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Chapter 31 fog

He Ling Yuan Xuan jumped to the other side of the pavilion, and the black air quickly turned around and attacked her. The thick black air mass still had a sharp evil spirit.

he Lingjiang hooked the pavilion column with one hand, and flew out of the pavilion to avoid her blow. His two fingers of his right hand closed together and quickly drew a Taoist symbol pattern in the void. Then he turned his fingers into palms and patted her.


the black gas was hit by her, and she gave a miserable howl. The black gas faded away, showing a gray figure.

the figure is long and slim, with a graceful posture.

she raised her head. A piece of Hibiscus face was even more beautiful. At the moment, her left cheek was covered with black without any reason. It seemed that she had been burned by something, and the whole face was twisted, which damaged her beauty for no reason.

he Lingjiang stood still in the pavilion. Seeing this, he felt a little ashamed and whispered: 'sorry, I accidentally hit you in the face.'

most young women in the world cherish their looks, and do not care about any damage. It seems that even if the man in front of me is a ghost, he should be so.

at this time, she covered her face with her hands, and her eyes were full of hate. If there was any substance, it seemed that she had to tear up Heling ginger and swallow it into her stomach.

he Lingjiang sighed and said, 'I haven't done it for a long time. It's hard to avoid losing some accuracy when I'm a handyman.'

she didn't expect that this palm was slapped on the face of the ghost. It was not even as powerful as before, and she had to make the ghost suffer more.

she said softly to the female ghost, 'next time, I'm sure to start harder and try to solve it as soon as possible without leaving too much pain.'

when the female ghost heard this, she was even more angry. The hatred in her ghost eyes almost flowed out.

her evil spirit soared, and her dark fingernails grew in the wind. As soon as she jumped, she grabbed helingjiang.

he Lingjiang patted her wrist with a palm on her side, leaving a trace of anxiety. The female ghost ate the pain but continued to rush at her.

Jiang Fangcai's words to congratulate her really irritated her. Every move has a strong evil spirit, and there is a strong tendency to never give up until the goal is achieved.

he Lingjiang leaned down on his back to avoid her attack, and then walked slightly behind her, retreated to the fence of the pavilion, made a seal between his hands, flipped his fingers, and then raised his head. He softly shouted, 'scattered!'

the female ghost who had just turned around was immediately hit by the face-to-face seal. As soon as the light was full, the whole soul gradually collapsed.

he Lingjiang came forward and was thinking of the mantra to take her away. The pavilion at his feet suddenly flashed. The figure also took the opportunity to turn into a black air and plunged into the lake.

the lake surface suddenly ripples, and then it recovers to calm. Occasionally, a breeze blows and ripples.

he Lingjiang stared at the lake, and the smell had disappeared without a trace, making people feel nothing.

the fog around the pavilion gradually faded away. She looked to the bank, but still could not see aman and them.

bad! She said to herself.

the female ghost was seriously injured and her soul broke up. He Lingjiang, a mysterious scholar, was watching to take her down. For her, the best choice at present was not to shrink up to recover from the injury, but to take risks to make up for it. She could only fight when the ghost spirit rose.

as soon as he Lingjiang's sleeve was raised, he lifted the wooden board in the pavilion and threw it onto the lake. He ran to the bank with a tiny dot under his feet.

sure enough, as soon as I got close to the bank, I felt that the fog around me was thicker. The whole person was wrapped in the thick fog and could not see anything in front of me.

a thin, soft and cool strip brushed her neck, and he Lingyuan brushed it away. This is the willow tree seen before. Even though it has been covered, its branches are still rippling in the thick fog.

it was just that there was thick fog all around, and there was no trace of aman and the lady.

he Lingjiang shouted: 'ah man!'

in the fog, the sound could not be heard for more than two feet, and it seemed that it was blocked by a wall and bounced back.

she kneaded the formula in her hands, and her wide sleeves were slightly raised. The thick fog around her seemed to touch the sun and gradually dispersed.

he Lingjiang took a step forward and called, 'aman, where are you?'

this time, the sound went far through the thick fog.

as she walked, she became mysterious under her feet. Everywhere she passed, the thick fog dissipated automatically and no longer condensed.

he Lingjiang called again.

for a long time, a voice came: 'madam, madam, I am here!'

the fog was thick, and the sound was somewhat ethereal, as if it came from a far away place.

she was absorbed and looked in the direction of the sound. However, ten feet away, she saw a faint light coming out of the thick fog.

she walked quickly and called out, 'ah man.'

the light flickered, and aman surprised and said, 'seven ladies!'

she didn't see her until he Lingjiang came near.

'you are back, seven ladies!' Aman looked excited and still held the bronze mirror in his hand. The glimmer of light just now was from the bronze mirror.

'I was about to find the exit with this lady, but suddenly there was a heavy fog around us, which trapped us here. I tried to walk around for a few times, but I just turned around.'

'no harm.' He Lingjiang said, 'it was the evil spirit that came ashore.'

the little lady nearby couldn't help exclaiming when she heard the speech, and said in a trembling voice: 'that... That evil spirit has landed?'

he Lingjiang nodded slightly. Seeing that she was very frightened, he made a sound and continued: 'this little lady need not be afraid. With me, it will be all right.'

the little lady looked at her, and her eyes could not help showing some amazing color.

during the fight, the Kunlun slave mask on her face was no longer known where it had fallen. At this time, a Baisheng face was exposed in front of people, deceiving frost and snow. Her facial features were exquisite and beautiful.

it's just that the lady in front of me is too young, but at the age of 14 or 15, she looks younger than her. So young, can you really drive away the evil spirit?

ah man seemed to see the suspicion in her eyes and said, 'my wife is very powerful. Why did you say that the evil spirit suddenly came ashore? I think it was because my wife was scared and lost her nest.'

hearing what she said, the little lady was determined.

the surrounding area is surrounded by smoke, which brings a wisp of lotus fragrance.

the little lady couldn't help taking a deep breath and doubted: 'before spring, where does the lotus smell come from?'

he Lingjiang frowns and sniffs at the tip of his nose. He really smells a faint fragrance.

she immediately said, 'hold your breath!'

ah man quickly held his breath when he heard the speech, but the little lady had already inhaled several times. It was too late to hold her breath.

then came the faint song from afar.

'the flowers on the pink wall are self respecting, the curtains roll up the wind of the lotus water hall, and the zither is playing towards the moonlight. The golden dragon is moving, and people are in the third palace of Penglai. Zhu Xian's voice is silent and hateful, and he sighs in the air with a few gusts of wind. He hates the world of Fangfei, and visitors pay to Yan and Ying without appreciating it...'

the voice is sad and sorrowful, which is even more ethereal in the thick fog. It seems to confuse people's hearts and souls.

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