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Chapter 30 Evil

He Lingjiang looked sideways and saw a man standing nearby, dressed in black robes and wearing a fierce animal mask with green faces and fangs.

'does this gentleman want to guess?'

the man did not speak, but nodded in silence.

'come on.' He Lingjiang made a gesture of invitation and went on.

'thank you.' People behind him spoke quietly, and their voices were as low as jade.

he Lingjiang walked forward leisurely. He didn't look back when he heard the voice behind him. He just waved his hand casually.

there were so many tourists on the road that her figure soon disappeared.

the man in Xuanyi took the lantern from the lantern maker, nodded his thanks, and then carried the lantern and joined the crowd.

the lantern watcher shakes his head. He is cold, wearing a fierce animal mask and carrying a lantern. This man is really strange.

walking down the avenue to the end, you will find a lake called Mingyue lake. It is connected by a curved bridge and decorated with waterside pavilions. There are pavilions and flower paths in the center of the lake.

when it comes to Shangyuan and the Mid Autumn Festival, many unmarried young women and husbands come here in twos or threes, or a couple of lovers go together, and they all come here to put lanterns to pray.

when the roadside vendor saw helingjiang coming, he hurriedly said, 'little lady, come and buy a river lantern to pray for you, and make sure you find the right husband.'

he Lingjiang shook his head and declined him in a low voice. Only the vendor sighed that he had lost a business.

there are many people who put lanterns on the lakeside. She took aman along the lakeside path, winding all the way. Sometimes she heard a few laughs and even sweet words between lovers.

she couldn't help laughing: 'young people's aspirations are really enviable.'

gradually, the number of people is becoming less and less. Only a few river lanterns left by the lake are scattered in the water and drift away slowly with the water waves.

he Lingjiang stops under a willow tree near the lake.

before spring, only bare slender branches are left on the trees, hanging low on the lake and swaying gently in the wind.

not far away, there is a little lady squatting on the bank to put a river lamp.

she folded her hands and tacitly agreed to her wish in her heart. Then she pushed her hand lightly, and the small river lamp floated along the water, showing a hazy halo in the secluded river.

the river lamp sways away with the current.

the little lady on the bank stood up after watching it several feet away from the shore. She was about to lift her feet to leave, but suddenly gave a meal, and the whole person went straight into the lake.

at this time, if someone else sees it, she will be very surprised. The little lady is dazed, and she looks like she has been captured by something.

he Lingjiang, who was enjoying the scenery, felt the air around her. She looked back and saw a little lady in the lake. At this time, the lake had already covered her waist, but she didn't realize it and went on.

he Lingjiang was fierce in his eyes. He kneaded a formula in his hand to stop the little lady. He quickly drew a heart clearing talisman and patted her.

when the cold wind blew, the little lady in the lake suddenly came back to her senses. When she saw that she had been submerged by the lake below her waist, her heart was shaking, and her fear came like the boundless night.

she wanted to go back to the shore, but she couldn't move her feet. On a cold day, she broke out in a sweat, and her tears fell uncontrollably.

seeing this, he Lingjiang whispered, 'aman, go and take the lady ashore.'

after saying this, she closed her fingers and turned the wind into a blade. The willow twigs swaying in the wind broke and fell towards the lake.

he Lingjiang raised his hand again, and the willows in the air were suddenly pushed into the distance, and lined up towards a small pavilion in the west of the lake.

she tiptoed gently and walked to the pavilion with the wicker.

this pavilion is located in a remote place. Due to human life, few people come to the pavilion on weekdays, and no one goes to paint and repair it. As soon as he Lingjiang stood in the pavilion, he felt the wood under his feet creaking.

it was dark around. The cold wind blew, and the weeds around the pavilion made a rustling sound.

the lake is covered with thick smoke at some time. It is only about ten feet away from the shore. At this time, it is impossible to tell where the lake shore is.

far away, a man's voice came, which seemed to pass through the barrier: 'seven niangs, I have taken this Niang to the shore!'

he Lingjiang Yang said: 'take people away from here quickly!'

ah man answered. After a while, he shouted, 'madam, it seems that this place is surrounded. I can't go out!'

he Lingjiang was about to open his mouth when he heard Jie's laughter, followed by a charming female voice: 'no one of you can leave! Today, just stay with me!'

the smog on the lake is more dense, and a pair of eyes appear in the smog.

blood red eyes, full of malice, are staring at helingjiang in the pavilion.

'as for you, the little lady who destroys my good deeds, let you be the first to accompany me!'

after that, she pounced on Heling Jiang.

her whole body was covered with thick black air, and she could not see the shape, except for her blood red eyes.

he Lingjiang moved at his feet, turned sideways to avoid her outstretched claw, kneaded the formula symbol on his hand, and patted at the black air.

the symbol pattern shines brightly in the night.


the black air seemed to be burning in the scorching sun.

the black gas stopped for a moment. It seemed that she looked down at the burned place on her body, and then suddenly raised her head. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she said sternly: 'how dare you hurt me!'

he Lingjiang stood still and replied, 'you are evil. I am a Xuanshi. Is it not natural for me to hurt you?'

the black air was very angry, and the voice became sharp and harsh. It was like a fingernail scraping over the stone: 'little Xuanshi, but he knows some xuanshu, he dares to talk nonsense. Today, I will let you have no return!'

as soon as the red light was in her eyes, the black air suddenly rose around her. It seemed that all the dark air around gathered here and gradually formed a vortex.

aman on the bank could not see the situation in the pavilion clearly. He was worried and shouted: 'seven niangs, are you ok?'

he Ling Jiang Wenyan shouted back: 'I'm all right! Aman, take out the bronze mirror I gave you earlier, recite the mantra according to the method I taught you, and try to find a way out first!'

the bronze mirror can reflect evil spirits. If evil spirits are illuminated by this object, they will not be able to hide. Those with profound magic power can also catch ghosts and drive them away.

it's a pity that aman has just come into contact with xuanshu. The bronze mirror in her hand doesn't show that much power for the time being.

at the moment, the dense fog is everywhere. Aman was originally a pure Yang. With this bronze mirror, he may be able to break through the fog and get out of the barrier created by evil.

'OK!' Aman replied loudly, 'be careful, seven ladies!'

black Qi Jie smiled and said, 'how dare you talk so nonsense in front of me? Today, none of you can escape!'

she pounced on Heling Jiang again.

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