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Chapter 316 Escape

At this moment, a sword flashed across his chest.

Guangning repeatedly sidestepped to avoid the attack. Before he could stand firm, a large umbrella whirled toward him. He quickly retreated a few steps, but a man ran out from behind the umbrella, holding a long sword, and then stabbed him.

Guangning hurriedly dodged. A roll of his sleeve pulled a man in front of him.

'Ah!' The man screamed and stared incredulously.

He is the butler of Yang Mansion.

Now his chest was stabbed by a sharp sword. With the blade pulled out, the blood splashed and his chest clothes were mostly wet.

Guangning released his hand, and the man fell to the ground, completely dead.

Yang Li was startled. He immediately avoided from afar and shouted, 'Come on, come on!'

When the guards waiting around hear something, they will surround them with their swords.

Seeing this, He Zheng jumped up to Yang Lisheng and thrust away his long sword drawn from his waist.

Then Yang Li felt his throat tighten and was put across his neck with a sword.

'Don't move!' He Zhengning shouted, 'If you step forward, he will die!'

The guards with swords can't help being upset.

Seeing that he wanted to take the opportunity to save someone, He Zheng tightened his sword hand and a blood mark was immediately printed on Yang Li's neck.

Yang Li Meng jumped in his heart: 'Don't move, I told you not to move!'

The guards immediately settled down. The life of the family leader is now in his hands. They really can't act rashly.

He Zheng said coldly, 'Let them throw away their swords, gather together, and stand back ten feet.'

'Do it! Do it all! Back off!'

Seeing that the guards of the Yang Mansion retreated far away, Guangning was cold at the loss of help. He was not the servant of the Yang Mansion, and Yang Li's life could not threaten him.

Avoiding Heling Jiang's sudden attack, he shook off the dust on his hands and attacked Heling Jiang.

It was caused by the force of internal breathing, and the soft dust rose straight in an instant, just like a blade, and hit Heling Jiang head-on.

This brush is made of deer tail. It is extremely tenacious and contains an internal power blow. If it is hit squarely, it will be light on the spot.

He ordered Jiang to turn his head to avoid the attack. He turned his foot slightly and stabbed a sword. When he reached out to block the attack, his left hand struck at the handle of the umbrella, and the umbrella in his hand spun away toward Guangning.

Guangning's clothes were cut in several places when he was too weak to dodge.

He retreated at his feet, took a breath, and looked at the little lady standing a few feet away from him with a dignified look: 'He Lingjiang...'

The woman's body, with one sword and one umbrella, can force him to be left and right. There is no one in the world except He Lingjiang, the world famous seventh wife of He Family.

Guangning could not help feeling cold. All the envoys of Zhuque Palace died in her hands. I'm afraid that I can't get away from it today...

I can't complain. No one in the Yang family can see anything wrong. It was the Seventh Lady He who deliberately designed it and led him out.

He could not help regretting that his trip was careless.

It is absolutely impossible to retreat from such a master. Only by fighting hard can we win.

He gritted his teeth, took out the runes from his sleeves, swung them in the direction of He Lingjiang, and then all kinds of runes attacked her together, and then exploded in a pile.

He ordered Jiang to move his left hand to block the umbrella in front of him, avoid the wave, and put the light saber into the handle as soon as his right hand gave it away.

Then, when he waved his sleeve, two sky thunder charms shot towards Guangning.

Guangning was able to avoid, and two thunder charms exploded beside him, which made his mind shake.

A magician like him, who is proficient in the Feng Shui Array, can only fight with people by force and runes.

Compared with these two, he naturally fell short and was covered with bloodstains.

Seeing that He Lingjiang was drawing his sword again, he could not avoid it, so he had to use the brush to block it. However, the blow directly opened the brush. He quickly raised his other arm to block it, and half of his arm was cut off, rolling on the ground bloody.

Guangning's heart trembled with pain, but her mind was very clear. While she was carrying the sword, she rolled several times to avoid the sword light that came immediately.

He ordered Jiang to come forward, but Yang Li suddenly slipped a dagger out of his sleeve and stabbed He Zheng with his backhand.

He Zheng's sword lost its strength when he tried to avoid it, so he leaned back to avoid it. Then Yang Li rushed to the guards with one effort.

The guards immediately shot their sleeve swords to repel He Zheng, and then bent over to pick up the swords. Several of them protected Yang Li, while others attacked He Ling Jiang Hezheng.

He Lingjiang, who was originally intent on dealing with Guangning, stopped for a moment and went back to deal with these people first.

Guangning, who was lying on the ground, took out a rune from his sleeve and threw it at He Lingjiang. Suddenly, the rune exploded, making it hard to see people's movements and bodies.

He took the opportunity to escape into the distance.

When the smoke cleared, the people still standing were He Lingjiang, He Zheng and Yang Li who were far away.

Yang Li sees that he is about to run, and He Zheng turns over to stop him.

He Lingjiang stood in the distance, looking at the direction of Guangning's escape, and took a deep look.

To tell the truth, she is really afraid that Guangning will not run away because she will fight to the end...

It is difficult to let him run without being noticed by him.

Guangning bumped into her hand, and there was no reason to leave. However, Yang Li had several guards to share her spirit, which could help him find some life.

Congratulatory Jiang could not help but secretly praise Yang Li, and did a good job! It also saves her strength to let people go without trace.

After all, only when people run away can they continue to touch melons along the vine.

The star envoy in the north is really curious about where he will go without the teahouse Taoist temple and the Yang family behind him?

He ordered Jiang to brush the empty brocade bag. Chikuo will have to follow people firmly this time...

She went back to take Yang Li with He Zheng, and then tied him back to the city.

Poor Yang Li. He was the leader of the Yang family when he left the city. Now, his family has become prisoners.

He was still able to calm down a little when he was detained by others. However, people in the Yang Mansion were already frightened.

First, there were many visions in the ancestral tomb mansion. Now their family has been suddenly put into prison. Is it really a warning from heaven that Yang's luck will be exhausted?

Before Yang Li could go to prison, Pei You had already led people to try all the people in Yang's house and got a lot of confessions.

When Yang Li was sent to prison after being interrogated alone, he could not help but look at this situation.

He hated secretly. He was really taken in by the treacherous little lady He Lingjiang!

If he had not been shocked by all kinds of visions, he would not have gone to find Taoist Priest Guangning, which made people aware of the relationship between the Yang family and the Holy Palace, and attacked the situation.

This time, we will fold the whole Yang family!

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