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Chapter 323 Explode

Xuanwu swallowed the fishy sweetness in his throat and used his whole body's mysterious power to attack He Lingjiang again. With his actions, the atmosphere around him changed and suddenly became stagnant.

When He Lingjiang's attack came close to Xuanwu, it was always blocked by something that seemed like nothing, and became slow. He could easily avoid it without any effort.

This is the control of Qi.

Those who reach a certain level can even change the whole body, as if they have formed a barrier around them that others can't break, and control others' offensive.

Although Xuanwu has not been trained to control freely within this range, it is easy to disturb He Lingjiang's attack.

When He Lingjiang is blocked, his moves are even more fierce, and there are killing moves everywhere.

He Lingjiang turned around to avoid a move that only forced her to get to the point. He could not help wringing his eyebrows. How could he be so entangled?

She stepped back two steps to distance herself from Xuanwu. She held the sword with her right hand, and gently wiped her left hand on the blade. The blood came out. Then her left hand quickly outlined a complex pattern in the air. With her left hand open, the pattern was printed on the sword.

The light saber with frost like blade suddenly flashed with golden red light.

She continued to hold the Jue Gou Fu with her left hand and pushed it forward heavily. The talisman hidden in the middle of the sky exploded on the condensed air around Xuanwu, making the hall tremble.

Xuanwu, who was manipulating his breath, could not help but be shocked. At this moment, he ordered Jiang's sword hand luck to crack in Xuanwu's direction.

This sword is silent.

However, Xuanwu, who is skilled at controlling Qi, has a sweet taste in his throat, and his lips are overflowing with blood that he cannot swallow.

The air of his whole body protection was broken.

Xuanwu saw that the momentum was not good, and immediately turned back to the rear of the hall. He ordered Jiang to follow him closely.

Then, he saw that Xuanwu pressed the wall of the back hall and spun out a stone door, and he jumped into the stone door.

Seeing that the stone gate was about to close, He Lingjiang threw a copper coin out of his sleeve with a 'ding' sound. The coin hit the stone gate with internal breathing force, blocking the closing of the stone gate.

He Lingjiang jumped forward and finally jumped in before he closed it.

Immediately after that, there was darkness in front of me.

Behind the stone gate is a long and empty secret passage.

Xuanwu hid his breath and movement, and Heling Jiang could only hear his breath in the dark dark passage.

At this moment, there was only a sound of breaking the air. In the dark, there was a cold arrow shot.

She hurriedly sidestepped to avoid, and the cold arrow hit the stone door behind her heavily. The arrow collided with the stone door and sent sparks.

Then, the stone gate is like flint, and several flames will spread along the stone gate.

There should be something special on the arrowhead and stone gate, so that it can burn at a stroke.

Heling Jiang smelled the smell in the air, and his heart jumped, bad!

She immediately used all her strength to run forward Meng.

Then there was a loud noise of 'Peng', and the stone gate collapsed, burying the whole entrance of the secret passage.

He Lingjiang fell heavily on the ground, his elbow hit the ground, causing severe pain. Above his head, there was a falling stone.

The place near the entrance is also prone to collapse. Ignoring the pain on her body, she got up and leaned forward to the wall of the secret passage, which narrowly avoided a huge falling stone overhead.

Fortunately, Xuanwu did not want to blow up the whole secret passage and die together. The gunpowder buried was limited, and the collapsed places were only concentrated around the entrance, which saved He Lingjiang from being buried in the ruins.

After the explosion, the secret room fell into darkness again. However, the rubble that still fell from time to time reminded her of the danger.

Even if she is brave, she cannot help being afraid.

Previously, she only wanted to avoid Xuanwu's escape, and hurried to follow the secret passage, but she did not expect that he should have this skill.

He Lingjiang took out a pearl from his sleeve and brushed it with his skill, making it bright as if the dust had been removed.

With the glistening pearl light, you can vaguely see the ruins around her, just under her feet, are all falling rocks.

She was covered with ashes. Now her clothes were cut and dirty by falling dust and flying rocks. She looked like she was drilling out of the soil. She was really embarrassed.

She raised her foot, and there was a sharp pain between her knees. I think it was just her elbow and knee that knocked on the gravel and broke the skin. It was the palm of her hand. Now there are still some small stones embedded.

She has not been in such a mess for a long time. Her appearance is quite similar to that of climbing out of the forest mound with the skin bag of Lady He Qi who broke her neck.

In her heart, she had no time to look at her wounds. She gathered the pearl into her sleeve and then kneaded the magic formula to hide her breath. Then she stepped forward to catch up.

After the loud noise, there were occasional falling rocks. After the shock, the former silence was restored in the secret passage.

However, in the silent secret road, there are some people running fast, and some people are chasing after them.

The collapse just now may not be able to bury He Lingjiang. Xuanwu doesn't know where she is now, nor is he sure whether there is still a killing opportunity behind him.

He simply opened all the mechanisms along the way, reached out and pressed them on the wall of the secret passage, only heard a small sound, and then there were ten sharp arrows shooting towards the rear.

He ordered Jiang Wensheng to identify her position and turn around to avoid the hidden arrow. However, before she could breathe, she heard a slight sound of breaking the air.

She leans back and hurriedly retreats. She also hurriedly wields the sword and draws a drawing symbol. Then she pushes forward and forms a half zhang square border in front of her. The object collides with the border, making a clear sound and falling to the ground.

It's the Rainstorm Pear Flower Needle, which may still be highly toxic...

Seeing nothing, He Lingjiang stopped and went on.

Xuanwu set up many concealed weapons in the secret passage for safety. He Lingjiang did not escape easily and was injured more or less.

Xuanwu didn't show his breath in front of him, but only put concealed weapons in the back. Fortunately, there was only one secret path, which saved Jiang from chasing him in the back.

When the concealed weapons disappeared, He Lingjiang knew that the secret passage was about to end.

Then, the breath of the air in front of her suddenly changed, and a glimmer of light leaked. Her heart tightened, and she left.

At this time, the sky is white and the night has disappeared.

In the dim light of the sky, He Lingjiang saw that a figure was about to jump out.

She jumped at her feet and threw a long piece of silk from her sleeve just around the man's ankle.

Xuanwu could not help falling down. A short blade slipped out of his sleeve and bent over to cut off the silk. Then he jumped out of the exit again on the stone wall.

With the just pause, He Lingjiang followed him closely and almost jumped out with him.

But before she landed, a cold light stabbed her in the face.

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Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Palm Technique] online and go to the source website for reading.