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Chapter 318 Private garden

Zhuozhou is only a day away from Fan Yang. They set out early and arrived at Zhuozhou City before sunset.

The paper crane only said 'Zhuozhou' before, but did not say where it was. Fortunately, a paper crane came from Chikuo later.

Now Guangning is not in the city, but in a manor outside Zhuozhou, called Qinghe Garden.

It sounds like a private garden rather than a Taoist temple.

He ordered Jiang to pull the reins and stop the horses. The party leaned to the roadside to rest for a while, while He Zheng walked forward again to distance themselves from them.

He is going to ask for information. If so many people follow him, it will inevitably attract attention and vigilance.

Seeing a ox cart coming slowly, He Zheng stepped forward to stop it.

'Brother, how can I get to Qinghe Garden?'

The man was driving a flatbed ox cart, which was full of vegetables. He looked at the people who often transported food here. When he heard the words, he pulled the old scalper with a shout and said, 'Are you asking about the Qinghe Garden of the Chen family?'

Chen Family?

He Zheng frowned. They had never heard of the Chen family in Zhuozhou before, but they should call it the manor of Qinghe Garden.

He nodded: 'Exactly.'

The man raised his eyebrows and asked, 'Are you from other places?'

'Yes.' He Zheng said with a smile, 'I have a relative in my family who said he was working in Qinghe Garden. This is not true. When I first came to Zhuozhou for a job, I wanted to find an acquaintance to help me...'

That man knows.

'Many people in Zhuozhou know the Qinghe Garden of the Chen Family.'

The man grinned and said, 'However, if you meet me today, you are asking the right person. I often go to Qinghe Garden to deliver things. Nobody knows me better than me.'

He nuzzled his lips and motioned for He Zheng to sit on his carriage: 'Do you want me to give you a ride?'

He Zheng did not expect that he was so enthusiastic.

He smiled and bowed his hands to the man and said, 'Thank you, brother. However, I haven't been to the city yet. It's always bad to find someone to handle affairs with no hands...'

The implication is that he still needs to buy things, so he will not work with him.

The man waved his hand: 'It's all right. I have to take something with me.'

With that, he told He Zheng the location of Qinghe Garden.

He Zheng took out dozens of articles from his arms and put them into his hands: 'Thank you, brother.'

'Hey, you're welcome What?' The man said, but he still kept the coin in his sleeve.

He Zheng smiled and said, 'One more thing. I'm new here. I want to ask you for advice.'

'You say.' The man was even more enthusiastic when he received the money.

'I'm from other places. I only heard the relative say something before, but I'm not familiar with the Chen family. Could you tell me something, brother?' He Zheng approached him and asked.

'The Chen family...' The man stroked his short beard and said, 'The Chen family is a famous rich family in Zhuozhou. I heard that their ancestors were not from Zhuozhou, but they have been rooted here for nearly 20 years.'

'The Chen family is a famous philanthropist. Every winter, they provide porridge and food. In the past, they did a lot of things to pave roads and build bridges.'

'Now that the Chen Family Leader is old, he has become more and more loyal, and has been thinking about cultivating immortals and practicing Taoism to prolong his life. The Qinghe Garden is the garden that he has specially built for himself. It's said that there is also a hall of Taoism in it, and Taoist Priests are invited to make pills and talk about Taoism...'

The man didn't worry about taking the money, so he answered all the questions.

He Zheng had a few words in his mind and thanked him again. Then he said goodbye to him.

The man raised his whip and swung it leisurely. The flatbed ox cart with vegetables continued to walk far away, gradually disappearing at the end of the road.

After hearing the news from He Zheng, He Lingjiang frowned slightly. Guangning turned to this place. This is the private garden of Fujia on the surface of Qinghe Garden, which must be related to the Holy Palace_ o_ m

In this case, it's time to do something. It's not convenient to enter Zhuozhou City again.

She ordered, 'First, find a quiet place nearby to camp and rest, and then go to explore the Qinghe Garden in the evening.'

When the moon rises to the sky, I will congratulate Jiang Tong and Pei You. (This chapter is not finished!)

Chapter 62 Private Garden

They had already sneaked into the Qinghe Garden quietly, while others were outside to meet them.

Although the Qinghe Garden is a private garden of a rich family, it is built along the mountain. It covers an extremely wide area, comparable to the Royal Garden, and its guards are quite strict.

This is not what a private garden for rich businessmen should look like...

Leaping over the high wall and passing through the layers of guards, He ordered Jiang to lean aside and escape with Pei You to a forest rockery.

She took out the paper crane from the ruler from her sleeve, laid it flat on a rock, and then kneaded the mantra in her hand. The golden light of the paper crane flickered and faded, then it fluttered and flew away, disappeared into the night and disappeared.

Chikuo is in Qinghe Garden, not far from them. The paper crane is condensed into his soul power, so that the paper crane can also call people.

At this time, Chikuo was lying outside a main hall, dozing.

Aware of the breath of his soul power, his mind suddenly became clear and he congratulated Jiang.

He looked at the dimly lit hall again, and disappeared in the distance with a curl of his body. But after a dozen breaths, He Lingjiang appeared in front of him.

He Lingjiang looked at him and asked, 'Is Guangning still here?'

Chikuo nodded and said, 'I've never moved here before. Look, you've hurt him badly.' Also, if you don't let him hurt the point, you can let him escape easily. He is afraid that he will also be suspicious and deceitful.

'Guangning has been hiding in the hall these days, and some people often send some wound medicine to him. Not only that, but the Chen family leader also stayed in the hall with him, as if he were afraid of being attacked by others.'

Chikuo continued: 'But there are restrictions around the hall. I can't get too close, so I don't know the specific situation in the hall. Guess from the looks and words of the people who come and go, Guangning is OK now...'

Are there restrictions around the main hall?

He ordered Jiang to wring his eyebrows. He could not blame Guangning for not finding a quiet yard when he was injured. He just stayed in the hall where the Chen family leader used to practice alchemy and preach. He thought it was safe.

The head of the Chen family is very fond of him. First update @

She opened the brocade bag and asked Chikuo, 'Do you want to come in and have a rest?'

Chikuo yawned lazily: 'I really haven't slept well for several days because of you. You must remember to catch some evil spirits to make up for me some day.'

'Row row.' He ordered Jiang to answer helplessly. Seeing him, he turned into a wisp of smoke and withdrew into the brocade bag.

The main hall is not far from here.

She and Pei You took advantage of the night to sneak to the hall, looked at the high walls, and frowned.

This prohibition is not very active. If you are not careful, you will startle people in the hall.

Two people look at each other, and then they have an idea..

Chapter 62 Private Garden

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