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Chapter 286 Teach badly

The window not far from her desk was open. At this time, a tall and straight figure was standing quietly by the window, and a black dress almost melted into the night.

There are few people in the world who can escape the He Family guards and run to her without disturbing others.

Seeing her looking over, Pei You jumped into the window and entered the room with one hand.

He Lingjiang could not help shaking his head when he saw this, and looked like a child who could not be taught: 'Ah Pei, how can you enter the little lady's room at will?'

Pei You frowned: 'Is this casual?'

'That's right!' He Lingjiang was helpless. Even though the people in the north were open, he would not even know this, would he?

'It's not easy for you to enter my house without my permission. If my grandfather knows about it, he will fight with you for hundreds of rounds.'

'Oh.' Pei You Dan Dan answered, and then looked at her sincerely, 'But I learned from you.'

'What did you learn from me?' He Lingjiang felt something was wrong.

'Yes.' Pei You nodded, 'When you were in the Northern Territory, you caught a pheasant and told Taoist Priest Changwu to roast beggar's chicken in the forest without my permission at midnight. At that time, you just came into my house without my permission...'

'My grandpa knew later and didn't fight with you for three hundred times, did you?'

He Lingjiang was rarely choked: 'Can it be the same?'

'How is it different?' Pei You asked in reply.

'How old were you?' He Lingjiang thought for a moment, 'But he is ten years old, right? He is just a little child. Look at my body now, but it's just a little girl of fourteen or five years old. Can it be the same?'

'Thanks to my familiarity with you, I don't care about you. If you are the little lady next to me, it's not so easy to dismiss.'

'I will not go to the little lady's house nearby.' Pei You replied, 'What about being ten? If you do this first, I will learn from you.'

He Lingjiang couldn't help helping his forehead. Now, Pei You is saying that she can teach bad children?

This cannot be recognized.

She simply shut up and ignored him. She hung her head and put the folded rune together.

These two amulets were drawn by the eldest princess and her husband, and they will be sent there tomorrow.

Pei You walked to the table and saw what she was holding. He couldn't help saying, 'This is for the eldest princess?'

He heard that, at the banquet today, the eldest princess liked the seven wives of the He family very much and asked her for a amulet.

He Lingjiang nodded and asked, 'Do you want it too?'

Pei You shook his head and took out a jade amulet from his arms: 'I have this.'

The small jade rune is only two inches square, and its body is bright and white. It is also carved with complex runes.

He Ling's eyebrows were slightly bent, and a smile flowed from his eyes: 'I almost forgot this, and you even took it with you.'

Pei You went to the battlefield with Zhenbei King at the age of 14, and risked his life and death.

At that time, He Ling Jiang was going to leave Beidi with his Shifu and travel around. Before leaving, she specially carved this jade amulet for Pei You, hoping to protect him safely.

It has been four years since this flash.

'Yes...' Pei You sighed, 'It has been four years. This jade charm has gone through life and death with me. Now I can be safe. Ah, thank you very much.'

'I'm not so cheeky, I owe it to myself.' The greeting made Jiang laugh.

He is also a little familiar with the art of drawing symbols. His sword skill is even better than that of others. He can come and go freely in the northern battlefield without any trouble. It is not her jade charm that counts.

Pei You smiled and didn't say much, but said, 'I heard about your rune at the dinner today, and I once protected the life of the Cui Family's Shiyilang. I think today, many people in the Yingdu will come to ask for an amulet.'

He Lingjiang waved his hand: 'I don't have much energy to draw symbols for people.'

She sat down, and then remembered to ask: 'You came here in the middle of the night, but you have something to ask me?'

Pei You shook his head: 'Nothing. I haven't seen you for a long time, and I haven't spoken to you at the banquet today, so I came to see you.'

He Lingjiang raised his eyebrows in surprise, and then said: 'After all, it is not easy for the emperor to know that you have a close relationship with He's family. He is suspicious. You have followed your father for so long, you will not know it, will you?'

Pei You doesn't say anything, he certainly knows, so even if she enters Yingdu, he rarely sees her these days.

Only now, when we come here in the dark, we can always avoid people's eyes and ears.

Seeing that he didn't speak, He Lingjiang had no choice but to shake his head and asked him, 'Fan Yang Lu may have something to do with selling iron eucalyptus privately, do you know?'

Pei You said, 'I have sent people to Fan Yang and the Northern Army to investigate.'

Fan Yang is located in the north. He is not only famous in the north, but also has a place in Yingdu.

Lu Shao, who is now in charge of the armored bow and crossbow, is the leader of the Lu family. He is his brother.

The Holy Palace has privately mined a large amount of iron ore and refined it into iron ware. If there are people from Lushi in the process, it will be twice the result with half the effort.

What's more, if you want to transport things to Beidi via the northern border defense, Fan Yang is a must pass.

Lu Shi also has one or two connections in the Northern Army.

His eyes could not help squinting.

Seeing his appearance, He Lingjiang knew that he had thought of the key.

She picked up the kettle and poured two cups of tea, and moved one cup to Pei You: 'I met an interesting little lady at the banquet today.'

Pei You raised his eyebrows, took a cup of tea and said, 'Who is it?'

'The four wives of the Lu family.' Congratulate Jiang.

'The one who nearly fell into the water and was saved by you?'

He Lingjiang smiled and said, 'She didn't nearly fall into the water. She wanted to push me into the water. As a result, stealing chickens didn't spoil the rice, so she would fall into the water.'

Pei You could not help frowning: 'Is it because of the Lu family that she hates you?'

'Nothing more than that.' The congratulatory order Jiang dropped his eyes and looked at the ripples on the cup's face. He said slowly, 'My grandpa is also working at the Chalu family now. Her push is to make sure that the Lu family, especially her grandpa, is in charge of the Young Master Lu, and has something to do with the private sale of iron tools in the Holy Palace.'

Pei You's eyes were slightly deep: 'Even if she has no brains, the adults at home should give her a thousand advice when she goes out to be a guest, so that she can not act rashly, causing trouble for Lu Shi for no reason.'

'Yes.' He ordered Jiang to sigh, 'But you see, she just didn't hold back during the dinner, so she had to push me. No matter whether something happened in the end or not, if I didn't want to hide it, the Lu family and the He family would always make trouble. Isn't her grandpa in a more difficult situation?'

'Did someone deliberately instigate her?' Pei You asked.

He Ling Jiang nodded: 'She said it was her family brother, the one in line with six.'

Pei You could not help wondering: 'That's really strange. Since we are both brothers of the Lu family, why should we instigate her to cause trouble?'

'Could it be that the jailer of Shaofu Lu is not unlucky fast enough?'

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