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Chapter 322 Break the game

However, at his command, no one came in.

The Xuanwu Palace envoy was stunned, and then realized that when He Ling Jiang Fangcai entered the hall, he had casually put a layer of soundproof barrier. Their actions inside could not be heard clearly outside. Similarly, what happened outside could not be known by the people inside.

He just paid attention to He Pei. In addition, during the fight, his moves were all murderous. He didn't notice this.

He kneaded the formula and cast several talismans from his sleeves, and rushed around the hall.

When the talisman meets the invisible boundary, there is no fire and spontaneous combustion. Then he only feels that the atmosphere in the air changes and the boundary is broken.

The noise of fighting outside poured into the silent hall and immediately swept into people's ears.

Outside, there's a fight!

Xuanwu frowned, and finally his face sank: 'You called someone.'

He ordered Jiang to shrug: 'Why? Only if the palace makes you assign people to lead me into the trap, can I break the situation with them?'

'Although Pei Shizi and I can be regarded as high performers, they are not brave enough. After all, they beat the teacher to death with random punches. The palace envoy sent so many good hands out, and it was just me and I, and I'm afraid we can't stop it...'

Pei You couldn't help looking at her. People like Ah Xuan said that they were not brave. In this world, few people can call themselves brave.

However, courage does not mean chaos, and Yigao cannot be conceited.

'Did the palace envoy think that we really came and went alone when we visited the Heyuan Garden this night?' Congratulation orders Jiang to raise eyebrows.

Just as the Xuanwu Palace emissary suspected that he deliberately let Guangning go, thinking about following the vine, she did not have no idea. If Guangning realized that it was wrong, what should he do. Fortunately, Guangning took them all the way here as luck.

But Zhuozhou and her party may not be as smooth as she thought. After losing Fan Yang, Guangning came to Zhuozhou. She did not dare to underestimate the influence of the Holy Palace.

Although she did not expect that she wanted to touch the melon in a down-to-earth way, Xuanwu also wanted to invite the emperor to enter the urn, and did not realize that she really stepped into the trap under Xuanwu's cloth.

But she was not unprepared.

They came to Zhuozhou on this trip. In addition to the people they brought with them in the open, they also put their hands in the dark for a rainy day. She and Pei You sneaked into the garden to investigate, and those people hid nearby.

When she noticed that there were restrictions around the hall and she was quite clever, she had already released her ruler to watch outside. When there was something wrong, she told people outside to attack directly.

Xuanwu held her for a long time just now, in order to temporarily stabilize her and wait for the hands arranged in the dark to encircle them without knowing it.

Why isn't Heling Jiang so?

Only, she waited for the outside staff to be informed by Chikuo to bring people in.

Since ancient times, the villains in the storybooks, as well as the decent ones, have all died of wordiness. Long winded and talkative, the final result is either that the duck is killed unexpectedly or that the cooked duck flies out of nowhere.

She has traveled in the Jianghu for many years. How can she not know this truth.

When we meet on a narrow road, we have to fight against each other. It depends on which one is faster, and which one wins by talking?

Now, I have been playing with Xuanwu patiently.

Because of Guangning's and Yang's experiences in Fanyang, Xuanwu didn't think it would be possible for He Lingjiang to lead people into the courtyard regardless of the situation.

But he has also sent people to pay attention to it in recent days. There is no news of a large number of people and horses in Zhuozhou, and there is no sign of mobilization in the prefecture government.

In this way, when he saw He Ling and Jiang Peiyou, he only thought that they were just checking the truth at night, and did not immediately start to attack Qinghe Garden.

With such a good opportunity, his carefully arranged staff will not move at this time. Is it possible to wait for these two people to turn back and move a large number of people to the door, so as to eliminate them?

Unexpectedly, He Lingjiang didn't come here alone. Listening to the fighting outside, she brought a lot of people, but she just lied to others.

Xuanwu's eyes were slightly cold, and his chubby face smiled amiably. At this time, it was cold and horrible.

'I didn't expect that Lady He Qi would still have support. But even so, it's wishful thinking that you want to leave Qinghe Garden safely!'

With a wave of his hand, a dozen men in black behind him took their swords and attacked He Ling and Jiang.

These dead men are good at fighting, and they don't want to die. As long as they don't die, even if they are injured, they will continue to come up without frowning.

Even if the swordsmanship is as good as Pei You, he made Jiang concentrate on dealing with these people.

In addition, Xuanwu hiding behind is sneaking attacks in the dark, which makes people feel helpless.

He ordered Jiang to swing his sleeve and swing the talisman thrown by Xuanwu away. He bent over to avoid the dark air from his sneak attack. However, before he could stand up, the sword of the nearby dead soldier came to him again.

She was shocked and turned around to avoid the sword, but a corner of her robe was cut off.

She frowned slightly. It was not a way to go on like this, but to make a quick decision.

Pei You saw this and beat back the surrounding dead men. He turned around and stood against her: 'Go to solve Xuanwu, and give it to me here!'

As he said this, his momentum became even colder. Then he waved his long sword, which immediately forced the dead men to step back.

Pei You held the long sword in his hand, then Mengdi threw it, and the sword went straight to Xuanwu, who was hiding behind the dead man.

With the sharp sword qi, even the dead soldier who was blocking Xuanwu could not help leaning to avoid the deadly blow.

At that moment, He ordered Jiang to fly up and take advantage of the sword air to open the space of the dead man. He lightly stepped on the sword and jumped out of the dead man's encirclement.

At the moment when she stepped on the sword, she made a slight attack on the hilt with her grip on the formula. The long sword that had gone straight ahead turned around and turned back towards Pei You.

Pei You also jumped up at this time, reached out to hold the long sword in his hand again, took a sword flower in his hand, and swung the sword vigorously, then crossed his predecessor's neck.

Xuanwu saw that He Lingjiang broke through the encirclement of the dead and came towards him. He immediately fell back to avoid her sword.

He drew out his waist weapon and attacked He Ling Jiang.

Xuanwu is broad and fat, but the weapon he uses is extremely thin. It is a gold whip. In addition, he uses magic skills to dance in it. It is powerful and smart.

He ordered Jiang Hengjian to block his whip. He could not help sighing. The Xuanwu Palace envoy was really the most flexible fat man she had ever seen.

It's a pity that the situation in the hall now has somewhat limited his play. No matter how well he plays with the golden whip, it's useless.

He ordered Jiang Yunqi to breathe and draw a rune on the sword body with one hand, while the other hand was holding the sword to crack at the golden whip in his hand. The two collided with each other and made a piercing noise. Then the long golden whip was shortened in half.

Xuanwu could not help taking two steps back to avoid falling down.

He kneaded the formula and applied the skill, so he attacked He Lingjiang again. This time, he was not fighting for martial arts, but for mysterious skills.

He ordered Jiang to tie a seal on his hand when he stood up. He drew a round seal in the void to block Xuanwu's attack. Then he hit Xuanwu with his own backhand, and the Xuanli went to his chest and hit him, making him vomit a lot of blood.

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