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Chapter 315 deliberately

It was still a long time before dawn. He ordered Jiang and Pei You to turn around and go down the mountain, sneak over the city wall and enter Fanyang City by night.

She gestured, and the two of them dived into the night to arrange for tomorrow.

Before dawn, there was a lot of excitement in front of the city gate of Fanyang. Some people hurried into the city, while others led the crowd out of the city.

Yang Li got up early this morning but did not go out. Instead, he straightened his clothes and sat quietly in the front yard study, as if waiting for someone to come.

At the end of the day, the chamberlain hurriedly reported: 'Master, a Taoist priest came to see him, saying that he was passing by here. He heard that we Yang Mansion had a vision in recent days, so he came here to catch demons and eliminate evils...'

Yang Li could not help but move his hand and asked, 'Did you ever say which school it was?'

The housekeeper replied, 'I didn't mention it. Only the Taoist priest called himself Guangning...'

This Taoist Priest Guangning is unknown to others, but as Yang Li's confidant, he knows it.

When the ancestral tombs of the Yang family changed to feng shui, it was the Taoist Priest Guangning who set up the array and cast the magic. The steward handled everything he needed.

Only Taoist Priest Guangning is a member of the Holy Palace. Now the imperial court is under strict investigation, so people have to avoid being noticed when entering or leaving the Yang Family. The steward has not made it clear at the moment.

Yang Li was so happy that he finally came. He put down his book and said quietly, 'Please come and have a look.'

Then he waved back the servant who was waiting near the study.

The housekeeper bowed himself and hurried to the side door to welcome people in.

These days, the Yang Family has invited a lot of mysterious and strange people to come to their house, including Zhupo, a magician who has a slight reputation in Fanyang City. Now it is not uncommon for Taoists to come here.

The Taoist priest was occasionally seen in the Yang Mansion, but it was only when he was another ordinary magician.

What's more, the Taoist priest was thin and half worn, and looked far less graceful than the Taoist Priests of Yingzhen Taoist Temple.

The man who saw him muttered something to himself, and then went to his own business.

Under the guidance of the housekeeper, the Taoist entered the study and gave a Taoist gift to Yang Li: 'Master Yang.'

Yang Li quickly stood up and bowed to him: 'Taoist Priest, I'm waiting for you.'

Then, he told the stories of the Yang Mansion from beginning to end.

Taoist Priest Guangning nodded: 'I see. Now that I have come to your house, I will try my best to help you solve this problem. You can relax your mind.'

'Thank you, Taoist Priest.' Yang Li bowed and thanked him.

Taoist Priest Guangning looked around and said, 'I've just come all the way here, and I haven't noticed anything strange. Now take me to the mansion to see if there are any evil signs.'

Yang was delighted. This could also solve the problem that the mansion was haunted recently. He hurriedly stepped forward and said, 'Taoist Priest, come with me.'

Taoist Priest Guangning nodded slightly and followed him outside the study.

However, after he looked at the Yang Mansion inside and outside, he could not help but be silent for a long time.

'Taoist Priest...' Yang Li looked at him and asked hesitantly, 'Recently, there are many visions in the mansion, but is there really something evil?'

Taoist Priest Guangning shook his head and frowned more tightly: 'I haven't noticed anything wrong now. There is no evil spirit in Yang's mansion...'

Yang Li wrung his eyebrows, and even Taoist Priest Guangning said so?

'But in the Yang Mansion recently, there were all kinds of visions at night...'

'Maybe it was the evil spirit that hid until midnight.' Taoist Priest Guangning frowned secretly, and then said, 'Don't worry about these things... Listen to you, these visions also appeared after the change of the cypresses in the ancestral tomb. In this case, we will go there again...'

He was also full of doubts in his mind. Could it be that there was a mistake in the law in those years that led to all kinds of strange things now?

Yang Li has been worried about the influence of Yang's geomantic omen. He would have asked him to visit his ancestral tomb again.

Since Guangning said so, he could not help asking the steward to arrange a carriage, and then he went out of the city with several guards.

And the people who stared at Yang's residence in the dark immediately sent a letter to the people in the city.

When Yang Liyue arrived at Yang's ancestral tomb, Pei You took the county government with him (this chapter is unfinished!)

Chapter 59 Intention

People, surrounded the Yang Mansion.

He is the prince in the north. In addition, he has the order of the sage. It is not difficult to order the people under Governor Fan Yang.

It was pitiful that Princess Fan Yang was sleeping soundly at night, but Pei You suddenly found the door and scared him into a cold sweat.

However, no matter how much he was slandered in his heart, there were still clans colluding with enemies in the temple, how dare he not do it?

As a prefect of Fan Yang, he had not noticed that Lu Shi was having an affair with the Holy Palace in time. The court investigated him, and he was always worried lest he should be stripped of his official hat by the court. Now, the Prince of Pei Family wants to borrow someone. Although he doesn't know what to do, he has to cooperate.

When Pei You led people around the Yang family, Governor Fan Yang realized that he was planning this.

The Lu family has just been captured. What big mistake has Yang made. The prefect Fan Yang in the county government heard the news, and his heart trembled.

When Pei You was doing this, Green Bamboo, together with a Xuanshi who was unlucky with the Secretary, sent someone to take down the teahouse in the Holy Palace.

As for the nameless view outside the city, the other three Xuanshi who were not qualified for the office led the people to do it.

That temple is not big, but the Taoists in it are all good at it. There are also a few people who have profound skills. Fortunately, those who come here are also experts. They succeeded in taking people down here.

Looking at the bound Taoist priest of the Holy Palace, people could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, and they did not know that the Seventh Lady He was going well?

At this time, He Lingjiang was taking He Zhengyin to the forest next to Yang's ancestral tomb.

She squatted all morning until the afternoon was over, and then she heard a faint sound.

It's Yang Li and Taoist Priest Guangning!

Xu didn't want others to know about Taoist Priest Guangning and the Yang family. The guards who accompanied Yang Li out of the city did not follow him here, but stayed far away in the periphery, with only an old housekeeper following him step by step.

Yang Li went to the green cypress and pointed it out to Guangning: 'Taoist Priest, look, the green cypress has split since five days ago.'

Guangning goes forward and wipes the blood clotted on the tree trunk, then slightly twists his finger tips and sniffs at the tip of his nose, frowning: 'This is not blood...'

'Yes.' Yang Li nodded, 'People who have seen it before also said that it is not the blood of human beings and animals, but at the beginning it was still warm and gurgling, just like... it was like the cypress was bleeding...'

Guangning walked around the green cypress for a few times, and then explored around Zu. There was no sign of damage to the array here. It was reasonable to say that such a vision should not appear.

His hands were imprinted and he chanted incantations, and his feet were also walking at a mysterious pace. When he walked around, he took the shovel from the steward behind him, dug under a green cypress for a moment, and saw a brown red bronze magic tool covered with soil.

He dug in several places one by one, and the magic tools were just as they were at the beginning.

Since the magic weapon is safe and the array is not changed, it doesn't matter that the Yang family has bad luck and incurred evil spirits.

Guangning was slightly congealed, and then his eyes suddenly shrank. Someone did it intentionally!

Chapter 59 Intention

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