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Chapter 287 thank

He Lingjiang smiled: 'So, her brother has some meaning. Let's stare at him, maybe we can find some clues.'

Pei You nodded, 'OK, I'll send someone to follow.'

'Then I'll leave it to you. If you have any clues, you should send me a message.'

She is also very curious about the Lu family.

My grandfather and Pei Youcha were selling ironware privately. The purpose was to use this line to find out who was ready to move in the dark and help the emperor clean up the official arena of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

It was the Divine Palace that failed to be investigated. The purpose was to uproot the evil way hidden in the gloom and intended to overthrow the imperial power of the Zhou Dynasty.

However, both of them come to the same end by different routes.

Since the defeat of Nanzhao and the civil unrest in Rongqu, the stronghold of the Holy Palace in the south has also been carried out.

Up to now, the temple seems to have fallen silent.

The fish sink to the bottom, and the microwave cannot rise. It is difficult for people to find a trace.

Although Buyuansi has joined forces with the Taiqing Temple and ordered the number of the Xuanmen 72 Temple to be checked, there may be some leftovers from the Holy Palace, but there has been no obvious gain recently.

It is along the line of Fan Yang and Lu Shi that we may find something more.

'Line.' Pei You replied.

When they finished talking, it was almost the third watch, and the tea in the pot had already cooled down.

He Lingjiang took the slender silver hairpin on the table and picked up the lantern. The wick suddenly jumped and became bright.

She looked at Pei You, who sat still, and said, 'You are in good spirits. Aren't you going back to rest?'

'I'm not sleepy.' Pei You looks at her and puts down her silver hairpin, and says in a muffled voice.

The case of selling iron wares privately was made by the Holy Palace. Although it was jointly examined by three divisions, Pei You, a member of the Northern Clan in Beidi Town, also participated in it, but he had to deal with Buyuan Division.

He Shi didn't want the emperor to think that they were too close to Pei You, so he had little contact with him recently.

Pei You and she haven't seen each other for a long time, but now he has only found an excuse to look at her secretly.

'Are you going to rest?' Pei You asked her.

He Lingjiang put his chin on one hand and yawned lazily with the other hand covering his lips: 'If it's all right, I'll be ready to rest.'

After all, if she had nothing to do, she would still like to lie down and sleep at night except meditating and practising.

Pei You lowered his eyes and said, 'Then I'm leaving.'

'Remember to cover the window for me by the way.' Congratulation made Jiang wave his hand.

Pei You said quietly, 'OK.'

After a long time, he whispered again, 'I'll see you some other day.'

After saying that, there were only two small sounds. The window was pushed open and closed gently, and his figure was no longer in the room.

After a while, the light in the room went out with a sound of 'poof'.

Only the night remains, silent and lonely.

He ordered Jiang to have breakfast. After reading in the study for a while, he thought of going out to the Department of Unevenness to have a look. But Chen Yu, who was beside the Song family, came here with a servant, followed by several servants carrying several large boxes of things.

It seems that something is wrong.

She had to go back to the hospital.

'Seven Sisters.' Chen Yu bent over and saluted her, and the servant beside her also saluted.

'What is it?' He Lingjiang sat at the head and looked at her.

Chen Yu bowed her head and replied, 'It was the Cui family's wife who sent someone to deliver the gift.'

She introduced the servant beside her: 'This is the old woman in charge of Mrs. Cui's side.'

Mrs Cui?

He Lingjiang realized that it should be Cui Shu's mother.

Yesterday, Cui Shu said that he would send a thank-you gift another day. Unexpectedly, it was so fast. But if you send this gift, it will be sent to the Song family for processing. Why should you bring someone here?

Chen Yu seemed to see her doubts and quickly explained, 'Old woman Wang said that she would thank the husband on behalf of her wife and the Seventh Lady in person, and the wife asked the old slave to bring him over.'

He Lingjiang also looked at the servant. He saw that she was very particular about her dress. Even if she simply stood there, she was decent. Although she was a servant, she was not humble or arrogant. At first, she was not from an ordinary family.

Sensing that she was looking, the servant stepped forward and gave a solemn salute to He Lingjiang: 'I thank the seven wives of He's family for their kindness to the husband on behalf of my wife.'

The gift of Fuwen is not what Cui Shiyilang said about protecting his life.

This is very interesting.

Is it possible that the Cui family is afraid that they will take the responsibility of saving her life, and she will try to repay her kindness?

He Lingjiang smiled faintly. She had practiced Xuanshu for many years, and saved many people and killed many people. Thank her too much to enumerate, hate her also not ten fingers can count.

Like the Cui family, they are afraid of being thanked by her.

Although she is not a gentleman, she disdains this. I don't know whether she thinks too much or they worry too much

She raised her sleeve slightly and said in a warm voice, 'Get up. As a Xuanshi, I just raise my hand to do this, which is nothing. Madam Cui and the husband of Cui don't need to be so concerned.'

The servant felt only a gentle force to lift her body, and she could not help standing up.

She was shocked. The Seventh Lady He could not be underestimated.

The servant smiled and said, 'This may not be a big deal for Lady He Seven, but it is a great help for our husband and wife. You deserve it.'

After his husband came back from Princess Chang's house yesterday, he found the life saving benefactor he met in Shaoyang on the sidewalk. He immediately asked someone to pick up the gift and said that he would personally come to the door the next day to thank him.

After hearing that the saviour was the seventh wife of the He family, the Lang Lord and his wife stopped the Lang Jun.

The He family is now on the crest of the wave.

The truly distinguished families in Yingdu are all watching in the dark, just keep a short distance, but none of them go forward to marry the He family.

The eleven sons of the Cui family received the great kindness of the Seventh Lady He for no reason, which was never thought of by the leader and wife of the Cui family.

In addition, the Seventh Lady He is a little lady who has not left the cabinet after all. Her husband thanked her in front of everyone yesterday, so it would be unnecessary to come to her in person again.

So the lady sent her to act in the name of Mrs Cui.

She looked at the look of Lady He Qi and saw that she had a lotus face with a shallow smile.

The servant bowed her head and said, 'These thanks are specially chosen by my wife. In addition to some jade objects, there are also some small things that Yingdu's little ladies like.'

As she spoke, she motioned to the servant behind her to lift up the object.

As soon as the box was opened, the colorful jades and treasures in it almost dazzled people's eyes.

In the other box, the top quality runes and cinnabar produced by the Taiqing Taoist Temple are neatly stacked, which are hard to find.

For Xuanshi, the better the natural quality is, the higher the probability of drawing a rune is.

He Lingjiang has excellent talent. He has never been worried about drawing symbols, but since he is a Xuanshi, he can use the best things.

These two things were delivered to her.

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