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Chapter 293 Few people

Disclose the drawing of bow and crossbow and Beidi?

The bow and crossbow is an important part of the army. It can produce a bow and crossbow with range, accuracy and speed. It is of great significance to win in the battlefield.

Because of this, the imperial court spends a lot of money on it every year, and it also recruits the world's skilled craftsmen, hoping to produce sharp weapons that are more conducive to gaining operational advantage.

She had heard Pei You say that this year, the Bow and Crossbow Department of the Great Zhou Dynasty has made a new kind of strong crossbow, which can shoot ten times at a time and has the power of ten thousand, but it is still making further progress and has not yet been used in the battlefield.

However, it can be imagined that once this object can be mass produced after debugging and used in large-scale operations, whether it is Beidi who is always ready to move or Xibo who is arrogant, at least when it is against both, the soldiers of the Zhou Dynasty can also have more chances to defeat the enemy.

Such drawings are naturally kept under strict custody for fear of divulging half of them.

However, Lu Zhengjian is in charge of the whole Shaofu prison, and is responsible for organizing, dyeing, armor, crossbow, and palm smelting. As the first person of the Shaofu prison, it is not surprising that he has the latest drawing of the bow and crossbow.

The Lu family really colluded with Beidi and the Holy Palace?

Whether you sell iron weapons privately or disclose the drawing of the bow and crossbow, this is treason with the enemy. If it is found out, it will be a great crime to steal the family and kill the family!

He Lingjiang thought of Lu Liulang, who seems to be involved in the Holy Palace. Now Lu Zhengjian is colluding with Beidi spies. It seems that the family is bound to the Holy Palace and Beidi.

But somehow, she felt something was wrong.

In the other place, there was chaos in Lu Mansion.

Because when investigating the private sale of iron tools, the Third Division had an eye on Lu Shi for some reason. They had already kept a low profile in their mansion. Apart from going to the Princess Chang's mansion to celebrate their birthday, they had never participated in other banquets. People in the mansion also tried to avoid going out to avoid being pinched.

Now, why is everything in chaos again?

The commander of Wude Department made Chen Nie and others burst in directly. Madame Lu forced a smile to come forward and wanted to know the reason, but he stopped her with a wave of his hand: 'Madame Lu, don't ask more, just call the husbands and wives, as well as all kinds of servants and servants.'

'Mr. Chen has been ordered to inspect Lu's mansion. As long as you cooperate, my subordinates will not hurt anyone.'

Check Mrs. Lu was stunned, 'I dare to ask Commander Chen, what's wrong with my family, and you should come to check?'

You should know that if it is an ordinary minor crime, the Imperial Court will not directly send the jackals like Wu De Si to search for it.

Chen Nie's face was cold, and he didn't lift his eyebrows when he heard the words. He just said, 'Madam Lu, don't ask more, just wait for it.'


He was so arrogant and disdainful. Madame Lu could not help feeling angry. But she could not do anything about the people in Wudeshi. She had to swallow her anger and smile with him: 'Commander Chen, where is my husband now?'

Chen Nie raised his eyelids and looked at him: 'Eunuch Lu, he is drinking tea with the sage now...'

This morning, the young minister of Dali Temple reported that he had caught a spy from Beidi last night and found a drawing of bow and crossbow with the logo of the department of bow and crossbow.

He checked overnight, and the spy of Beidi finally confessed that he had contacts with Lu Zhengjian, the leader of the Shaofu prison. This figure was obtained from him.

Big Zhou's drawing of bows and crossbows fell into the hands of Beidi spies, which is not bad!

The young minister of the Dali Temple sorted out the confessions of the Beidi spy overnight. The next day, he went to court and impeached Lu Zhengjian for colluding with the Beidi spy.

Although Lu Zhengjian has repeatedly called for injustice, how can the sage listen to his one-sided statement? Now, Lu Zhengjian is detained in the palace, and Wu De Si comes to search.

He said coolly, 'If you can't find anything, Supervisor Lu Zhengneng will come back today. But if you have something you shouldn't have...'

He gave a cold grunt and didn't say anything more. However, Madame Lu already knew this unfinished idea. If anything was found that should not have been found, not only did prison warden Lu refuse to come back, but his family was afraid that they would go to prison with him!

Her face turned white and she stepped back in disbelief. Si Niang Lu held her in time to prevent her from falling.

'Niang, Niang! Are you all right?'

Madame Lu shook her head and gritted her teeth to calm down: 'In this case, Commander Chen will send someone to search. All of us in the Lu family will not stop it. There are also girls and children in the house. I hope you can relax a little, and don't frighten them...'

Chen Nie nodded with a smile: 'Madam Lu, don't worry. We are just doing our duty. As long as you don't cause trouble, everything is easy to say.'

Then, with a wave of his hand, the people of Wudeshi behind him rushed into Lu's mansion. From the front yard, they searched inch by inch.

The sound of rummaging the boxes and cabinets came from the room.

Looking at Chen Nie's expressionless face, Lu Sitiang's heart jumped, and she could not help clenching the sleeve of Madame Lu beside her, and her pretty face became more and more pale.

The hearts of people in Lu Mansion were also thumping for fear that the jackals would find something. Then they would become fish on the eucalyptus board and let them eat it.

After a while, a voice broke the silence in the courtyard: 'Newspaper! I found something!'

Chen Nie reached out and took it. He swept past. Then he looked up at the people in front of him. He smiled slowly with a cold face: 'Everybody, I'm afraid I can't stop the search today...


The people in Lu Mansion fell into a trance. What deadly things did they really find?

What crime did they commit?

Is it still the privately sold iron eucalyptus?

Chen Nie looked at the letter with Beidi in front of him and asked, 'Where did you find it?'

'It was found in the study of Supervisor Lu. This letter was put in the cover. If my subordinates didn't feel wrong, they would have taken it apart and checked it carefully. It was easy to ignore it.'

'Good!' Chen Nie clapped his hands and said, 'I don't know whether it's to praise the subordinate's good search, or to satirize the warden Lu's hiding.'

'Go ahead and search everywhere carefully. Not only is it in the room of prison leader Lu, but also in other places!'


Mrs. Lu stared at the letter in Chen Nie's hand, her eyes frightened and worried.

What on earth is it! What did they do in Lu Mansion!

This search lasted for most of the day. When the sun was getting weaker in the afternoon, Lu's mansion found several letters of Lu Zhengjian's communication with Beidi and the Holy Palace, the road map drawn when he helped the Holy Palace sell iron weapons privately, and some stolen goods.

Madame Lu could no longer support her, and finally she fainted.

Chen Nie snorted and said, 'Come on, take everyone away from Lu Mansion!'

My subordinates took orders to leave. After counting the number of people, they finally found something wrong: 'I report to the commander that one of the Lu family members is missing, and Lu Liulang is not among them.'

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