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Chapter 312 nightmare

Before dawn, Yang Li looked out of the window. After that dream, he wanted to sleep again. He simply opened his eyes and lay on the bed, wondering what he was thinking.

At this moment, there seemed to be a noise rising from Yang's mansion. He could not help frowning and getting out of bed in his clothes.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw the steward coming with several servants: 'Home master...'

He twisted his eyebrows and looked at the suspicious look on the housekeeper's face and asked, 'What's the matter?'

'It's Mr. Big Brother...' The housekeeper wiped the sweat from his forehead. 'He had a nightmare just now, and fell off the bed and was injured. Now he seems to be a little confused, and is clamoring to see you...'

See him?

The man who has already stood up, but still wants to see him when he has a nightmare?

This is nonsense!

Yang Facade said coldly, 'What dream did he have?'

The housekeeper looked pale: 'I don't know, but... Mr. Brown just vaguely... mentioned sister Suiniang...'

Yang Li suddenly tightened his hand in his sleeve and said, 'Son of a bitch!'

With a jerk of his sleeve, he hurried to Yang Dalang's courtyard.

Because of Yang Dalang's trouble, his whole yard became busy. The servants and maidservants who stayed outside bowed to him when they saw that the owner of the house had come in person.

Yang Dalang's wife and family also hurried out of the inner room.

Yang Li waved his hand and said, 'Take everyone back. I'll talk to Da Lang.'

'But Dalang...' Yang Dalang's wife looked in uneasily.

He had a good sleep, but somehow he suddenly had a nightmare. When he woke up, he still wanted to see his father, and his mouth kept talking about someone's name.

Yang Li smiled and said, 'Don't worry if I'm here. So is Da Lang... He is so old that he can still be frightened by a nightmare...'

Yang Dalang's wife wanted to speak, but the housekeeper stopped her and she had to leave with her servants.

The housekeeper bowed and bowed, then walked out and closed the door.

Yang Li opened the curtain and went into the inner room. He saw Yang Dalang leaning on the bed with a pale face. There was a blood red mark on his forehead, and blood was seeping out. I think he had just fallen off the bed and knocked.

Yang Dalang's eyes were dazed. When he saw Yang Li come in, he hurriedly lifted the quilt and staggered to the ground and grabbed Yang Li's sleeve: 'Grandpa, it's Sui Niang... it's Sui Niang's sister back...'

'Pa!' The room suddenly became quiet with a sound.

Yang Dalang fell to the ground and stared at Liang Liang with disbelief: 'Grandpa...'

'Are you sober?' Yang Li's voice was cold, and there was some uncontrollable anger in it.

Yang Dalang covered his cheeks and nodded stupidly.

Yang Li pulled him up and said, 'Let's talk about what's going on.'

Yang Dalang swallowed saliva, which was the only way to tell the story of the past off and on.

In his sleep at night, he suddenly heard a noise in the room. He opened the bed curtain and glanced outside. Under the dim light, a little man about three inches long came in.

It was not bright in the room, but he saw it clearly. Because he did not know what the little thing was, he lay still on the bed pretending to sleep.

The villain looked around, walked around the room and went out.

Yang Dalang just wanted to get up and have a look, but he heard something coming. He quickly lay down again.

After a while, I saw several villains carrying a coffin the size of a mouth and a palm, and put the coffin on the ground not far from the bed.

Then, two women came in with dozens of servants and maidservants, all of whom looked the same size as the previous villains.

The current two women were wearing hemp clothes and filial piety, with hemp rope tied around their waist and sackcloth on their head. Their wide sleeves covered most of their faces, and they just kept crying and lowering their heads, which made people's heads ache.

The woman who knelt down in front of me cried and said, 'Yang Lang... I have lost my love... How can you let me down and leave me like this...'

The woman behind her also wailed, 'Brother in law of the Yang family, you really made my sister suffer...'

Somehow, Yang Dalang suddenly felt a chill in his heart.

When the crying sister put down her sleeve covering her face, he could see clearly what they were saying. He was immediately scared and shivered like being beaten by frost.

Sui Niang... He Niang

The two women seemed to be aware of the movement and looked at him. They saw two the first mock examination faces, both young and young, aged 14 or 15.

Looking at him, the current woman grinned, her bright red lips curved on her pale face: 'Yang Lang... aren't you dead? Why aren't you in the coffin?'

She stood up and walked towards Yang Dalang.

Yang Dalang jumped out of bed and started to run out. However, the originally low bed became as high as a cliff. When the other party jumped down, he fell dizzy and his head was bleeding.

The Sui Niang said with a silly smile, 'What's Yang Lang doing? If a person dies, he must live in this coffin. Look, this coffin is made of good cypress. Does Yang Lang like it?'

Yang Dalang watched the Sui Niang sisters getting closer and closer, and found that he did not know when he would become the same size as them.

He was shaking like a chaff sieve and wanted to continue running, but he found that he could not stand up.

'Yang Lang can be satisfied...' Sui Niang stepped forward, a defeated face with bright red lips, deep black eyes, and cold hands caressing his cheek.

'When our sisters died, Yang Lang didn't ask anyone to prepare a thin coffin with us...'

The woman behind Sui Niang chuckled and her voice was buzzing, which made people's ears hurt: 'More than that... The brother-in-law of the Yang family raped my sisters until they died, but he had them divided into several parts, dissected their bones and blood, and buried them under the cypress tree of their ancestral tomb...'

'Look at the brother-in-law of the Yang family... It's really good to enjoy the wealth of the Yang family for more than ten years...'

Mrs. He went up to look at Yang Dalang and said softly, 'The brother-in-law of the Yang family is so disobedient that he refuses to lie down in the coffin. Since that is the case, she also asked the brother-in-law of the Yang family to try what happened to me in those years...'

She waved her hand, and the little people behind him came forward and tied his hands and feet firmly with a rope. Then they pulled hard in different directions, and Yang Dalang hung his arms and legs in the air.

Looking at the Sui Niang sisters who were approaching with a knife, he couldn't help exclaiming in horror: 'It's not me, I didn't cut your bones and blood to make magic tools!'

'It was Taoist Priest Guangning of the Holy Palace! He told my grandfather that if you want to change the geomantic omen of Yang's ancestral tomb, you can sacrifice the twin girls born in the overcast moon and overcast moon, refine magic tools into towns, and change my geomantic omen of Yang's to be excellent. I was young at that time, so I listened to his words and tricked your sisters!'

'I really like you. Don't blame me, but the Taoist priest Guangning! Go and find him!'

Sui Niang smiled softly: 'Then Yang Lang told me where we should go to find Taoist Priest Guangning?'

Yang Dalang shook his head: 'I don't know, I don't know! I've only seen him a few times, and only my grandfather knows where to find him!'

Sui Niang sneered and said, 'Well, let's not mention him... There is a debt to be blamed. Ten years ago, Yang Lang was just a young man of sixteen or seventeen years old. He first seduced me into emotion, and then he raped and killed my sisters regardless of their intentions. We really want to repay Yang Lang's intentions...'

With these words, she and Sister He came forward with their swords and axes.

Yang Dalang felt a pain in his hands and feet, and his hands and feet fell to the ground with a loud 'clatter'.

Seeing that the big knife was flashing cold, he was about to split his neck. He couldn't help crying out.

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