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Chapter 294 Dead

Lu Liulang?

Chen Nie frowned. Lu Liulang was not only a member of Lu family, but also worked under Lu Zhengjian. Although he had no official position, others would give him some face in the official circles of Yingdu or among the clans.

This man has always been highly valued by Lu Zhengjian. Otherwise, because of his chronic illness as a member of Lu's side branch, he would not be able to become prosperous in the Yingdu.

He will be entrusted with many of the things in front of him.

Now, Lu's residence is searched, but he is not there.

Chen Nie's cold eyes slowly swept over the Lu family. Is it a coincidence, or did he get the news in advance and hide?

His eyes were cold, and he said in a cold voice, 'Take these people down first, and then send more people to search for Lu Liulang. Once found, take them down immediately.'

Yes My subordinates took orders with fists folded.

The people of Lu Mansion had been enjoying flowers and drinking tea safely in the mansion before, but they were going to be imprisoned in a short time. In an instant, there was a lot of crying for help.

But how?

Under the escort of the wolves like Wudessi, they could only go to prison with tears in their eyes.

He Lingjiang frowned when he heard that He Zheng had told him about Lu's mansion.

My grandpa had been staring at Lu Shi for so many days, and he did not find any useful evidence. However, this night, Beidi's careful work, drawing with bows and crossbows, eloping with Beidi, letters from the Holy Palace, circuit diagrams to help the Holy Palace smuggle iron weapons, and even stolen goods all popped up.

A Beidi's meticulous work has involved so many things. They are all looking at what Lu's Sansi wants. When he is really sleepy, someone gives him a pillow. It's very clever.

He had been wandering about Lu Shi's affairs before, but he could not find a real example. He must be very happy. He could not blame the young minister of the Dali Temple for his strict trial of Beidi's meticulous work overnight. He could not wait to impeach Lu Shi after sorting out his confession.

However, this is too coincidental.

What's more...

He Lingjiang's eyes were slightly deep. Lu Liulang just disappeared at this time.

Yesterday, he just went to the bookstore and took the so-called mission of the Holy Palace. Today, the entire Lu family has become a prisoner, and he himself has to escape capture in a hurry.

Did the Third Division get lucky and catch a Beidi carefully, just to implicate Lu Shi's adultery with foreign enemies, and Wude Division got the iron evidence at the right time?

Or is the Universiade actually delivered by someone on purpose?

Lu Liulang...

Lu Si Niang went to the Princess Long's birthday party earlier. She should have acted in a low profile, but Lu Liulang's words stirred her mind and secretly retaliated against Jiang.

No matter whether this matter is successful or not, once it is known by others, others will only think that Lu Shi is dissatisfied with He Family and San Si, who is investigating the private sale of iron eucalyptus.

The privately sold iron ware eucalyptus was also pulled out by He Lingjiang. Now He Xiangshan is also a member of the Third Division. He followed the investigation of this eucalyptus and also targeted the Lu family, which should not arouse the resentment of the Lu family.

But Lu Sitiang is simple minded. Her brother is not a person who doesn't understand the situation. Why should she complain to her? It's not like it's good for Lu.

Therefore, He Lingjiang wanted to investigate him.

After yesterday's event, she was sure that Lu Liulang was involved in the temple, and the Lu family probably had something to do with it.

However, as Lu Shi was investigated overnight, the evidence suddenly came out. Maybe it was too smooth and too fast. She suddenly wondered whether Lu Shi was really involved in the temple?

Lu Liulang, must he be with Lu Shi?

What is his mission?

Is it related to the impeachment of Lu Zhengjian?

But... He Ling Jiang shook his head again. Lu Liulang was supported by Lu Zhengjian. He seems to have no reason to harm Lu's family.

After all, Lu Shi fell down, and he himself could not do well.

Now Lu Shi's affair with the enemy is almost certain, but He Lingjiang always feels that it is not as simple as it seems.

The top priority is to find Lu Liulang first.

Wu De Si was very quick. Although Lu Liulang ran away, his close servant was still there. After interrogation, he knew that Lu Liulang would go to a bookstore to select several books every 15 days. Although Lu's family lived in seclusion these days, Lu Liulang went to the bookstore yesterday as usual.

Chen Nie took someone to the bookstore, but the room was empty.

As expected, the people of Wudeshi found the dark room behind the bookshelf and found some things in it. It can be seen that they were left by the Holy Palace.

Although Lu Liulang could not be found, it was impossible to argue that the Lu family colluded with the Holy Palace.

After all, Lu Liulang was promoted and put in high position by Lu Zhengjian. He must have been ordered by Lu Zhengjian when he came here to contact people in the Holy Palace.

If not, who passed on those things found in Lu Zheng's prison to him?

For a while, the huge Lushi tree fell down and the monkeys were scattered. The people who had always been with them wanted to get rid of them immediately.

He Lingjiang, however, has always had doubts.

She looked at Pei You who came by night and asked, 'Do you have Lu Liulang's whereabouts?'

Pei You's men had been watching Lu Liulang in the dark before, and they haven't withdrawn yet. There are also people who have been staring at the bookstore.

Now both of them have disappeared. I just hope Pei You's men can find out the mistake in time and follow him.

Fortunately, since yesterday, Pei You has told his men that they dare not relax for a moment.

Lu Liulang left the mansion late last night to avoid others, but he did not go back. The bookkeeper also went to meet him secretly.

'He and the bookstore manager are staying here in a busy street in the west of the city, temporarily living in a dilapidated house.' Pei You's words reassured He Lingjiang.

The west of the city is the place where the traffickers and soldiers gather. Some streets and lanes are full of good and evil people. Lu Liulang and his wife can hide in it, and they can really hide from the Wude Department to search.

'It's easy to say that no one has lost his life. At this time, Lu Liulang is being hunted down in the city. In addition, he is lame, so he may not be able to leave the city for a while.'

It's just that he can hide for a while, but he can't hide forever. Sooner or later, Wudeshi will search that place, and then it will be difficult for him to escape again.

If no one else helped him, he could not get away so easily. He Lingjiang asked, 'Lu Liulang, can they contact the people of the Holy Palace?'

If so, they can also follow the vine, which is why Pei You clearly knows where he is, but does not start to catch people.

'I think the bookkeeper made a mark at the gate of the house, as if he wanted to send a message. But no suspicious person has appeared, so we need to wait.'

'Good.' Congratulation made Jiang nod.

However, before they could wait long, Lu Liulang had an accident.

The bookkeeper is dead.

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