks later.'

according to the arrangement of Saburo's celebration of Qianli, fireworks will be lit and bloom at the time of Hai.

'I know! We will be back in time.'

Jingyun building selected by he family is the best place to see fireworks. They wanted to see poet he's fireworks, but they wouldn't miss it for fun.

seeing that he Ziyu was also eager to see him, he Lingjiang went downstairs with him.

beside the Jingyun building are several lamp trees and lamp wheels. The lights are bright in the night, and the surroundings are as bright as the day, giving a feeling of fire, trees and silver flowers.

he Lingjiang told Qingzhu and qiongzhi, 'look after the five gentlemen and don't let them go away. Aman can follow me.'

there are so many people watching the lanterns. There are so many tourists. Everyone can only follow the crowd slowly.

the 'horse riding lamp' on the roadside lamp rack turns in the hot air, and the images of people chasing horses and changing scenery appear on the lamp screen, which makes people dazzled.

he Lingjiang felt that his sleeve was gently pulled. Looking down, he Ziyu looked up with a small face. He pointed to the stall by the road, and his eyes were eager.

he Lingjiang followed him.

seeing someone coming, the peddler said enthusiastically, 'little lady, little gentleman, but do you want to see a mask?'

heziyu nodded.

there are a variety of masks on the stall, including those of Taoist priest Meng Guan and bird beak, as well as those of various ferocious animals. The workmanship is exquisite.

he picked out a round tiger mask and put it on his face, shaking his head and looking happy.

green bamboo hurried to pay.

heziyu shook he Lingjiang's sleeve again, pointing to the mask and her.

he Lingjiang said with a laugh, 'do you want me to wear it?'

heziyu smiles, winks and nods.

Heling Jiang laughs. She used to travel around with Shifu. She has seen many lantern fairs around the world, but rarely wears these things.

she went to the stall, picked up a Kunlun slave mask, covered her face, tilted her head and said with a smile: 'is this good?'

heziyu clapped his hands and gave her a thumbs up.

in this way, the two brothers and sisters, wearing masks, continued to move forward with the bustling tourists.

in the open space beside the flower street, there are rope prostitutes walking along the ropes, and there are drums nearby.

the two ends of the long rope are tied to two wooden runners. The runner is separated by several feet, and then a column is erected to support the rope. The runner is turned to straighten the rope. The stretched long rope is like a piano string, lying in the air.

the performers are two young women, wearing light gauze and floating silk, who tiptoe up from both ends of the rope. Their posture of tiptoe up is extremely beautiful and looks pleasing to the eyes.

after standing on the rope, the two men started to walk. During this period, they either bent or bowed, walked calmly, and then made all kinds of dancing movements in the cheers of the crowd. The posture was elegant. The light gauze fluttered in the wind between the movements, and looked like a fairy in the light of the street lanterns.

at this moment, they met in the middle of the rope, but they did not turn around and walk back as usual.

the onlookers could not help sweating for them: the rope is so thin. What can we do if it falls down accidentally?

I saw the two of them turn sideways and cross their right feet. They passed by lightly.

there was a lot of cheering at the bottom.

then I saw the woman in green squatting down on the rope, and the woman in red stepped forward and stepped on the top, forming a ladder.

all the spectators held their breath. The woman in green stood up slowly with the woman in red on her shoulders. The rope shook slightly in the air. She finally stabilized herself in a few breaths.

the woman in red at the top then made various postures, and then suddenly turned over and threw herself down. The people could not help exclaiming that she had fallen on the rope when they recovered.



'that's awesome!'

'deserves to be the most brilliant rope prostitute in Linchuan!'

the woman in red, lying on her back on the rope, chuckled. She had to stand up when she got up. However, if she accidentally stepped on the hanging silk, her whole body could not help swinging.

she was shocked: 'no!'

although the silk is as beautiful and tight as a cloud fairy when walking in the air, it is also dangerous if you step on it carelessly.

she had been very careful before. Unexpectedly, the wind rolled the silk under her feet and stepped on it.

the woman in red tried her best to stabilize herself, but she couldn't help leaning back.

she closed her eyes in some despair. It must have been a heavy fall. More importantly, the rope drama was ruined.

the audience at the bottom also mentioned it.

seeing that tragedy was about to happen, a strong wind suddenly struck, and it happened that one end of the silk was tightly wound on the rope.

the woman in red felt that her waist was tight, her falling posture had stopped, and her whole body was hung on the rope by the silk.

she quickly responded. Her left arm circled the silk Draper twice and made a flying posture. With her right hand, she grasped the rope and made an effort. Finally, she turned up and stood firmly on the rope again.

what a thrill!

the silk was not so coincidental. It happened to be wrapped around the rope and saved her once.

others don't know, but she knows.

the woman in red looks around. There are only a lot of people around. How can you see who is the person who just helped?

she had no choice but to concentrate on the performance and perform in various postures, which attracted people to applaud and burst into waves of applause.

he Lingjiang in the crowd bends his lips slightly and takes back his hands.

so, it is still a perfect performance.

when she looked back, she found that heziyu, who had been holding her sleeve tightly, had already gone somewhere.

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