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Chapter 301 Black Crane

This matter of Lu Shi cannot be clarified in a short time.

It was He Lingjiang. Although it seems that Lu Liulang intended to overthrow the Lu family, he did not know the cause and effect of it, and could not make a hasty conclusion.

Fan Yang and Lu Shi wanted to investigate, and Lu Shi's people also wanted to retrial. Together with the captured gambling house people, they had to interrogate one by one to see if they could find out the bottom of the temple again.

They followed Lu Liulang to find out about the bookstores and gambling houses. Although they were successful, they did not touch the key figures in the temple.

As I thought earlier, the Holy Palace is located in the southeast, northwest and northwest of the Great Zhou Dynasty. It should be that the four leaders of the palace have their own plans. So who is in charge of Yingdu?

Who on earth weaves this big net behind?

He ordered Jiang to squint. If he is lucky, he may be able to pull out more than half of the forces hidden in the north of the palace along the line of Fan Yang and Lu Shi.

But what about Yingdu?

Where the cloud waves are treacherous and the power is surging, which big hand is stirring the wind and clouds in the dark?

It is up to the Dali Temple and the Ministry of Punishment to examine the crimes committed by Eucalyptus. He Xiangshan and Pei You stayed here and watched the criminal officers go to the gambling house to bring up people for trial.

He ordered Jiang to leave the Dali Temple with others. She did not go back to the mansion directly, but turned her foot to the office of Misfortune.

Lu Shi's eucalyptus is related to the official family, but in fact, it has something to do with the temple.

After she met Yuan Bukuai, she told him about these things, so that he could know something.

The people in the gambling house found today are the moves of killers, but not everyone in the Holy Palace knows the arcane arts.

It is impossible for such a gambling house composed of killers to do nothing in Yingdu.

He Lingjiang was curious that in recent years, which aristocratic dignitaries or officials in the Yingdu had lost their lives, or were involved in some old eucalyptus.

The Third Division Division will naturally investigate these matters, but she is not a member of the Third Division Division, so she can not participate in them with integrity. Even if she wants to ask for information, she can only start from He Xiangshan or Pei You.

She came here to ask Yuan to give her a name, so that she can participate in the investigation of the third division.

Yuan did not hesitate to look at He Lingjiang, who stood in front of him blandly, and said with a slight frown, 'Do you want to directly participate in the review of this eucalyptus in the name of Buyuan?'

He ordered Jiang to nod: 'Zhang Si also knows that Lu Shi's affairs have nothing to do with the Holy Palace.'

'We are not destined for the company because we are ordered by the saints to exterminate the evil ways in the Holy Palace. Now we have a clue. If we only ask the Third Division to do it, wouldn't it make people look down upon us?'

Her last sentence seemed to be a joke, but in fact, it was also accurate in Yuan's mind.

Although we are different from other Yamen, we look at our aloofness, but this aloofness can only be obtained if it is useful.

The Holy Palace had been silent for a long time, and Buyuansi had never been asked to find a place to start. Now if you don't catch the vines that came out of Lu Shi's head, you will miss the opportunity.

If San Si had taken other lines out of the temple by Lu Shi's business, it would have been a bit awkward if it had not happened to Si, the place where the world's Xuanshi and capable people gathered.

Yuan naturally understood her thoughts, raised his eyelids and smiled softly: 'How? Now you have captured Lu Liulang and the people in the gambling house, and you have made great contributions... Who dares to despise our company?'

'The chief executive was very pleased.' Congratulation makes Jiang Chui humble.

Yuan did not hesitate to wave his hand: 'You did a good job.'

From the little dispute between the little girls at the banquet of the Princess Chang's Mansion, I can tell from the casual words of the Fourth Lady Lu, and I can also find out these things along this line.

Not everyone can have such dexterity.

'However, you are right. Now you have found this key clue. There is no reason why we should give up our achievements to the Third Division for nothing.' Yuan said freely.

'Don't worry about it. I told the saint about it tomorrow. The matter of the Holy Palace has a lot to do with it. Whether it's the third division or not, we should always exchange what we need.'

He took out a round jade plate engraved with a crane from his sleeve and handed it to He Lingjiang: 'Take it. If you have anything to ask, take this order. No matter in the Xuanmen or in various official circles, you will cooperate with you.'

The Dark Crane Order.

The congratulation made Jiang feel a little shocked. This was the order of the leader of the company. He who saw it was as close as the leader.

Since the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the leaders of Buyuan Division have all come from Taiqing Taoist Temple, the head of the Xuanmen Sect. They are all respected by people.

Those who hold this order will not say that they are in charge of the Xuanmen 72 Temple, but it is no problem to ask them to cooperate.

As for officials everywhere, it will be more convenient to congratulate Jiang on his orders when Yuan speaks freely.

Unexpectedly, Yuan did not hesitate to give the order to her directly.

She bowed her head and took a step forward. She raised her hands above her head to receive the order of the black crane and said, 'Thank you, Zhang Si.'

Yuan smiled and waved: 'Go ahead and do well.'

'Yes, let Jiang Ding fulfill his mission.' Congratulate Jiang, and then turn back.

Yuan did not hesitate to watch her figure disappear outside the door, and he sighed with emotion that with such descendants, the He family would never worry about it...

After he ordered Jiang to come out from Yuan's generous place, he wanted to go back to the mansion first, and then he went to the front hall. Then he saw Princess Yongmu coming from outside in a hurry.

'Princess.' She bowed her head slightly and made a ritual of the Xuanmen.

Seeing that it was her, Princess Yongmu stopped: 'Heard that Lady He Qi, together with Prince Pei, captured Lu Liulang back, and also captured several leftovers from the palace?'

He made Jiang's eyes slightly surprised: 'Princess, the news came quickly...'

She just came out of the Dali Temple and told Yuan Bushao that Princess Yongmu got the news. If she said she had not been watched, she wouldn't believe it.

You should know that Princess Yongmu stole this body from her with the help of the Holy Palace.

She did not forget that the man in front of her was inextricably linked with the temple.

Since she came to Yingdu, Princess Yongmu has paid close attention to Helingjiang. Similarly, Helingjiang has never forgotten her for a moment...

It's a pity that Princess Yongmu seems to have lost contact with the Holy Palace since she entered the imperial palace. He Lingjiang and Pei You have stared at her secretly for a long time, and have never seen her do anything else.

If they don't know the truth, they really think she has nothing to do with the temple.

Princess Yongmu brushed her skirt, which was slightly disordered because of her walking, and Dan Dan said: 'The Lu family affair has a lot to do with it. Everyone in Yingdu pays attention to it all the time, not to mention our palace.'

She said, 'The Seventh Lady He came here, but she told Yuan Zhangsi about it?'

He Lingjiang nodded: 'Exactly. The leader has ordered me to deal with this matter. That gambling house is a secret stake in the Holy Palace. Now all people are captured. If you are lucky, you may find some important figures in the Holy Palace...'

Princess Yongmu's eyes were deep, but her face was still full of smiles: 'Then I would like to congratulate the Seventh Lady on her good luck.'

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