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Chapter 332 For the good

Green Bamboo, who fell far behind, was startled. He was about to come forward to check, but he saw Pei You had already come forward and gently stroked the back of the Seventh Lady, saying, 'Why are you so careless?'

She couldn't help standing at her feet. She didn't know whether to step forward.

He Lingjiang coughed again, and then spit out the fine flesh. Now the corners of his eyes were full of tears.

She could not help thinking that it was not his fault that she was so careless. She gave her jade without saying it. The poem she exported really surprised her.

She took a breath to calm down and said helplessly: 'Ah Pei, I've seen you read some poems in the past. Don't read this poem to the little lady casually...'

'Why?' Pei You was puzzled in his words.

He Lingjiang could not help helping his forehead: 'Although there are many interpretations of the poem Wei Feng, one of them is almost tacitly accepted by today's Confucians and common people. You can't help but know...'

The analysis of this ancient poem in the pre Qin period has been different since ancient times.

Some people say that it is a gift from friends, some people say that it is a satire on the guardians to repay them, some people say that it is an expression of reciprocity, and some people say that it is a gift from men and women...

There are many definitions, but if a husband suddenly reads this poem to the little lady...

'You are going to cause misunderstanding among young ladies.' Jiang shook his head.

Who can't misunderstand him?

It was she who was shocked by him just now?

Only two people have known each other since they were young. After all, she was watching Pei You grow up, and she was shocked and reacted. Otherwise, I really need to think more...

Pei You said 'Oh', then softened his voice and asked, 'Did you misunderstand me?'

He Lingjiang couldn't help laughing, and the tears he coughed up just now were also drawn out along the corner of his eyes: 'Ah Pei, you were teased by me when you were young, so you want to retaliate?'

She didn't think much about...

Maybe at that moment, she felt something wrong, but after years of acquaintance, she still regarded herself as the 8-year-old Ah Pei she had seen in those years...

Pei You could not help feeling a shallow disappointment in his heart, and his eyes darkened.

The people of the Xuanmen also practice Xuanshu all their lives. Although they don't avoid the love between men and women and the marriage of their children, they are as free and easy as her and never seem to think about it.

If he doesn't say or do anything, and still treats her like before, it seems that the relationship between them can only stop here for the rest of his life.

Pei You looked at the man in front of him. He had a plain white face. He was still a little bright red because of his sharp cough. The wet feeling from the corners of his eyes had already moistened his eyelashes. The free and easy Ah Xi that he could not touch in the past suddenly seemed to become soft and touchable.

He could not help twirling his fingers in his sleeves. He could not help but stretch out his hand and gently touched the eyelashes of her eyes, and then wiped the moisture from her eyes.

When the warm fingers touched her bright and clean skin with a slight coolness, they could not help but have a meal.

Pei You looked down at her, his eyes soft as the breeze in the forest: 'Ah, I didn't play tricks on you, I'm serious.'

'Vote for me and repay me with money. Bandits always think it's better to repay them.' He murmured in a low voice, 'My mind is just like the world's default interpretation of this poem. There is no farfetched interpretation, no friendship or gratitude, just the friendship between men and women, just about you and me...'

The soft words penetrated into her heart word by word.

The wind blows through the forest, the leaves sway gently, and the sunlight moves slightly in the forest, just like a beating heart,

He made Jiang stunned, and his heart jumped. Then he suddenly responded and stepped back to get away from him..

'Ah...... You...... I......' She is always eloquent, but I don't know what to say.

She never really thought that Pei You would have such an idea.

When she met Pei You for the first time, he was only eight years old at that time, but the little child was cold and serious. Later, when they became familiar with each other, his words became more than they had been at the beginning.

But most of the time, she said and he listened.

Beidi is the hometown of Shifu. Shifu took her around for a long time. When she returned to Beidi, she deliberately took her to stay here for more days.

In addition, when we met Queen Pei You at that time, Shifu was entrusted by the king of Zhenbei to instruct him about the mysterious arts, so they often lived in the palace of the king of Zhenbei.

Only Shifu was always busy, but after staying for two years, he began to take her around again, and they left the northern area.

Since then, I have only returned to Beidi for a year or two and stayed here for a month or two.

Later, Pei You went to the battlefield, and they could spend less time together.

For her, Pei You was a little boy who would vomit when he ate green onions by mistake at the age of eight. Later, he was a school partner who could match her in talent.

They are friends as well as relatives.

She always thought that for Pei You, the relationship between them should be the same.

Only when did he have such concern for her?

He Lingjiang looked at Pei You at a loss. The man was looking at her softly, as if waiting for her reply.

His eyes were focused and serious, and after two steps, He Lingjiang could clearly see his small reflection in his eyes.

After careful consideration, it seems that Pei You woke up from his wife Yu He Qi. Later, when he learned her identity, he became more and more gentle towards her.

She suddenly realized: 'Ah Pei, do you like this leather bag?'

He Lingjiang stretched out his hand and touched his cheek. The face of the Seventh Lady He was beautiful. Ah Pei was just a teenager admiring Ai, so he liked her face.

Pei You couldn't help but say, 'Where is your previous face worse than this one?'

He Lingjiang gave her a slap, too. Her previous face can also be called incomparably elegant. Although it is different from the tenderness of He Qiniang, it is not bad in the end.

Pei You stepped forward two steps to her and looked down at her: 'Ah, no matter how you look now, in my heart you are just that Ah, there is no one else in the world.'

'You and I met at a young age, but even I don't know when I was thinking about you.'

'Maybe when I was 12 years old, I locked myself in my room alone on the funeral day of Ah Niang, and you sent me cakes and leaned against the door to accompany me to sleep all night... Or maybe it was when I went to the battlefield at the beginning of my fourteen years old, and you spent most of your heart and energy to prepare the jade amulet for me...'

'Maybe, this idea was buried early when we first met...'

It was no longer hidden as before, for fear that she would detect the intention and that she would not know anything about it. At this moment, the young people's friendship was sincere and warm.

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