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Chapter 304 Jade pendant

The imp regained his memory, and when his heart was tied, he willingly reincarnated.

With the movement of He Lingjiang's hands and the gentle voice of chanting, the figure of the little ghost disappeared, and the three little golden bells hanging around her waist also fell with a loud 'slap'.

He ordered Jiang to reach for the golden bell and buckle it back to the string of bells in his sleeve. Then he left the yard.

The wooden door slowly closed, and she turned to look at the house in front of her, which was cold in the sunset. She took out two pieces of runes and printed them on the door, and then turned out of the alley.

The people who gathered to talk quietly dispersed.

This anecdote, after all, settled down and became an old story among the people around.

After receiving Yuan's approval, He Lingjiang naturally devoted himself to the exploration of Eucalyptus Lu.

At the beginning, Lu Zhengjian was impeached and colluded with Beidi Holy Palace. All the evidence and material evidence were there, but Lu's people were dead and refused to admit it. Later, Lu Liulang readily confessed his guilt, but his strange words and deeds also made Sansi people have doubts about him.

Whether it is to examine and approve the rebellion of the Lu family, or to turn over the eucalyptus for Lu Liulang on the pretext of framing, more evidence is needed.

In Yingdu, except for those found in Lu Mansion, there is really a limit to what can be found again. If you want to thoroughly investigate this eucalyptus, you should go to Fan Yang.

Pei You had previously sent someone to investigate Lu Liulang's family affairs. He happened to get some replies last night. As for the other news, we still need to wait a little longer.

Now what they can do is to find more information and try to pry an opening from Lu Liulang and the people in gambling houses.

However, Lu Liulang's bones were very hard. Even if he was punished, he would not tell anyone about it. He only took it on himself and Lu Shi.

He ordered Jiang to raise his head slightly, and the jailer understood and opened the prison door.

She walked to Lu Liulang a step away and looked down at the man in front of her.

He was leaning against the corner of the cell, with long messy hair and ragged clothes. There were still dried blood stains on his body.

Compared with the appearance of the previous well-dressed and elegant family husband, Lu Liulang is really down and out.

He ordered Jiang Youyou to sigh, 'Look, what's the trouble?'

Lu Liulang raised his eyelids and gave her a cold look: 'I have confessed. How can I congratulate the Seventh Lady and the Third Secretary for not believing?'

'Your words are not true. You and I are well aware that all the adults in the Third Division have doubts about your words.'

He Lingjiang's eyes were full of doubts: 'Do you really think that you can stop us from finding out the truth by biting Lu Shi?'

Lu Liulang sneered: 'What did Lady He Seven say? The Lu family and I have committed mistakes. Now that the matter has been revealed, we should take the blame. Isn't that true?'

'How can I see that Lady He Qi seems to want to excuse the Lu family?'

'That's really interesting.' He ordered Jiang Liangliang to chuckle, 'You, the Lu family, believe that your family has committed treason, and you should be punished. It's me, an outsider, who thinks that the Lu family may be innocent, and wants to see if you can prove their innocence...'

'You will never say that I actually collude with the Holy Palace and want to protect Lu Shi who colludes with the Holy Palace?'

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Lu Liulang was very frustrated. He wanted to say that, but no one in the world knew. From the private mining of copper and iron in Linchuan to the battle of Yao State in Nanzhao, and the civil unrest in Rongqu, it was the seven wives of the He family who intervened to break the temple.

If it were not for her, the plot of the southern land would have come naturally, and this big week should have overturned the reconstruction.

Unfortunately, hateful!

He closed his eyes and stopped talking.

He ordered Jiang to pick the tip of his eyebrows slightly. He took out an object from his sleeve. When he loosened his hand, it fell on the rope and swayed slightly in Lu Liulang's eyes.

Lu Liulang frowned and then opened his eyes.

When he saw what was in front of him, he was shocked.

The small jade pendant is not a masterpiece, even it has some flaws. But Lu Liulang is really familiar with it.

This was the birthday gift from his mother when he was ten years old.

Jade is not a good jade, but it is the best that Niang can get with all her efforts.

'A gentleman is like a jade, like a duel, like a chisel. Liulang, you should remember that even if you are inconvenient now, you should be like a beautiful jade, bright and restrained, tough and upright.'

The woman, who had also read books when her family was not in decline, was trying her best to encourage him, who was extremely self abased at that time, and to arouse his unyielding heart to learn.

He thought that the jade pendant had been lost and could not be found anymore

Lu Liulang slowly said, 'Where did you get this jade pendant?'

'Fan Yang is from the Lu family.' He ordered Jiang to take the jade pendant and hand it to Lu Liulang.

Lu Liulang held out his hand and said, 'I thought I would never see this jade pendant again...'

At the age of 19, Lu Zhengjian returned home from Yingdu with his two sons.

When going to the countryside for horseback riding, Lu Jiulang, the second son of Lu Zhengjian, startled his horse. He was not afraid of danger and rushed to catch people. Unexpectedly, this jade pendant was lost in the chaos.

He went to look for it several times later, but he had to give up if he didn't find it.

Although the jade pendant was lost, it was that chance that made eunuch Lu look at him and take him to Yingdu for reuse.

Although he still could not enter the official career, he was not confined to the countryside.

Unexpectedly, I saw this jade pendant again. Maybe someone picked it up but didn't return it, and it fell into her hands again by chance.

Lu Liulang did not ask her how she got it, but looked down at the jade pendant in his palm.

Bright and restrained, tough and straight

I don't know whether my wife will scold him when she sees him today?

He Lingjiang looked at Lu Liulang, who was silent. After a moment of silence, he said, 'You hate Lu Shi, right?'

Because he hated Lu Shi, he did not hesitate to pull down their entire family, share the fate with them, and share the crime of rebellion.

After all, if only Lu Liulang colluded with Beidi and the Holy Palace, he would be a collateral. Although the Lu family would inevitably be involved, they would not die. In addition to losing some money and officials, the status of the clan would not be greatly affected, and all the blood in the clan could be preserved.

However, if both the Lu Zhengjian and the Lu Clan Head are involved, the entire Lu Clan will inevitably be wiped out, and the Lu Clan will be destroyed.

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Lu Liulang's eyes were slightly deep. He looked up at He Lingjiang and said, 'Did you check me?'

What's more, she knows many fears. After all, for so many years, even the eunuch Lu has never suspected that he would hate Lu Shi.

He Lingjiang shrugged helplessly: 'If I want you to talk, I'm afraid I can't explain it without checking you, can I?'


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