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Chapter 281 origin

He ordered Jiang to turn his head slightly, and He Zheng showed his waist token.

It's really the Seventh Lady He!

The two men were startled, surprised and delighted.

As for the Seven Sisters of the He Family, they only knew their names, but never had the chance to meet real people. Unexpectedly, Lady He Qi came to them today and asked them about the ghosts in the four Hu families.

I don't know what luck Hu Si has had. There is Lady He Qi going there. What can he worry about at home?

They led He Lingjiang through the streets and alleys to an alley in the west of the city.

This lane is called Guihua Lane, which is named after a sweet osmanthus plant at the entrance of the lane. Most of the ordinary people living in it are peddlers and pawns.

He Lingjiang followed the two men all the way, and soon stopped in front of a family.

Looking at the crowd of people in front of the door, she knew it was the Hu family without the two people talking.

'It's said that Hu Si's family has been haunted for the past two days. Is it because they have asked a master to exorcise ghosts?' He ordered Jiang to ask the people beside him.

The man glanced back at her, and his eyes could not help showing a bit of surprise: 'The little lady is not from our osmanthus lane, is she?'

He Lingjiang nodded, 'No.'

At the sight of the escort following her, the man did not ask her any more, but returned to her previous question: 'Hu Si did find a Taoist priest, but it seems that there is no big noise in the courtyard, nor did he hear any abnormal noise, nor did the Taoist priest catch the evil man...'

Congratulation made Jiang understand.

He Zheng stepped forward and lined up the crowded people, and then the people standing in the discharge came to Lu.

A man of about thirty was hanging his head and talking to a magician in a Taoist robe, who was carrying a peach wood sword, and there were burning runes on the ground around.

It seems that you have cast a spell.

Although Hu Si was anxious, he forced himself to suppress and bowed respectfully to the magician: 'Taoist Priest, I don't know if the evil spirits in the family have been dispelled?'

The sorcerer frowned at the words, 'Are there really evil spirits in your house?'

He had just examined the haunted house and the courtyard carefully, and cast a spell to make the evil man appear, but he got nothing when he walked around.

It doesn't matter whether the evil doer can be dispelled. If the evil doer is really in the four Hu families, it's not difficult for him to make him appear by using magic.

But just now, he did a lot of things. The so-called evil doer didn't move. Everything was normal.

He could not help doubting that what Hu Si said was true.

You should know that many people are so afraid of evil things that they become suspicious in their life. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with them, but they say they hit a ghost.

The suspicion in his eyes did not hide, and Hu Si naturally saw it clearly.

'Do you believe what I said before, Taoist Priest? Not only did I see these sounds and strange things, but my wife also knew them. If Taoist Priest still doesn't believe them, ask her to verify them.'

The sorcerer shook his head. The husband and wife really told him about the strange appearance in the hospital at the beginning. He also thought that there was something evil, so he followed.

But now, he did not find anything wrong.

He looked at Hu's four gods. The anxiety and fear were not hypocritical. The magician thought for a moment and said, 'Try again in the evening.'

'Didn't you say you can hear the bell sound at night these days? I'll stay here and see if the evil spirit will appear at night.'

Hu Si sighed with relief: 'Thank you, Taoist Priest.'

Because of this, the family's wife and children have also been greatly frightened these two days. They have no place to go in Yingdu. They have been sleeping in fear these two days.

If Taoist Priest can be here tonight, Xu Neng will dispel the evil spirit, and the family can sleep safely in the future.

I will wait until night to see. Seeing that there is nothing to see now, the neighbors around the hall scattered to their homes, and the Heling Jiang people who still stood there stood out.

Hu Si was shocked when he saw several people and two acquaintances standing beside He Lingjiang. He then asked, 'Why did you come here?'

'Didn't you say that there was something evil at home? Let's have a look. Why don't we bring some experts here?' The man who told the story earlier turned his head and motioned him to look at He Lingjiang.

This one?

Did these two come to see their busy family, or to make fun of him?

Hu Si frowned slightly: 'Thank you for your kindness. But you should have seen it just now. I have invited the Taoist Priest. It may be all right by evening. I won't invite you to sit in today, but I will buy you a drink another day.'

With that, he was ready to close the wooden door.

'Alas!' The storyteller quickly stepped forward and stopped his action. 'I'm afraid you don't know who this little lady is, do you?'

'Who?' Hu Si thought to himself that she was just a young lady from a rich family. I don't know how to listen to this evil thing from him and join in the fun.

The man leaned close to his ear and whispered, 'It's He Lingjiang, the seventh wife of the He family, the one we heard of in the teahouse...'

Seeing that he seemed to disbelieve, the man hurriedly said, 'It's true. I won't lie to you about it. What's more, they really have the token of He Mansion. Who in their family dares to pretend to be He Seventh Lady?'

'She said she would come to your house to exorcise ghosts.'

He ordered Jiang to step forward and smiled, 'I wonder if I can go in and have a look?'

Hu Siyi is stunned. Is he really?

The man next to him pulled his sleeve, and he immediately came back to himself. He quickly sidled and said, 'Hey, Seven Sisters, please.'

The neutral magician in the courtyard also followed him and said, 'Congratulations to the Seventh Lady?'

The congratulatory Jiang nodded, 'Yes.'

The sorcerer was surprised and quickly walked forward to give her a Taoist salute.

He ordered Jiang to return a salute, and the rear asked, 'Did Taoist Priest get nothing just now?'

The warlock nodded: 'Lady He Seven came here, but the evil man is very difficult to deal with?'

Otherwise, he would not have performed the magic but still could not make the evil man appear. Although he was a folk magician, he could not compare with those who came from the orthodox Xuanmen, but he was not a fool.

The evil is not obvious. Either Hu Si thinks too much and talks nonsense, or he can't easily deal with the evil.

He looked at Helingjiang in front of him and guessed that he was more inclined to the latter.

As soon as he said this, Hu Si could not help changing his color.

He Ling Jiang felt helpless. She shook her head and said, 'You misunderstood. It's just an ordinary kid, but you don't have to be like a big enemy.'

'Then you......' The sorcerer hesitated. If it is really an ordinary evil, does Lady He Seven need to find her?

He ordered Jiang to sigh helplessly: 'I have some relationship with that kid...'

The little ghost has lost himself and forgot that he was born or died. Her golden bell can just slowly evoke the ghost memory and suppress its ghost nature so as not to hurt others.

He Lingjiang thought that the kid should go where he was after he recovered his memory. But now, she has a deep obsession.

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