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Chapter 334 Door-to-door

Although Pei You's mind surprised and moved her, she didn't have such a mind now. Even if she didn't refuse him to go, she couldn't really answer his request and respond to him.

This is the end of the matter. Now that it has been disturbed, we should straighten it out.

Ah Pei was cold tempered since he was young, and he didn't like to talk with other young women. Although he was not short of those young women who also came from different backgrounds, he never got along with them.

But there are so many excellent women in the world, and the young people's minds are changeable. It's uncertain that Ah Pei is the same. I will figure it out in the future, and will not waste any more friendship on her?

He made Jiang Si forget about this. How should he get along with Pei You or with him.

Even Pei You never mentioned it again and just treated her as usual.

The two of them secretly understood each other, but they also just stopped in front of that line, no longer close or distant.

He Lingjiang came to the northern border this time, intending to re-enter the tribe of the barbarians.

Pei You has already sent some people to arrange her, but she was injured in Zhuozhou before and needs to recuperate for a few days.

There is a doctor in the palace in the north of the town. Pei You took her to the old doctor's hospital the next day.

Xue, the old Dan doctor, was drunk and stroked his beard. He kept looking around He Lingjiang, 'Are you He Qiniang?'

He was also a member of the Xuanmen Sect. Although he rarely asked about the world affairs, he also heard a lot of people who became famous throughout the Zhou Dynasty.

Since the founding of the Zhou Dynasty, the Xuanmen Gate has been full of capable people, but it has not been like this for a year. It has only two people, but it is so bright that it can almost cover the edge of all its peers.

In addition to Xiao Xuan, Princess Yongmu, the other is the seventh wife of the He family.

The former is good at the Jianghu. He was not famous before. After he returned to the royal family, he brushed away the dust and exposed the real pearl. He became famous for killing the rebellious leader of the barbarians with his sword.

The latter was born in an aristocratic family and has always been known as a small place in Linchuan for its appearance. However, after the battle of Yaozhou, it leapt out, making it hard for everyone in Xuanmen to compete.

It is said that Princess Yongmu once lived in the Prince's Residence in the north of the town, but unfortunately, he was not able to see her.

He was curious. He wanted to find someone to ask about the past situation and see if Princess Yongmu, who had been admitted to the Department of Unleashing with the spirit governing skill, was really as powerful as the legend in the metaphysics. Only the people in the northern palace were tight lipped and seldom mentioned her past.

Unexpectedly, another legendary figure, the Seven Wives of the He Family, came back to the mansion with Pei You.

He was escorted out of the house to look for medicinal materials yesterday. If not, he must go to see her at the first time.

At present, the Seventh Lady He can't see her face, body and temperament. Such a delicate little lady can do such things.

At this station, she looked at an ordinary girl. No, she was just a pretty little girl.

But Yao Zhou and Fan Yang Zhuozhou can't be fake. Now he must have gathered his breath and looked like an ordinary person.

Looking at him, He Lingjiang did not feel uncomfortable, but nodded slightly and said, 'It's me.'

Xue Yifu was drunk and looked around her carefully. 'How about I feel the pulse for Lady He?'

He Lingjiang would not refuse such a doctor.

Xue Yizui put his fingertip gently on her wrist, stroked the white beard under his chin with his left hand, and raised his eyebrows slightly: 'The Seventh Lady He used the Guiyuan Pill?'

He had just heard Pei You say that the Seventh Lady He had suffered a serious internal injury in Zhuozhou two days ago, but now her pulse is gentle and her internal breathing is steady, and there is a breath of Guiyuan Pill hidden in her body, which protects her energy channels. In addition to taking Guiyuan Pill, she doesn't want to do anything.

He really didn't expect that he had no one of the three pills he had refined with difficulty.

Xue glanced at Pei You without a trace when he was drunk, and saw that he was sitting by quietly, but his eyes were firmly on the seven wives of the He family.

He had urged him to refine the Guiyuan Pill in such a hurry before, but now he sent one out so easily. Xue Yizui seriously doubted whether Pei had prepared it for He Qiniang?

You know, when he received Pei You's letter, it was after the first battle in Yaozhou that he heard that Lady He Qi was also seriously injured.

Xue Yi was so drunk that he stopped feeling his pulse. Fang Youyou said, 'Lady He Seven really hurt a lot before, but because she used the Guiyuan Pill in time and adjusted her breath immediately, it doesn't matter much. Now just adjust her breath for two days and thoroughly refine the power of the Guiyuan Pill.'

As long as the breath is properly adjusted, this Guiyuan Pill can heal even the most serious internal injuries, and even help to improve internal breathing. Because of this, the Xuanshi were all salivating over the Guiyuan Pill, but unfortunately they were not able to get one.

Pei You was really relieved when he said so.

He ordered Jiang to put down his rolled sleeves and said with a smile, 'Thank you, Old Dan Xue. He Qi is also benefited from the Old Dan's Guiyuan Pill. Now, I thank you here.'

Then she got up and thanked Xue Yizui.

Xue Yizui quickly reached out and stopped her: 'It's not necessary to thank me. This pill was made by Pei Xiaozi, who begged me to make it. Since I gave it to him, it's his. If you want to thank him, thank him.'

He ordered Jiang to smile slightly, looked at Pei You and said, 'Of course, the prince would like to thank you. Only Old Xue Dan can help you, and he deserves it.'

She clasped her hands in front of her chest and gave him a thank you gift. Then she took out a talisman folded into a triangle from her sleeve and handed it to Xue Yizui: 'This is my own amulet. If the old doctor Dan doesn't dislike it, please take it.'

'How, how?' Xue took the rune with a drunken smile.

As a man of the Xuanmen, once he started the rune, he felt that a mysterious force was flowing around the rune, which was different and ordinary.

His old face was suddenly happy. The amulet that Lady He Qi took out was really not comparable.

Pei You looked at his beaming face and couldn't help saying, 'This rune took a lot of effort from the Seventh Lady. Not everyone can get it. You should take it with you.'

Since the time of the Cui Family's Shiyilang, people in Yingdu have been looking for the runes drawn by Ah Xuan. But now, she has only given a few pieces to the Princess Chang's Mansion privately.

'I see...' Xue Yizui waved his hand and circled the rune in front of him, as if to show off on purpose, so that he could collect it in his arms.

At the critical moment, this rune can protect his life, so he naturally knows how important it is.

Pei You looked at him and said to himself that he was really an old urchin and childish.

Did he ever send his amulet when he was a ghost?

The one close to me is a jade charm, which can withstand three disasters. It is not comparable to him.

He Lingjiang gave the rune to him. Xue was too drunk to hide himself. Knowing that she still had trauma, he waved his hand and gave her the best ointment he used to make. It was very generous.

'You can rest assured that you will not leave any scar on your body!'

'Thank you, Doctor Xue.' Congratulation made Jiang's eyes full of smiles.

While they were talking and laughing, Pei You's bodyguard came up and said, 'Son of the world, the lady of the Su family is coming.'

When Pei You heard the words, his eyebrows could not help gathering.

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