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Chapter 29 Lantern riddle

The people on the stage frowned slightly, a thoughtful look.

he answered the questions very quickly. The incense was only one third burnt. There was still a lot of time to think about it.

this question is just a dead reckoning, but it can not be worked out. It needs to be assumed by the method of surplus and deficiency to get the result.

just as the examiner wanted to remind him that he was not in a hurry, he saw the man smiling lightly and said: 'we will meet at 2:30 a.m. in about two days. As for the time of meeting...'

he paused and continued: 'at the time of meeting, the rats wore two feet, four inches and seven inches, and the mice wore one foot, five inches and three inches.'

when ah man heard the speech, he asked in a low voice, 'seven maidens, has this husband ever answered correctly?'

he Lingjiang nodded slightly and said, 'yes.'

aman fuzhang said, 'the husband is really good. He even got ten questions right.'

'yes.' He Ling Jiang smiled, 'it's really powerful.'

these ten questions cover a wide range. This person can answer all the questions correctly in less than half a day. In addition to being erudite, he must be a bit quick witted.

as soon as she finished speaking, the question officer on the stage also announced the answer. He smiled and bowed and said, 'Mr. Lang, you are a great talent. All the ten questions are right. This lantern belongs to you.'

as he spoke, he ordered someone to climb to the top of the lamp house, take down the lantern and solemnly hand it to the gentleman.

from a nearby point of view, this lantern is really exquisite, showing its exquisite mind.

the audience burst into fierce applause and admiration.

'really a young talent!'

'I don't know which family's husband?'

'do you know that?' A scholar named Lang jundao said, 'this Lang Jun comes from the Cui family in Jiangzhou, and his ancestors are the famous Cui family in Qinghe. Since he moved south in the last years of the previous dynasty, he has been set in Jiangzhou, and he can be called a rich family in the whole Zhou Dynasty.'

'is this Cui Shilang, who is famous in Jiangzhou?'

the man nodded.

the crowd suddenly thought: 'it was the eleven Lang of the Cui family. No wonder he was so powerful.'

most of the children of the Cui family are officials in the imperial court. The current leader of the Cui family is an official to the order of the minister, and is a proper senior official.

let's talk about Mr. Cui's family on this stage. His name is described and his words are Jingyan. He ranks 11th in the family. At a young age, he shows unusual intelligence. At the age of six, the famous scholar He Bi once praised that 'he has a beautiful style and a bright appearance, and will certainly surpass the famous scholar's royal banquet in the future'.

Mr. Cui really lived up to the expectations of the public. At a young age, he read poetry and calligraphy thoroughly, became a master of calligraphy, and won the first place in the college and township examinations. He was a favorite student of the great Confucian Wang Lang.

'ah! It's Jiangzhou cuilang!'

as soon as the young ladies heard this, they became excited.

I have heard about cuijingyan, cuilang in Jiangzhou for a long time. He looks clear and elegant. The little ladies have heard his name but never seen him. Now, they really live up to their reputation.

today coincides with the Shangyuan Festival. It is a blessing to meet Cui lang. if you can say a few words to him again, you will have no regrets in this life.

the young women swarmed forward: 'Cui Lang!'


'look this way, cuilang!'

Cui Shu's face was frozen. He didn't even have time to take the lamp he had won. He squeezed down from the stage, covered his face with his sleeve, and dragged his companions out.

the little ladies kept calling, and a handkerchief and sachet were thrown at him.

he dragged his companion ha ha! 'I knew that I should have pulled an ox cart here today, and I would surely return with a cart full of money,' he said

'shut up, Lu Rong!' Cui Shu said with shame.

he shied away from the silk handkerchief sachet: 'I shouldn't have listened to you!'

'OK, don't be angry!' Lu Rong said with a smile, 'I don't want people to throw me a fruit cart!'

Cui Shu ignores him and only pulls him out of the crowd.

the crowd was crowded together. For a moment, I couldn't see where Cui Lang was. I could only see the silk handkerchief sachets flying around.

Cui Shu, with his sleeve covering his head, was so easy to get away from the crowd. He took a breath and turned to Lu Rong and said, 'go!'

then he strode out.

just listen to the 'pa' sound, which is a clear sound made by an object falling to the ground.

Cui Shu stopped and looked at the Kunlun slave mask that fell to the ground beside his feet. He was stunned.

he bent over to pick up the mask and handed it to the girl in front of him: 'I'm sorry, madam. I accidentally bumped into you. Have you ever been hurt?'

he Lingjiang took over the mask and said calmly, 'it doesn't matter.'

she looked at the Cui family's husband, who won the little women's competition to throw handkerchiefs, and said, 'you'd better go quickly. It would be bad if there was a push and stampede incident.'

Cui Shu was stunned. When he looked up, he saw that the girl in front of him looked like snow, showing a soft jade color under the light. A pair of slender eyebrows are picturesque. The candlelight is reflected in the eyes. It is very quiet and cold.

the mask fell to the ground with a small crack on the edge. He Lingjiang didn't care either. He raised his hand and put the mask back on his face, so he avoided the crowd and went aside.

along the street in the middle, there are lanterns hanging. Each lantern is hung with a long piece of paper with puzzles written on it.

although the lanterns are not as exquisite as those on the lamp tower just now, they are also exquisite and lovely.

when the breeze blows, the lanterns sway gently. The paper with puzzles is waving in the wind. Is it beautiful.

'seclusion from the world, the land of water and clouds, the home of the gulls and heros in the neighborhood. The jade dust is waved before the wind, and the poplar flowers are illusory after the frost. What is this, seven maidens?' Aman asked her, holding up a note.

he Lingjiang said in a shallow voice, 'it's a reed.'

aman unfolded the note next to him with the answer to the riddle, and said with a smile: 'really! The seventh lady is really powerful!'

the lamp watcher came forward with a smile: 'my little lady is smart. This lantern belongs to you.'

as he said this, he raised his hand to take down the lantern and handed it to helingjiang.

this is a carp lamp, bound with bamboo strips and drawn with white paper, which is vivid.

'thank you.' He Lingjiang nodded his thanks and then handed it to aman. 'Aman likes it. This is for you. I wish you more than enough in the future.'

aman took it in surprise and shook it in his hand. The fish seemed to swim: 'thank you, madam seven!'

when she was a child, her family was poor. Later, she almost starved to death in famine. Since then, every new year, she makes a wish that her granary will be full of food, that she will be rich enough, and that she will never be hungry again.

she really likes this lantern that the lady gave her!

there are many lantern riddles hanging overhead. He Lingjiang looks at them one by one, but does not guess.

aman asked her, 'don't you guess, seven niangs?'

'it's interesting to watch.'

as she said this, she saw a lantern riddle in the twinkling of an eye.

'a foolish lone goose flies late.'

she couldn't help laughing. When she was young in the north, she often taunted people with these words, often making them speechless and unable to refute.

this lantern riddle may be used to make up the numbers, and only an ordinary lantern is hung on it. People around may think it is too simple and disdain to guess.

the puzzle paper was curling in the wind, and he Lingjiang reached out to help it. Just then, a hand was stretched out beside him, which was as long as jade and had distinct bones.

these are hands holding swords.

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